Tokyo Police Club – Echoplex 5-1-14 Tokyo Police Club – Echoplex 5-1-14

Pics and Words by Ben Irwin
Tokyo Police Club - Echoplex - 5-2-14_BI5875
Tokyo Police Club - Echoplex - 5-2-14_BI5908
Tokyo Police Club - Echoplex - 5-2-14_BI5884

Yeah we know how late we are with this one. Turns out it takes me a full calendar week to comedown from the sugar high that Tokyo Police Club left me on (Apparently it’s a fact that Canadian Sugar is significantly more potent than the overly refined American stuff).
TPC came to the Echoplex while touring off their new album Forcefield and remined all of us in Southern California that they still hold the title for danciest band that’s not a dance band. The set they put on was very representative of their new material meaning it felt like a bunch of short stories that hinted at a central themeThe album feels that way because the creative process that led to it took about 3 years, the show on the other hand features just short of a decade worth of material. Peppering in some classics TPC still has one of the highest energy shows out there and have absolutely mastered their pacing. Stay tuned for more 2014 dates from the band

Pic gallery : Tokyo Police Club – Echoplex – 5-1-14

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