Tokyo Police Club @ Casbah Tokyo Police Club @ Casbah

Tokyo Police Club @Casbah

Tokyo Police Club @Casbah

I stereotype against rock bands that feature a lot of synthesizer. It’s totally unfair, not to mention hypocritical since some of my favorite rock of all time is pretty synth heavy. I’m pretty sure it’s due to seeing far too many bands over the past couple years compensate for their ambiguous sound by using synth as a way to create urgency or atmosphere that their music naturally lacks. Synthetic sounds need to be integrated with precision and delicacy in order to complement music rather than detract, and nine of ten bands that use it today handle it with the daintiness of a meat packer with tourettes. Lucky for me Tokyo Police Club was kind enough to put on a clinic of how to use synth correctly at the Casbah.

Admittedly I was not familiar with TPCs catalog prior to the show. I knew them by name, I had heard their new album Champ a few times, and I had listened to some singles from 2008s Elephant Shell. That aside TPC made a fan out of me this night.

The place was sold out which means there were probably 100 more people there than could fit into the main room. TPC had played a secret(ish) show at dog beach earlier that day and I get the impression that they really enjoyed San Diego.

Arkells opened this night and were really outstanding. Ego free rock and roll that I will pay to go see anytime they come around. When TPC came on they brought a ton of LED lighting with them to the stage. Lighting is never going to compensate for bad music, but certainly (as in the case of TPC) can be the coup de grâce in turning a good show to great. Plus the Casbah is normally lit like you’d light a room old people were about to screw in, so the extra light is especially welcome. The care free nature of the band really comes through in the music, maybe it’s a Canadian thing, and the entire place was dancing a laughing like the war just ended.  Soaking wet from the body heat and sweet moves, at the end of the nearly 20 song set I still wanted more.

2 Responses about “Tokyo Police Club @ Casbah”

  • Charles says:

    GodDAMNIT! Ben. You’re blowing the curve…

  • rowe says:

    Great pix man. Feelin the b&w’s. Side question: does it seem like the dudes in this band get a lot of ass? I can see it going either way with these guys. In general, do guys in rock&roll bands even get ass anymore? or is it like, not cool anymore? God I wish i knew this stuff.