Tin Wyrm — End of the Year Mix — Charles Tin Wyrm — End of the Year Mix — Charles

Tomorrow I will entertain my mother, my partner and the infamous salt pillar. We will eat chili. We will have cornbread. Perhaps someone will remember the crudites. We will drink wine and beer and seltzer and champagne and some of will yell at little men from New England playing human chess against a hollow plane while others recount balloons. We’ll probably get excessive. At some point one of us will offer some uncomfortable manner of perspective (or sentimentality which I fear is far worse) and we’ll all wish we’d stayed in bed again but we’ll have dessert, instead.

And it will be fucking delightful just like it always is despite my drunk grumblings and annual protests about how ineffectively my family remembers my past and how I wish my mother had just kept her teeth because that is how we do it here. We keep heart in the off and weird and that has kept us thriving (in our own right) for generation after generation.

I’d like to think that Tin Wyrm reflects that. Two grown men high-fiving with their tongues in the socket. Finding odds and ends and offense so goddamn Vitamin B piss golden that we just couldn’t sleep at night if we didn’t have the chance to share it with you.

So here’s my contribution. It isn’t every end of music entry that should be keeping you up at night but its a reasonable proximity.

Time to start cooking.


Tin Wyrm 2012 from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

Graf Orlock – “Dead Man Talking” from Los Angeles

This choice is just for the Kap’n. Cinema grind with an increasingly beardy hardcore slant formed through a mythologically unsubstantiated Los Angeles script riot whose last record sleeve was riddled with bullet holes. They’re part of the dreaded Vitriol cabal. Fucking radical. Errant savages. Pseudonyms. The works.

Kabul Golf Club – “Demon Days” from Le Bal du Rat Mort

I think this might be the ugliest song of the year. Thanks, Belgium.

Baader Brains – “Vostok Welcoming Party” from New Era Hope Colony

Sarah nee Mike Kirsch is one of the preeminent hardcore/post hardcore guitar strangling Bay Area lunatics of the last twenty years. Look her up, feel like a dick (like I did) for how many of her bands you don’t actually know by heart, and then revel in the multi-media maddening straight up “the fuck now?” pastiche of Baader Brains’ recent posthumous release.

Future of the Left – “Robocop 4: Fuck Off, Robocop” from The Plot Against Common Sense

Pinpoint fucking loves FOTL but we were all pretty terrified to say too much officially about their most recent record on account of the blog lashing Pitchfork received (schadenfreude always wins and we’re mostly a bunch of tender American pussies) for blithely panning the thing and, though, we aren’t the biggest fans of The Plot Against Common Sense on the whole, we all agree it contains some of the band’s fiercest “FUCK YOU!” curios. Soooo…yeah. We still owe them a video.

B L A C K I E – “Loading Dock Blues” from GEN

Anyone within ten feet of me the last couple months has heard me extol the virtues of B L A C K I E but I can’t possibly reiterate enough how he’s created the most painfully human record I have ever fucking heard. It’s leveling. Equal parts Jandek, GG, Merzbow, Tom Waits, PE and pretty much the entire New York misfit scene from ’77 to whenever the fuck SWANS first broke up without really sounding like anything you’ve ever heard. One man, one mic and an arsenal of amplified ideas spreading freedom across this fucking planet. Mayans be damned.

PIGDOG – “Rich 50 is Middle Class 38” from Shandy

You know that freakous noisy punkish sort of maybe indie darling (if not your friend’s shitty avant rage bedroom) track that always pops up in your shuffle when you’re feeling like an asshole and you think “Yeah, man. YEAH!” and then you punch yourself in the dick? That’s this.

Broken Cups – “Flesh” from Slaves of the Grave

There’s really no reason anyone should be making music that sounds like bad 7B bathroom coke snorted off an autographed 1000 Homo DJs 12” but I don’t know a goddamn thing about Hungary, do I?

Nu Sensae – “Tajna” from Sundowning

Where’s Kat Bjelland when you need her? Actually, fuck Babes in Toyland. Nu Sensae totally sucked live but their last album had all the good killer junk girl guitar choking bile that made the 90s such a delight for grumpy kids getting high in their dead uncle’s Creedence t-shirt.

Wiccans – “Field II” from Field II

Shit. THIS is the song is for the Kap’n. It’s got that stoned psych bend and more minutes than it needs but fuck it, man. There’s comic book occult underpinnings. NYHC barks care of Austin. D&D skate thug Blue Oyster Cult party Crowley hate sex forever or maybe just a circle pit but not even. You drinking? You should be.

Brain Tumors – “Rules of Abuse” from Brain Tumors

An antidote to the agit punks who make arty hardcore for hardcore art and forget all about all the real world blood and booze that accompany shit day jobs and playing ridiculous venues wherein you suddenly understand that you’re a grown ass man pontificating to a room half-full of unkept children.

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