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TINLOGOI want to thank everyone for the cake and also reading Tape Wyrm’s 50th article on metal elitism. Though I did hope for more bottles being thrown, I feel everything went orderly. Only one person went to the hospital and that was for minor lacerations. Now that all the champagne has been drunk and one guy has been wrapped in streamers like a mummy, it is time for a clean up. Come 7 o’clock in the morning, the cleaning crew is coming throw and whitewashing all of these walls with new hardcore, sludge, and general noise. Fuck everyone sleeping, it is time for Tin Wyrm to scream in your face and politely ask you to move so they can get to those cups behind the couch.

Looking back at Tin Wyrm’s history, I am surprised that the combination of Charles’s caustic Tin Ear Tuesday and my metal column hasn’t been more fruitful. Perhaps we can only plunge the depths of hardcore avant experimental noise for so long. These are records which just came out and they are more frightening in numbers. Though each of these releases shares little in common with the next, it is the lack of genre and distinguishing features which induct them in some horrid fraternal order. This is a moose lodge one can never forget.


a0204425726_10Primitive Man – Scorn

See: Doom, Punk, Noise, Terraform.

One has to be ready for Primitive Man. If you are not, you are going to be clipped with a large truck. These guys are from Denver and from the looks of their promo photos they have absolutely zero tolerance for your bullshit. Scorn is the first record to be released this year with a tag along demo. If you were not ready for things often time heavier than funeral doom, I feel you got off on the wrong trolley stop. Get the fuck back on. Often taking eons to resolve, Scorn moves at a glacial pace eroding the bedrock of humanity with sludge inspired drone. It is the type of doom which planet changing but also crawls slowly across the passage of time This ocean will be a mountain one day and Primitive man will help us movie it.


a0686705937_10Death Engine – Amen

See: Hardcore, Metal, Year 2525.

Of course Death Engine is from France. They come from the very venerable Throatruiner Records along with Primitive Man. Along with having one of coolest names in recent memory, Death Engine’s AmenEP packs a punch which is quick and unexpected. In fact, that punch is coated in asphalt and the fresh cut of blood will make you dizzy. Along with some relentless drums the guitar and work skitters along like a horrible album shielding the listeners from a horrible sun of droning despair. I love things like this because I can fully imagine future worlds wrecked with technological disasters where only terrible monsters no roam in search of daily sustenance. It is the last blink of humankind before the machines take over. How did i get off topic? I blame Death Engine.


a1920627547_10Psychic Teens – Come

See: Post Punk, Shoegaze, Alcoholic Recovery.

Well, hopefully these group of upstanding gentlemen will receive more attention because I am honestly confused why they haven’t already. In fact, Area Man Adam and myself already wrote about Psychic Teens for last week’s Dealer’s Choice. Philadelphia, home of two cheesesteak places right next to each other that are not that great anyway. Psychic Teens have a strange visual aesthetic. Sometimes their songs are played with videos of the band dressed up like big bugs. Psychic Teens have the same type of humor which marked Karp and also the same type of heavy disposition which marked bands like the Melvins. In fact, I think Psychic Teens is apart of the same caustic linage. This is an album from a band which fits into the whole “drink until no one finds you funny but refuse to leave” type of humor. It will hit you when you are not looking and never fully apologize with any sort of sincerity.


a2067026108_10Dead in the Dirt – The Blind Hole

See: Grindcore, Punk, Eye Trauma.

Holy shit, stop yelling. If Southern Lord is good at one thing it is putting out things that are so egregiously disrespectful, it almost feels like a personal attack. Dead in the Dirt is from Atlanta and The Blind Hole feels like someone punching you in the back of the head and then laughing about it with a group of friends. This release is a full 24 minutes of traditional grindcore with a haunting low end. It also comes with a militant position of vegan straightedge atheism. Or maybe they just said that so I would believe them and then they laugh at me. Stop yelling. Holy shit, my arm just popped out of its socket. Stop hitting me. I am way too dizzy to stand.


a2398560297_10Centuries – Taedium Vitae

See: Hardcore, Florida, Dissociative Disorder.

As much as I joke about Southern Lord releases being pipe-lined from an murky swamp, their releases sometimes shine like gold covered in silt and wet grass. Centuries is from Florida and Taedium Vitae is a debut album from a band that deserves every accolade given. Split between dark hardcore, d-beat, and a general feeling of antagonism, Centuries plays music likes one would hit a windshield with a hammer or a cinder block dropped from wait height. There is a feeling of catharsis mixed with unquenchable anger which could oscillate from controlled responses or blackout rage. I feel once you can get past the pitfalls of emotional hardcore, it is a genre which gives so much more than anyone could ask for. This is the record that is needed at this very moment. This is something fantastic happening and I am glad I am apart of it.


a0800288108_10Locrian – Return to Annihilation

See: Nothingness, Absence, Sarte, Jean-Paul.

Oh fuck, Charles wrote about Locrian and now I am scared. Locrian is a group out of Chicago that has the words drone, noise, and black metal thrown under an umbrella of experimental music. Locrian makes music which resembles post rock but is filled with instances of unnerving rasping and wandering drone. This is your new party record. Put on your best shoes. Return to Annihilation is an interesting record to hear what the complete obliteration of heavy metal would sound like under the fallout of complete annihilation. You remember the world that DFeath Egnine created? Yeah. This is worse. This is meditation over a field of nothingness and it is fantastic.

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