[Tin Wyrm] 002 – Saint Coltrane / Weird Wives [Tin Wyrm] 002 – Saint Coltrane / Weird Wives

[TIN WYRM] 002: Saint Coltrane // Weird Wives

At first glance I just learned there is a Saint Coltrane Orthodox Church in San Francisco. I do not know how this related to the article but I am glad we are here. Tin Wyrm is the combination of of Charles’ column on hardcore/noise and my column on metal. It was only a matter of time. Tin Wyrm’s publications are scattered for now but will eventually be too much handle. Psychologically though, not physically. It is only just text. Stop being weird. Just this morning Charles kicked in my door and threw two 7 inches at me with surprising ferocity. He then stuck a knife in a xeroxed memo with an imperative suggestion to listen them as soon as possible. It was a horrible sticky note that is going to be taken out of the security deposit. I guess it is time to get started.

The Saint Coltrane / Weird Wives split bridges not only sound but actual location. These two bands are separated by over 4000 miles of deep Atlantic water. Both bands have come together for a short yet powerful opening statement. 7 inches are a great way to make formal greetings. Both of them look fantastic on colored vinyl. Additionally both share a similar style of art which makes them all the more lovable. By the end of the split, I would be interested, if not a bit terrified, to what both acts, do in the future. Alright, more terrified.

With noise as introduction, Saint Coltrane drops “Iron Dracula” into a bruising cruise control which feels like walking barefoot on hot concrete. Alright its more vicious than that. Saint Coltrane possess the right elasticity seen in Daughters, METZ, Future of the Left to deliver whipping blows in not only vocals but what sounds like broken amped instrumentation. Iron Dracula has an unforgiving sound which could be near lethal live. Saint Coltrane also includes a rousing rendition of “Debaser” by the Pixies as a digital b-side. These guys wear their influences on their chest like military medals. We all have to earn our stripes someday. Holy god, someone get me my flip flops.

It is sometimes funny to think about such a short release full of so much gut wrenching feelings of terror. Weird Wives makes me feel uneasy. In fact I am nervous just thinking about them standing right behind me. “Gila” is a slanted house and the knowledge that there is someone at the window but no one else can see or believes you. Weird Wives are interesting in t he fact they allow their track to devolve into nervous noise. From the very angular and horrifying opener, “Gila” bleeds into other dimensions only continued by its close to 10 minute b-side “Nasty Tricks.” Seriously just turn around. They are looking at us right now.

Occasionally Charles will throw me 7 inches, cassettes, or vintage erotica and I, like a good contributor, will experience them all with great enthusiasm. I still need to get through all of these Balzac novels which have been vandalized with crude phallic graffiti. I am glad Charles spun this 7 inch at me like a discus. It hurt less that the previously mentioned Balzac collection. It think Saint Coltrane and Weird Wives fits perfectly in our fractured Tin Wyrm family. you should see the family reunions. It’s a rootin’ tootin’ bloodbath bonanza.

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