Tin Ear Tuesday – XXmas Fats Tin Ear Tuesday – XXmas Fats

Tin Ear Tuesday – XXmas Fats from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

As promised, here’s your second dose of all things otherwise and/or occasionally sonically awesome for the inevitable lulls in familial obligations and tense theological football debates fired off from secret eggnog recipes and wedged in between your umpteenth “Thanks for the socks, ma but I’m not fat anymore.” We think that you’ll dig on this one. We certainly dig you. Rock it.

Seven Spells That – “Aum” from The Death and Resurrection of Krautrock: AUM…Don’t let the screaming fool you. This is a Euro guitar trash freakout through and through.

Merchandise – “Worthless Apology” from Strange Songs (in the Dark)…Officially the band I should have had the hardest time swallowing this year what with their ties to the Floridian hate noise art of Cult Maternal and their penchant for fuzzy dozers. Still and all, I do.

Fight Like Apes – “Pull Off Your Arms and Let’s Play in Your Blood” from The Body of Christ and the Legs of Tina Turner…Irish adorable boy/girl scorn pop quartet with filthy mouths and a love of heartbreak and violence. Yeah, buddy. Think The Grates before they moved to NYC to get all fucking moribund and/or Matt and Kim if I could stand another fucking Pratt band. Great goddamn title.

Rocket from the Crypt – “Call it a Complex” from Split 7″ with Radio Wendy…I think it speaks volumes of a band that years after they disbanded (and thanks in no small part to the fervent completion of the internet) I’m still finding new tracks to make me miss the shit out of them. This is one of their distorted numbers. No high rock gloss for you.

P.S. Eliot – “Jesus Christ” from Sadie…Sounds like The Vivian Girls who sound like the Slumber Party who sound like The Shop Assistants only lo-fi and all fucking bycicly usually except on Sadie which came out pretty goddamn decent even if one of the tracks is one incredibly integral chord change shy of ripping off something my girlfriend wrote ten years ago. This song doesn’t. PLUG!

Vaz – “Perpare to Dive” from Chartreuse Bull…I’m so fucking happy that noise rock is alive and living in Brooklyn with deep-seated roots in the wondrous weirdness of AmRep’s mas mas macho still inexplicably breathing shitshow. That is, two of these dudes used to be in Hammerhead.

Wire – “12XU” from Pink Flag…Fuck yeah classic.

Charles Bradley – “Lovin You, Baby” from No Time for Dreaming…Pinpoint’s album of the year comes from a veritable soul legend. I didn’t give it too much thought until everyone on our staff told me it was amazing. I still think they were better sonic palettes to consider in 2011 but I’m not gonna argue with a good, slow groove.

Bone Gunn – “1 Hour” from Consumption…A one-off guitar improv that forsakes noodling indulgences for vibrating feedback as the soundtrack for love.

Fucked Up – “One More Night” from David Comes to Life…This song gets me every time. One hand on my heart, one fist to the sky. Tears in my eyes.

Noumenon – “Algoresrhythm” from Party Mathematics…You need some mathematic spazzmatazztics after that.

Born Gold – “Eat Sun, Son” from Bodysongs…I have the funny feeling this electro dance (no necessarily) party jam is a lot darker than the singer’s falsetto might suggest.

Archers of Loaf – “Wrong” NYCTaper MHOW Bootleg…This was the best Archers of Loaf performance I’ve ever seen and though the quality of the recording might not be the best that fact that the audience sings louder than (or as loud as) Eric Bachman for the duration of the song fills me with a joy I never thought I’d find again.

Rapeman – “Just Got Paid” from Barbue…ANOTHER BOOTLEG! Rapeman playing God knows where for what sounds like fifteen friendly drunks (Europea?) and doing a pretty bitchin’ rendition of a ZZ Top song. Man. Steve Albini has NEVER fucked around.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – “Let’s Get Tired” from Tape Club…Pretty. Just really, really pretty and gentle and lovely. Aaaaahhhhh.

M83 – “New Map” from Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming…Remember how I wondered (while taking a shit at Fun Fun Fun Fest) whether or not M83 totally fucking kill it? Turns out they do.

Pulled Apart by Horses – “High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive” from Pulled Apart by Horses…Melissa tells me this song totally sounds like something I would listen to. A little loud. A little scream. A whole lot of propulsion and hooks and spazz so I’m just going to go ahead and declare it 2011’s year end jam even if it actually came out in 2010. YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Thee Oh Sees – “Contraption/Soul Desert” from Carrion Crawler/The Dream…I’m going to be really disappointed if it turns out that Thee Oh Sees don’t have a storied criminal past unless they’re all sober in which case they’re infinitely more badass than if they’d never set foot in the clink.

Hot Snakes – “Do Not Resuscitate” from Do Not Resuscitate 7”…Side A of the last recordings of the recently, albeit temporarily, reunited bicoastal badass cranks. Surprisingly poppy in the vein of “Plenty for All” which may be the best song Rick Froberg doesn’t screech his way through. I had this song (and Pantera’s catalog, if I’m being honest) in my head through the bulk of my grandma’s wake. Does that make me a bad person?

Owner Operator – “The Old 96-er” from I Run with the Sharks, Motherfucker…Even if this song didn’t live up to the high standards of my patented late-night bedroom freakout solo shout/fall danceoffs (patent pending) I’d totally tell you it did because you should enjoy any album with a title as timelessly awesome as I Run with the Sharks, Motherfucker. Ask the internet. She’ll give it to you for free.

Cheeseburger – “Roll Like That” from Another Big Night Down the Drain…When this mix was initially completed, Melissa was disappointed to see I hadn’t included a single track by the best part band in NYC. Clearly I was an idiot. Merry fucking Christmas!

Tin Ear Tuesday – XXmas Fats from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

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