Tin Ear Tuesday – We Give a Damn if You Do pt. 1 Tin Ear Tuesday – We Give a Damn if You Do pt. 1

There’s a lot of music being made (and paid) today that fills my heart with shit and shame because so many folks with the cajones to get up every day and record and play get lost in the dirt of the e-trade, Ke$ha hell art as empty promise that tends to often skirt the bloody sweat route for a fucking ironic trope.


That being said, I’ve decided to dedicate the next few Tin Ears to artists otherwise unknown, unsigned or who just happen to take the time to send their records our way. Some of these bands might not exist anymore. Some of them might not be around for long so do yourself a favor and throw them a few minutes of your day (or a few bones…fucking pay to play). Rock it.

Do You See The Dark – “Dranken” from Victory Is in the Struggle…I just noticed this band doesn’t have a question mark at the end of their name which leads me to believe that their prog/stoner metal leanings are so deep as to negate the simple syntax of the Queen. I usually hate this type of rumbling dramatic technicality (the music, not the language) but this band has the good sense to put rock before talent and to let the girl sing.

Sunroom – “Down Came the 4th Wall” from Sunroom…Goddamn, this song is pretty. New romantic soft touch vest and tie acoustic pretty which could grate a nerve if it weren’t presented with such confident reservation. I almost forgot I had this EP until I ran into the principle songwriter at a part and felt like a total dick. I think they’re done for but he still lives. Ryan Hobler. Dude’s the shit.

GW – “Collision” from Absolute…Sick ass jazz drummer electronic interlude. Gotta love made beat technique even if it’s only for a minute and forty-four seconds. Fuck it, man. Groove and breathe.

Le Scimmie – “Frekete” from Dromomania…UHN! How do you say that in Italian? UHN-AH! That was a terrible joke. This is an awesome band. Two piece thud trash rock. Throw the stoner tag on too if it suits you. But I’m way more impressed with the meat of the riffs than I am with these boys’ Thai Stick.

Hands Up Who Wants to Die – “The Scorpion Crawls” from Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo…Another fucking question/unquestion! Sheesh. Also, yeah. That’s totally a sentence. These Irish noisemongers are clearly some literate sunmabitches (even if the hate ?’s) and they kick out the good old Am Rep jams like no one I’ve heard since…well…are there any bands still living on Am Rep? GET THESE BOYS TO MINNEAPOLIS!

Sky Writers – “Pink Slip Finale” from Drown Out How You Live…I had the rare privilege of watching this record take shape (I may even have the initial Boombox demo tape buried somewhere) and am including it here (with full disclosure) because it needs to be heard by more than the few folks who saw it unfold over at the Waltz Astoria. Deep, dark acoustic lyrical licks and positively unfuckable drumming. I guess they never had a chance but maybe, one day, K. Johnson, Esq. will get his d.b.a. and play again.

Mario Gonzalez – “Red” from Sueisfine…I don’t really know a damn thing about electronic music (that’s Lemon’s department) so I’ll go ahead with the early Aphex Twin nod and tell you that it sounds pretty which is a rare thing for anything to come out in the next generation tape aesthetic. Man. Are we really doing that again?

Beer and Cable – “Hey Fuck You I Was Watching That” from Beer and Cable…My lost weekend with these punk rock televistic alcoholic renegades was already, somehow, documented here so I really don’t know what to tell you. This is the choice of the sweatpants generation. BEER FIGHT!

Mister Justin – “You Tell Me I’m Lucky to Have You” from With Daylight Still to Spare…Mad fun acoustic pissoffs with just enough of a bent at the onset to let you know you’re not about to hear another bunch of rastafuckwit kids talk about the beard rock uprising (seriously, though…would I do that to you?). This IS my song of the moment. Fucking love it. LOVE IT! I think it’s a love song.

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