Tin Ear Tuesday -vs- Tape Wyrm Tin Ear Tuesday -vs- Tape Wyrm

The departments of Tape Wyrm and Tin Ear Tuesday share a hallway in the hallowed offices of Pinpoint Music. It is in the same region as accounting and payroll. It is a busy week for both Charles and I as we are literally opening our doors and throwing staplers and office equipment at fellow writers. Something maybe on fire at all times. Few people have retaliated except for McHank who has a healthy right cross which explains this gauze in my cheek and the frozen peas duct taped to the side of my head which has long ago melted. During this carte blanche exercise in pure anarchy, we have decided to share our respected columns for a blitzkrieg of madness, terror, and unholy excitement. Charles is writing a Maryland Deathfest preview and I have decided to stick my head inside this freezer full of Swedish hardcore records and scream as loud as I can.

Spotify has been a tremendous service for me as it has provided a platform for playlists and musical discovery. The service was launched in Sweden in 2008 but then has grown to a global service. Because of its hometown, the amount of Swedish music still in its native language is staggering. This inevitably leads to one stumbling upon some chance discoveries one most likely cannot read. This is how it started. Besides a wonderful bitpop collection I have also found an unhealthy amount of raw and un-translated Swedish hardcore, d-beat, punk, and crust which I cannot even comically pronounce.

Lets us begin preparations to get wild.

My foray into native language Swedish hardcore is not unlike falling face first and drunk into a pile of laundry in the search for clothes to wear. I have no idea what anyone is talking about, what their names are, or if they are still making music. This is me throwing tapes which maybe on fire on your desk while Charles pushes the mail cart we fashioned into a siege machine. You can call me King Nebuchadnezzar and this is my golden squire.

I am not going to spend time discussing history or stylistic lineages. The crossover between hardcore punk and extreme metal is complicated and shared universe filled with impressive pioneers and essential listening. This is not that. This is shit I cannot read but makes me want to reset my desk so I can flip it again with the yell of a thousand wolves.

Below I a spotify playlist which you can use to mimic the havoc in our offices before the riot police come and shut this party down. I maybe going down but all of you are coming with me. Vill du dansa med mig?

———-}}}}}}}}}}———-Spotify Playlist———-{{{{{{{{{{———-


Fredag Den 13e

Yes. Yes Yes. This is enough to get things started. Like a stiff drink of lighter fluid and industrial nails, Fredag Den 13e gathers up all of the right influence for a d-beat construction accident. Even my basic understanding of Swedish can allow me to translate the band name. But this is not some Swedish horror act obsessed with American slasher films. Though that would be amazing. No, this is dirt, grime and whatever the black stuff that gets under fingernails. Fredag Den 13e also has a kick ass cover which goes beyond the standard black and white xerox pictures which is wheat pasted on a cassette case. Why yes I would like a copy of your left wing zine.

Passiv dödshjälp

Out of all of the bands, I believe this one is the largest. I only say that because their videos has views in the thousands. Not tens of thousands. Let us not get crazy. Passiv dödshjälp has a deep and almost clean production and even room for minor breakdowns. The delivery is impeccable and no aspect of the sound becomes overbearing. I could see this act as a spotless hardcore band if their songs were not so vicious and grinding. Its clean, like a wrist fracture, which is perfect for newcomers, church friends and coworkers.


At the time of writing this section, Kronofogden’s “Dimmornas tempel” video has had 14 views and I watched it three times already. Let us see if we can get it past the 20 mark. Why? Because this is mind blowing and awesome. Like the bastard child of Moterhead who has eloped with one of Black Flag’s early singers, Kronofogden speaks with the type of immediacy which is seen in natural disasters. Quick, gather your thoughts before the roof collapses. Come on 20 views! We can do this guys. We can fucking do this!

Ond Bråd Död

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Here is the d-beat with strong death metal I have been looking for all of my life. Black and white cover. Check. Complete abandonment of restraint. Check. Texture similar to grave soil? Check. Shit here is their facebook page. I friended them, now I am going to scream at them for no other reason than to express my love for their craft. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Ahh! Ahh? What the fuck? This is Swedish stoner metal which has gotten thrown in the discriminating laundry pile. This is an orphaned sock. I would want this out of my playlist but look at that lizard. It looks fierce and hungry. This song is also ten times the speed of amazing. Skraeckoedlan also makes wonderful use of the Swedish language over narcotic riffs. Alright you guys can stay but your one song is about the length of five other crust bands. They are all waiting to go on next so let us get on with it.

Personkrets 3:1

These guys had a decent blog until 2007 when they directed everyone to their new Myspace Page. Noooo Personkrets3:1 you made the wrong choice. Stay on the blog. Don’t follow everyone. Their recent Myspace announcement read: “Personkrets 3:1 was formed in 2003 and broke up in 2007.” Noooooooooooooooooooooo. Goddamn it. Well at least we are left with a legacy of 4 years of wretched grey scale terror.


Dodeskaden! Dodeskaden! Dodeskaden! Fuck Yeah. It is my sincere hope that through my lack of Swedish knowledge that I am not inevitably supporting some right wing nationalistic hate metal. I only have love for everyone including touring crust musicians who have decided to make a short tour video detailing their travels from subterranean house shows to…. um well…. more subterranean house shows. Perhaps someday their will be stadiums and The Four Seasons for everyone. You know, I just made that joke but I have yet to stay in a Four Seasons so I cannot speak of its grandeur. It sounded better than Ramada Inn.


Ursut really brings this column to a boil because I am a sucker for gang vocals. Where one strained vocalist falters, the power of a room full of angry youths can fill any void. Ursut is made out concrete and sweats globs of wet cement when made to do physical activity. This video also has the full Swedish lyrics. If that helps you at all. It doesn’t matter for me as I am screaming my heart out with a group of close comrades. Hey look, here is their bandcamp…and this album is free. There should be no reason why your living room does not have a make shift fire pit.


Dah. What the fuck? Again with this outlying bullshit. Already, shut up all of you this track rules. I do not care if it doesn’t fit in. I am the one with the fire extinguisher and the only key out of this death trap. Listen to this. LISTEN TO IT. This cuts just like every previous track but it comes in melodic proto-punk. I love garage, psych and things I cannot pronounce. You all saw what happened when Charles tried to usurp my authority. Now count yourselves all lucky you have the hair on your head and your not restrained by these Styrofoam stocks.


Because all of this had to come from somewhere. I cannot find anything on this band other than one Swedish TV performance and a vague year of 1979. This is Swedish punk rock before time existed. Everything we heard comes from bands like this. Punk’s explosion reaches further than most people give credit. Half of metal’s most venerable genres can be traced to bands like this. Noise is so amazing and if I found this at a record store I would claw, kick, and scream my way to it.


Thank you Charles for the opportunity to write a Tin Ear Tuesday. While both of maybe covered in ash, blood and sodium biocarbonate, those few hours of lawless darkness were awesome. What a way to start a Tuesday morning. I told Lemon we would buy him a new desk. It only seems right. I haven’t seen Lemon since the lights went out. Perhaps this afternoon will be as exciting. Let us pray to God it isn’t.

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