Tin Ear Tuesday – Up an Atom Tin Ear Tuesday – Up an Atom

Tin Ear Tuesday – Up an Atom from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

In the morning, I’ll be golden. Coddling my knees too close to the line (perhaps) and hoping no one notices the shakes I’ll pop a small arsenal to abate but right now…right here…we are in the glimmer. We are fun and we are weird and we are full of future and though so much of this might be mistake, we’re well enough on the straight to make it out the other end okay. We’re just a little lucky like that…and a whole lotta loved. Rockit.

SkellingtonJulian Cope – “Out of My Mind on Dope and Speed” from The Skellington Chronicles…This fucking guy. I remember being on a plane to or from LA once reading an exhaustive article in Spin Magazine about some record called Jehovahkill and how its creator fell in love with a terror minx named Peggy Suicide and became an arcane angel cum world genius after spending too much time doing all the madness shit your parents pretend to know pat (but really, they were fine Christian kids) and inasmuch as I wanted to go in deep with the archaic rants promised in the creeps and crawls of the text it wasn’t until last week that I finally listened to Julian Cope. The jury’s still out. This song’s about drugs.

lovesongsFuture of the Left – “An Idiot’s Idea of Ireland” from Love Songs for Our Husbands…Oh, my favorite (our, really) Welsh pricks have returned with a slab of nasty little grunt and postmodern rendering. Thank fuck. I was getting worried since The Plot Against Common Sense has been dusting a year now and we hadn’t yet been treated to a fresh onslaught of linguistic (and Cardiff riff) bettering. This is from an EP which means its one of four of (likely) eighty-seven tracks which should surface in cryptic diptychs sometime between tonight and the next time your mum remembers she loves you.

hunx6Hunx and His Punx – “You Think You’re Tuff” from Street Punk…I feel like this is cheating a bit as it’s Ms. Shannon du la Clams singing but nevermind that as it’s still Monsieur Hunx swinging. The balls back no bullshit retro killer of this track should be evidence of just how unmitigatingly badass this latest totem of the Blundertown scene is set to be. Seriously. It’s so good, you’ll choke on your snowball, big boy. Just don’t spit it out. That shit is rude and I’m too drunk to adequately school you.

AlgebraSuicide_jacketfrontAlgebra Suicide – “Little Dead Bodies” from Feminine Squared…Huh. Um. I don’t know how or when or why I’m humming along to the post Ars Poetica of a band called Algebra Suicide (considering the fact that their name just makes me want to die ignobly in a pile of unpublished dissertations on the nature of love and loss vis a vis dead porn stars) but I am. Sorta. Sometimes I wish I had a forlorn decade I could dedicate exclusively to erudite doom chicks. Other times not so much.

werewolfWerewolf Police – “Too Many Holidays” from The Moderation Blues…Remember how exciting The Strokes were and then they were douchebags and pretty soon all you wanted to do was go back to your dad’s old Tom Petty records and find those Heartbreaking hooks that made life outside of Fleetwood Mac totally bearable for everyone who wasn’t paid to blow cocaine up Stevie Nix’s ass? Yeah, you do. And though I’m not so sure Werewolf Police do too, I’m willing to give them the benefit of my delusion because their rock is loose and true.

The_ponys_1189733815The Ponys – “Small Talk” from Turn the Lights Out…Why weren’t The Ponys huge? Not like JT supernova or nothin’ but respectably packing medium plus size venues from here to that place in Alaska that isn’t all vampires thirty days of the year (ignorance is sexy). Maybe they were. Maybe I just missed the boat on their post-punk garage psychedelia and so I can only enjoy their throbbing reaches from afar. Whatever. I’ll take it. I’ll love it. I’ll hug it and kiss it and squeeze it and call it George until its eyes burst out of its head and we’re forever alone together.

eleventhEleventh Dream Day – “Damned Tree” from Riot Now!…There are great bands that could’ve been and great bands that should’ve been and great bands that didn’t give two shits for rights or reason and kept playing their untouched elliptical guitar American for thirty some odd years for friends and fans and folks well in the know from indie imprints to major labels to fan boys who would exalt them to scrawled wax tomes of legend. Eleventh Dream Day is/was all of that. Respect.

no discoSGAB from the Planet Zed – “Disco’s Dead” from The Insane Darrell Wayne No Disco Album…Well, then. Shit. This is a Bags song. Not sure what with the pseudonym. Not sure of all that much of anything but maybe it’s a licensing performer v. composer thing though I suppose we should consider Alice Bag’s assurances that she never hated disco so who knows. Angst? Bandwagoning? Promethean male bullshit? Punk rock is a funny fucking thing.

donnerDonner Party – “Spiders” from Complete Recordings: 1987-1989…Ah, yes. This is some SF goof off folk rock from back in the days before irony ruled the kiddie roost and so rests itself between the jangle drunk of Uncle Tupelo and the impregnable insouciance of the Dead Milkmen back when lizards stole the Sand Bar and…you know what? No. This song is just plain fun. The likes of which you wish your friends could sing on a long acoustic ride out of town to the flames or to the beach or a good old-fashioned foot stomping.

horrible housesHorrible Houses – “Aegean Gull” from Songs Written and Recorded Under the Influence of the Yellow House…We play the sorrow because we know she’ll find us anywhere we go and if in the morning we wake up disappeared you might remember that we were here. In the shadows. Wrapped in coronets. Not desperate so much as finished. Etched in gray lines along the sunset. Beatific as a man can before he…Jesus, how much have I had to drink?

Tin Ear Tuesday – Up an Atom from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

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