Tin Ear Tuesday – Sweat Detritus Tin Ear Tuesday – Sweat Detritus

Sweat Detritus from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

Last night had me shivering through half-porn fever dreams full of ice cream, drag queens and tornadoes until 8am. I blame the cuttlefish and espresso though it might be just as likely that I’m flirting with something of a concussion following a nasty little spill post upstate beerocalypse which left me bleeding from a gash through an old scar just above my eye whose origins are pretty motherfucking hazy at best. So, yeah buddies. I’m in a special place (again? yes, again) indeed and this is a special little mix I made to celebrate the sweet thrill of being alive despite all our best intentions sometimes. You can dig on that, right? Rockit.

Pagans – “Can’t Explain” from Scumbait Volume 1…This is a right fucking irreverent scorcher from the long forgotten Midwesten scum rock commandoes I’d be a dick if I didn’t tell you about before. The Who classic condensed to it’s logical minute. Live as hell. My baby gave me this wicked comp 7″ tucked into a sleeve with the Piece Man EP before we saw Jello Biafro and the Melvins once. We were both “occupied” at the time but I’ve been in mad, reckless love ever since.

Von Lmo – “Be Yourself” from Future Language…Von Lmo is either a fucking alien sent from space to turn NYC into a broken love pit of post punk expressionism or some dude from Brooklyn. No one really knows though we’re pretty sure he’s been to prison. This sax bleat, space rock roar of affirmation comes straight out of the annals of 1981 and is contained herein to blow Artie’s (and others, available) mind.

Chrome – “T.V. as Eyes” from Chrome Flashback…A mercifully edited version of the lead track from Half Lip Machine Moves (which goes deep into the ether for an extra three minutes) as repurposed by Cleopatra Records for a much needed retrospect on one of the more frightening bands from the 5th dimension. The Jesus Lizard covered this so you know it’s some scorched earth shit. Bleak electric paranoia forever.

The Screamers – “She’s the Girl” from Demos 1977-78…I KNOW that we’ve covered The Screamers before (“Vertigo” probably) but that was then and this is, perhaps, one of the greatest synth punk spazzmodic songs that’s never been properly recorded although it does live in my head every day. Seriously. Every day. “SHE’S THE GIRL IN THE CAR WITH THE GLASSES AND THE GUN! SHE’S THE GIRL IN THE CAR WITH THE GLASSES AND THE GUN!” over and over again like a .22 Pac Man of LA gut-kick glory.

Corrosion of Conformity – “Broken Will” from Eye for an Eye…The Southern doomy thrash (sludge? Kap’n?) heroes were once pretty much straight up hardcore kids raised on the bootstraps of St. Vitus (who were, in fact, not a hardcore band at all) and pretty close to being crusty as fuck. This is their debut shit. It’s fun but not great but who cares? You can totally circle pit to it.

DZ Deathrays – “The Mess Up” from No Sleep…One of the only bands I was seriously pissed to miss at SXSW (along with B L A C K I E but goddamnit, man, did we party) because my money’s on them being the next new pretty young drunk assed stage diving duo to play your torn man panty dreams. I’m not exactly sure what that means but this song fucking rules. A slower brood about fucking up. The bad good shit. Love. Love. Love.

Narrows – “Absolute Betrayer” from Painted…This song is for Kaptain Carbon whose love of all things fast, loud and possessing of unprecedented fury is sometimes the only thing that keeps me from hatcheting my way back to Bellevue in a stained house coat with my shame beard in flames. He’s wanted to see this on a Tin Ear for weeks. Perhaps, today, I have finally appeased his great Eastern spirit.

Alien Sex Fiend – “R.I.P.” from The Singles 1983-1995…Do you know my friend, Michael Del Re’? You should. He’s awesome. Punk as a pair of nuts and more knowledgable about all that is curious in the world of music than anyone I’ve ever met. Great artist. Good with kids. He’s also one of the only people I’ve ever met who actively enjoys/enjoyed Alien Sex Fiend who didn’t wake up covered in someone else’s blood at the Batcave back in ’83. Keep it rad, Del Re’. The world needs more loons like you.

Extreme Noise Terror – “Carry on Screaming” from Hardcore Holocaust (87-88 Sessions)…Now that we’re done with kindly sentimentality, let’s move right back on to grindcore. Specifically, let’s talk about Extreme Noise Terror. Or let’s not because I really don’t know anything about them beyond what I found on these two amazing Peel Session compilations put out by the (now defunct and notoriously shifty/shitty) Dutch East India Trading Company and I can’t tell if this song is a joke or dead fucking serious but I can tell you that it sounds exactly like a song called “Carry on Screaming” should…AWESOME!

Pailhead – “Don’t Stand in Line” from Trait…Yes, Virginia. There was a time when long-time clean-living DC man of forever (next to Marion “Bitch Set Me Up!” Barry, of course) Ian MacKaye was living in between bands and so hooked up with notorious junkie and occasionally prolific buzzsaw synthetic maniac Al Jourgensen (et al, also likely high) to play songs under the name of Pailhead. God bless the 80s…and God bless America. Amen.

Sweat Detritus from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

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