Tin Ear Tuesday – Sun Up Century Tin Ear Tuesday – Sun Up Century

Tin Ear Tuesday – Sun Up Century from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

Something about this TET seems very adult to me. Perhaps it’s just the new year, new ear syndrome that befits those of us that tend to tackle more than we can take in any given day (leading to the invariable and systematic collapse of our endocrines…AND MINDS!). Maybe it’s the improvisational piano interlude. The minor chords? The glaring absence of any manner of scream that would always make my ire sing? Jesus, am I impotent? No. No, that’s not it at all – thank fuck – though I am certainly older and perhaps a touch wiser though I still appear to be fueled by nothing but dumb luck. So, yeah. I think I got this right, then. Rockit.

dieDie! Die! Die! – “Changeman” from Harmony…Melissa thinks this song sounds like me. I think I sound like “Harmony.” “Harmony,” however sounds quite a bit like “Changeman” what with that idiosyncratic guitar choke grumbling rampage jumble so for the sake of peace in the shadow of the valley of the one-eyed king Ima go ahead and say we’re both right. I really should have paid more attention to this record last year as it’s a great leap forward for a band as much about post punk screes as whirlwinds and Southern Hemispheric sensitivity but I got stuck on B L A C K I E. Sorry NZ.

SONY DSCAgain for the Win – “Having Heard Sirens” from We’ve Been Here Forever…Yes, this is emo and unashamedly so in the driving rock from a broken heart/bloody knuckled stance of the lonely pack with nothing to prove and even less to lose “Amen, BROTHER!” way that only Texan men with earnest beards can play. Not “blow your brains out on the sonic wonder anthem for the aimless” but decent, straight and whiskey ready.

nudozurdo2009Nudozurdo – “Conoci el Amor” from Tara Motor Hembra…I really should but really don’t speak a lick of Spanish but Google tells me that Nudozurdo’s name translates to something like “Leftyknot,” this song comes out as “Knew Love” and the album title is “Tara Female Engine” none of which really make any sense to a boy in Queens so let’s just say this track is all thud groovy, heavy in an almost heavy psych way and…no, yeah…that’s it. Good shit. I really hope they aren’t nazis. They internet won’t tell me.

barryBarry Black – “Tropical Fish Revival” from Tragic Animal Stories…The day I stop gawking at the music of Eric Bachmann is the day the last good part of me dies, forgotten, as a quivering pile of straw. This track here comes from Mr. Bachmann’s second (and final) endeavor under the more experimental/primarily instrumental outlet, Barry Black which he dreamed up back when Archers of Loaf were still scrappy, high and kicking. Sad pretty, easy breezy from piano to steel drums with the first real evidence of the plaintive wail that would popularize the somber tones of Crooked Fingers only way, way, way, WAY less devastating.

olivierOlivier Solanet – “Improvisation 120812” from New Works…The story of Msr. Solanet is a continent hopping epic of sex, drugs and near death polymathemathic expeditions told in French, German and (occasionally) the Queens English (the triumphs and torrids of which are precisely the sort of thing no one ever believes and which – sadly – aren’t up for me to tell today) which currently finds the man sitting at his piano dreaming improvisations alongside his partner and two cats on a few hunting acres in upstate New York which is close enough to where our friendship started for this cowgirl to call it full circle. Is that enough disclosure? This piece is fucking beautiful.

kitepartyKite Party – “Buried in Dogs” from Baseball Season…I was understandably reluctant to listen to a band who would name themselves Kite Party and release a record called Baseball Season with a track called “Buried in Dogs” because everything about that triplet just screams wimpy Ken Burns idle worship wet noodle brain bullshit but in 2013, I am open to fucking anything (yeah, yeah…we’ll see) and was pleased to find that what was evident instead was a loose, indie guitar twangle drum go go imbued enough in sepia to keep the pretty from overpowering a very real sense of grown up punk rock decency. What the fuck else have I been missing?

steelSteel Phantoms – “Floodlight” from Forer…Do the kids love this band? Because the kids should totally love this band. Big drums and open arms before warm choruses and guitar twinkle into a soft tonal echo. I think the band might have been a five piece at the time of this recording but now they’re just a duo, maybe. Who knows but Jesus? Brooklyn Vegan, probably. I didn’t think to ask.

walkmenThe Walkmen – “We Can’t Be Beat” from Heaven…I totally forgot the Walkmen put out a record this year. It was called Heaven and it was downright fucking lovely and all but wholly lacking in the caustic, gutter bar wonder of their earliest efforts (oh, “The Rat.” How I do love thee) because they’ve moved on to Philly and families (pictured?) and a happiness that only comes with finding success in the one thing you’ve ever wanted to do your whole life which is both a little bit alienating to the bitter gut in me but is infinitely more inspiring for the man that I ought to be.

Tin Ear Tuesday – Sun Up Century from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

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