Tin Ear Tuesday – Strap Penance Tin Ear Tuesday – Strap Penance

Tin Ear Tuesday – Strap Penance from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

So, a lot of these TETs I just do to fucking do. Because I’m going through some dark moon phase or I need to get my ass to the gym or I just don’t give two flying fucks about fucking nothing, buddy. But this one…this here little grumbling playlist is a full on mix made to impress a lady. Just like the old days of tape to tape it’s real, Memorex because even after so many years of better intimacy it’s still nice to treat your lady to a public display of…um…early industrial, death rock and experimental melodrama? Why the fuck not. Rockit.

normalThe Normal – “Warm Leatherette” from T.V.O.D./Warm Leatherette…I am not ashamed to say that I have gotten off several times over the course of my life to the auto erotic nihilism of David Cronenberg’s Crash (based on the wild and hallucinogenic novel by J.G. Ballard). I am a little ashamed to confess that shortly after the film debuted, I got real naked biblical on myself watching a fiery wreck from my bedroom window. Oh well. We were just kids then. Now I can listen to The Normal’s three minute treatment of the same text without getting so much as a fear boner. That’s progress, right?

walkerScott Walker – “Epizotics!” from Bisch Bosch…Like last TET’s what the fuck with Julian Cope, here we kindly ask “What the fuck, Scott Walker?” It’s madness. Bloated and twisting and melodramatic to an end that flips shillings between the Birthday Party, Tom Waits, Antony and that one kid in film class who made a shot for shot Super 8 remake of Aguirre as told by dog dicks with an Off Broadway spoken word background. It’s easy to loathe but a total fucking wonder of idiosyncrasy to behold.

blackoutBlackout Beach – “Drowning Pigs” from Fuck Death…This is the man from Frog Eyes (who are most definitely not The Frogs…that dude died) being frail and glum and strange as the day he (or you or I) was born, stretched out in paces that can be indulgent, beatific, uplifting, drunk and ultimately rewarding in a way that can only be grasped safe in one’s loneliness at the dawn of a new, if not wholly better, day. I’ve actually been trying to find a way to listen to Fuck Death for a few years now and though I’m not so sure I have a handle on the effort, I’m happy to be sharing it with you dudes. You rule.

indian_bingo_scatologicalIndian Bingo – “Pathetic Thing” from Scatological…Huh. No idea where this came from. It’s got a loose 80s/90s jangle and a vague Old Gold sadness sneer which means I probably found it while running between early Neutral Milk Hotel and that Cure cover record that looks so much better on paper than Frodus could ever be. I’m pretty sure someone in this band went on to form the Red House Painters. It’s the most middle comp track I’ve ever included on this feature.

bowieDavid Bowie – “Boys Keep Swinging” from Lodger…Believe it or not, I’d never even heard of this song until I listened to Boyd Rice deadpan it for the queerest of daddy bear fuck bands, Hirsute Pursuit. That version was rad but Bowie’s original just brings all the twinks to the yard. Mods too. Skinny, drugged up youth. Bad time Charlies. Mistaken sex machines. The white scars I wish I had been. It’s off of the last phase of his Berlin period which I am now so deeply immersed in I’m having a hard time understanding how there’s been any music since.

christianChristian Death – “Cervix Couch” from Catastrophe Ballet…Oh, Rozz. You fucking junkie pansexual fiend. What was the world like before you? What the fuck has it even been since? Vague and fretful, I suppose. Sick with sober despair and alkaline monogamy. I must admit I was never such a fan of your music having only ever really dabbled with the aesthetics and urban myths of goth but I know the genre’s never had such a prodigal son as you so it’s high time I gave you your do. It’s not as good as the closet in the Museum of Death (of course, LA) but it’s all I got. My throat is, apparently, spoken for.

cabaretCabaret Voltaire – “A Thousand Ways” from Red Mecca…When I first discovered the origins of post punk and industrial I was shocked and chagrined at just how legitimately funky so much of the music was. I felt betrayed. Like Killing Joke had secretly been hiding in the glitter shadows of Nile Rodgers and Cabaret Voltaire were just a bunch of cinematic house freaks. Almost twenty years later and it’s starting to make sense. Even the angriest and most of pallid of men need to shake their ass from time to time (sometimes, slow for over ten minutes) and when they do it’s far better they do so with a death first undercurrent. Hell, get me half lit and I’ll twerk to GG all night.

boysThe Boys Next Door – “Shivers” from The Tyranny of the Beat…AHAHAHAH! Oh, shit. Nick Cave is SUUUUCH a fucking cheeseball. I love it. LOVE IT! He’s just so fucking serious and fucking ridiculous and he has been since he was a wee teen living in the Southern Hemisphere. God bless him. I hope he lives a thousand years. This is pre Birthday Party outfit off a comp from The Grey Area (a Mute subsidiary) which is well worth a bit of a search. So goddamn good man. So perfectly foolish.

Tin Ear Tuesday – Strap Penance from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

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