Tin Ear Tuesday – Storm the Drags Tin Ear Tuesday – Storm the Drags

Another Tuesday here, at last and there’s just something about this one that has me yearning to impress the girls I could’ve loved my senior year with songs of woe, angst and techno.

All right, electronica. You and your stupid labels!

Giles Corey – “Grave Filled with Books” from Giles Corey…The most upbeat song from the most devastating record I’ve heard in a good long while. Upbeat, of course, being relative here. You know when you get so low you just want to die and then you make the mistake of searching out perspective? Yeah. Everyone’s unrequited. Boo-hoo for fucking you.

Fucked Up – “A Little Death” from David Comes to Life…Another track about pain and loss but, at least this one’s got yelling so you can punch your way through the tears. Life’s like that. Pain and violence and one big stinking double entendre. Or is it? I still don’t know what Pink Eyes is saying.

Mimas – “Mac, Get Your Gear On” from The Worries…Did you know they were remaking the remake of The Thing? How unnecessary is that? Hollywood needs to eat a dick or listen to Mimas. They nailed Kurt Russell’s badassery with this track perfectly even though this song, in and of itself, is more noodles than rage.

Violens – “Already Over” from V…I’m not really sure why I like this band or this song. They’re a little Byrdsy for me at times. I think I saw one of their videos once and convinced myself that all their jangle lalas are really just thin masks on frothing psychosis.

Iceage – “You’re Blessed” from New Brigade…I really thought this band would be a hell of a lot more maniacally kvlt art punk. Oh well. I guess the skinny jean set can only live on black metal for so long before they stop burning condos and start expressing the melodious.

James Yuill – “No Pins Allowed” from Turning Down Water for Air…I like this guy. His bread and butter’s in the remix world which I don’t know a damn thing about but his real creative oeuvre is in a tender, acoustic fuzz electron medley. Man, that sounds stupid. It’s good, though. Nice, really. I don’t listen to much music that’s nice.

The Beatings – “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained” from Late Season Kids…You should like The Beatings. Actually, you should fucking love The Beatings. Sometimes tender, often shouting they play a kind of 90s smartypants alt rock that’d make J. Robbins proud to have walked away from Dischord and written the best record of his career.

Dan Deacon – “Slow with Horns/Run for Your Life” from Bromst…Dan Deacon is kinda the best and he just keeps getting better. He can do mad dance parties. He can orchestrate for kids. He can score Scorcese. And he does it all in a weird little hamlet called Baltimore (affectionately nicknamed “Wham City”) with an advanced electronics degree and those signature grandma glasses. Hell yes.

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