Tin Ear Tuesday – Spirit Supply Tin Ear Tuesday – Spirit Supply

Tin Ear Tuesday – Spirit Supply from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

I’ve been in Candler, NC staying at a haunted B&B by myself (save two little dogs [one of whom might no longer hate me] and the sporadic company of the neighbors) for the last seven days and in that time I have enjoyed upwards of 40 or 50 Busch Lights (among other assorted less diuretic regional adult beverages), been chased by five different breeds of dog, ran terrified from a disembodied female sigh, explored forests and bedrooms with the chilling aid of night vision and ate all different kinds of beans, shame and pork. I’ve also had the opportunity to revisit this little lamb spit of a mix I made shortly before my departure and I’d dare say it holds up to distance, time and (fleeting) sobriety. Right, then. Let’s get to it before the dogs start howling at the dining room door again and I muster up the idiot courage to go country spelunking. It’s weird here. My faculties are suspect. Rockit.

idaIda Maria – “I Eat Boys Like You for Breakfast” from Katla…So the other day, I was all like “Dude, Ida Maria, right?” to pretty much no one in particular “She liked me so much better when I was naked. Awesome. Go to hell, Zooey Deschanel!” and then I rememered that she actually put out a less manic and at times quite somber record somewhere in 2011 that, I believe, was named after a native volcano and then I was all like “Cool! Norweigan girls like mariachi too, sorta. I guess. I LOVE YOU, IDA MARIA AND YOUR NORDIC SYNAESTHESIA!” and then I remembered I should really call my friend Sean but then I didn’t. End Scene.

damn lazer01Damn Laser Vampires – “Let’s Get Drunk Together” from Gotham Beggars Syndicate…Sometimes (often times) when you ask the internet for guidance you end up neck deep in a video called “Pussy Prolapse Party” and pretty soon there’s nothing left for you to do but to concede the deep and terrifying notion that there is, in fact, a god and he’s probably some lax douche and ultimately he loves the world but he more or less totally fucking hates you. Other times you get Spanish sex fright top pleather party pop and rock and roll psychobilly (more in line with The Cramps than those bush-whipped burlesque speed bags) and it’s better to be you than it ever will be to be that vacuum. Oh, the many things I wish I could unsee.

coalesceCoalesce – “Supernaut” from In These Black Days Vol. 3…Way back in the before time (what they called the long, long ago) the rising behemoth that was (is?) HydraHead Records released a series of 7″ records featuring the most toothsome beasts of the new screaming destruction covering the Lords of Birmingham, Black “MAAAAHTHAAAFAAAHKEN!” Sabbath. Now, I need to confess that I am not that much of a Sabbath fan (finding Slayer first and – well – you know how that shit goes) but hearing the vomitose bellow of Sean Ingram sweat this rumbling doom confection made me desperately want to tattoo OZZY on my left fist (not unlike the Taco Bell chica of Manassas) but then I thought about Sharon and Jack and Kelly and rent and I rightly reconsidered it.

sySonic Youth – “Titanium Expose” from Pump Up the Volume Soundtrack…It was Christian Slater in Pump Up the Volume that first introduced me (and millions, I imagine) to the notion of a naked man employing a cockring for a breathless audience and I should really kick his Nicholsonian drawl and fucking eye thing right the fuck into that dead dog’s street teeth for all the pubic hair I’ve extracted trying to be that brooding (but still well-appeasing) sex thing but then I think about that movie he made that only raked in $50 box office gross and…you know what, no…fuck fucking Christian Slater. Fuck him forfuckingever. Sonic Youth once totally ruled.

sarongsSarongs – “Pixel” from Sarongs…And though I’m sure we’re close to the point in our cultural history (if we haven’t passed it already which we might have but these are curious times for me and my irascible chronology) when we’ve ascribed the pre “post” to so many things that the most shocking newness we might ever conceive in art, culture and the general onslaught of the great human comedy comes when people just play it straight as it lays at their curtained feet and all the wealth is smiling again and…um…wait…Sarongs. Sarongs is a band from Syracuse New York and sometimes a boy and sometimes a girl sings and they dally in the dusk of No Wave punk funk DIY ease and skronk albeit indebted to melody and for some reason they really really really make me want to read Honore de Balzac who used to eat coffee grinds or maybe just watch the testier works of Sam Fuller.

alicedonutAlice Donut – “Bottom of the Chain” from Mule…Oh, RIGHT! Alice Donut. I (heart) these fucking guys and have since I saw them once at CMJ and made friends with a girl named Piggy who was cute enough that I skipped out on Cop Shoot Cop (sigh, the first time…shame, the second) only to take pictures dancing in front of a burning car by Irving Plaza (which was fine but COP SHOOT COP!!!! and we totally didn’t make out) before losing her at Penn Station forever and of all the people I’ve known and loved and loathed and otherwise discounted for the greater purpose of my own personal discourse when it comes to Alice Donut I have always been alone in my heralding of their strange genius which is a shame because these New York art school drug rock fucktards make (made?) the best brand of gleeful weird just north of Wayne Coyne and goddamn Jello totally dug them so you have to know they can kinda kill it.

gatechienGâtechien – “Cliche” from 4…CAT DAWG! CAT DAW-AWG! ALONE IN THE WORLD IS A LITTLE CAT DAWG! I know this band is French. I know that they started off with the best of AmRep intentions and delivered some murky little grumble roar rants in their time but as they progressed as a band (right up until their demise) the angst that once fueled the fire of so many chain-smoking intellectuals eventually opened it’s arms to melodiouos “WHOOOOOS!” and I don’t care if they’re condescending so long as they are motherfucking infectious (which they damn well can be) and one day I hope to be the kind of crazy desolate rich that finds me choking down absinthe in a cafe dreaming me the new abuse of Henry Miller spinning Diogenese into a sexual payday. HEY!

viva bazookaViva Bazooka – “Tontomelon” from Adelante Punk, Báilame El Día…Massive. Swift but massive bass rock and drum surfish shred from Barcelona and I really wish I had more to say about this band but I think the blister on my foot just burst and I haven’t eaten since the road side Amish (do Amish have tattoos?) fruit market (jam don’t count) and so you’re just goin to have to allow me this early exit…my shit is spent…this band hella rules. Hella, hella rules? Hella, hella rules. Dude? Dude. Hella, hella rules.

Tin Ear Tuesday – Spirit Supply from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

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