Tin Ear Tuesday – Sleepless Slight Serene Tin Ear Tuesday – Sleepless Slight Serene

So, it’s not that I’m hungover so much as I’m worn and teared. That Riot Fest thing was a punk rock mecca that was hot, glorious, and deafening so I am fucking exhausted. I need something nice. I need something mellow. Something different from what Tin Ear’s done recently. Shit, I need something JAZZY! No screaming. No shouting. No scorn. Just a soft expanse of sound that I can rest my whirling head on. Rock it.
John Zorn – “Tahah” from Masada, Vol. 1: Alef…The undisputed architect of New York’s remaining batshit invention. He’s released more records, through more incarnations than you could whip a distended pinky at. One day, I tried to wrestle them all. I failed. Mostly, because his compositions are algebraic headaches. Not Masada, though. Well, not always. That jam plays jazz for anydays.

Ella Fitzgerald – “From this Moment On” from The Best of the Song Books: Love Songs…Oh, my sweetest queen bee. Ella Fitzgerald always makes me happy. Has since Olivier first played “How High the Moon” for me one rainy vodka night in high school and for years on we attempted, vainly, to reinvent her scatting. This song’s clean, though. No “nee-nee-nee”. No inexplicable German applause. Just Ella bright and standard. Interesting fact: Ella Fitzgerald died the same day as my paternal grandmother. I still imagine them, sometimes, swilling martinis in heaven.

The Evens – “Cache is Empty” from Get Evens…We all knew Fugazi couldn’t last forever and though they’ve never formally called it quits (preferring, instead, to remain on oblique hiatus) everyone seems pretty content with whatever little thing they happen to be doing. Ian’s doing this. I think he does it with his sister. I didn’t like it at first. A little too naked for a kid who couldn’t never really sing but after a while the acoustic/drum protest combination had it’s dulcet way with me. I still prefer Repeater.

Caethua – “A Maiden in Muck” from The Summer Is Over Before It’s Begun…A pretty girl making curious music somewhere deep in the woods. I’m not sure why I love it but I do. Perhaps it’s the endless lilt of her singing, the unexpected brass or the sad, sad countenance that pervades life inside a cabin. Perhaps I’m inventing her mythology a little bit. I’m just glad she didn’t come off like Jandek.

Fabrizio Paterlini – “Untitled (Lost Letters) – [Piano Solo]” from Morning Sketches…I don’t know much about classical music. I go on tears. I have entirely too much Shostakovich (I blame William T. Vollmann for that), some Schoenberg and whatever the aforementioned Olivier’s left me in his endless attempts to turn me from a half-baked metalhead into a proper aesthete. I’m beginning to think this mix is more for him than for me (all for you too, though, obviously). He’s a genius. This is a piano piece.

Eddie Palmieri – “Revolt – La Libertad Logico” from Vamonos Pal Monte…Never in my life did I think I’d invite big, bad Latin jazz into my life but then again, I never thought I’d have a puppy either. Now we have three and I listen to Eddie Palmieri. No harm in either, really. Actually, it’s good times all around. Only one’s much better for forbidden dancing if you go in for that kind of thing. I would but my Mexican heritage never made it past my mustache.

Elana James – “Oh, Baby” from Elana James…My friend’s dad introduced me to this (admittedly, smokin’) fiddle-playing lady. I think he’s got the hots for her. Can’t say as I blame him though I prefer a little less jazz country in my choice of musical infatuations. I think you could call this a ditty. A shoulder-shaking ditty. Yeah. A little grown-up, I guess but after that time with the kids last weekend I finally feel my thirties.

Oh No! Oh My! – “Reeks and Seeks” from Oh No! Oh My!…One good ditty deserves another. This one comes to us from Austin, I believe and it’s the closest thing this mix has to discordance but don’t worry. This track is all good things. It’s just a little distorted guitar towards the end to keep from turning into a limping round. I bet this band would be a delight to see live. They’re certainly a great way to pass a light insomniac evening.

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