Tin Ear Tuesday – Settling Brisk Tin Ear Tuesday – Settling Brisk

You know, I’m not really one to lament the passing of summer (with it’s sweat and spots and bikini envy) but it’s a damn shame I spent most of mine inside so yeah…maybe…a little…sigh…but fall’s fucking official here on the skirts of NYC so I thought we might just take a minute to welcome her in with a little bit of love and ease and fond memories (no matter how deep) of our little tootsies buried in the sand. Rock it.

Helen Money – “You Are Beautiful” from In Tune…Steve Albini made this happen for me. Helen Money is a decidedly unorthodox cellist who opened for Shellac on their last few trips to this coast (she’s doing it again, tonight, at the Bell House). It can be some pretty heavy shit, man. Like Bambi. Like magma. Like novocaine. Like cello, you know? Damn.

New Wet Kojak – “Let’s Get Glorified” from This Is the Glamorous…What Girls Against Boys (more or less) did for a while when they didn’t feel like being Girls Against Boys. A little more LES sax and whisper rumble than the double bass fuck rock of the better known aforementioned. Still I dig it. It’s kind of slow groove actually. Not sure if either band even exists, anymore which is a crying shame. It was good to have real men playing music.

Dum Dum Girls – “Caught in One” from Only in Dreams…I’m in love with the Dum Dum Girls and there’s no reason why you couldn’t be unless you hated pale leather sexy in which case you’re really no kind of friend of mine and that’s a sin because it’d be awesome to hang out sometime. Anyway. Looks like Dee Dee and her crew finally stripped away the underground and came out sounding fresh and vitally straight rock with a voice as singular as anyone since Chrissie Hynde decided we could all “fuck off.” Mmmmmmm.

Rollerskate Skinny – “Cradle Burns” from Horsedrawn Wishes…Yeah. Yeah. Everyone loves Loveless. I get it. That record changed the landscape but if you’re going to force my face into a shoegaze trip I’m going to snort up some Rollerskate Skinny because rather than coming off murky pink dopefiend they have a great sense of playful pop sensibility that made their forays into wailing and noise endearing rather than over-intellectualized. Not that I don’t enjoy some MBV but I don’t really. Rollerskate Skinny were a great time while they lasted. The singer’s now heading Favourite Sons who have a whole other thing going on.

Active Child – “When Your Love Is Safe” from Curtis Lane…At first I thought this dude was spooky what with the falsetto and the harp. Then I thought he was irksomely fey for pretty much the same reasons. Now, I really don’t know what I think. I guess it depends on the day. Active Child can read like ghostly Hosannas or they can make your balls die from shame. It’s a toss up. You feeling lucky?

Wipers – “Up Front” from Is This Real? …I can’t think of a guitar god who hated money and fame much more than Greg Sage which isn’t saying much when you consider that he labored endlessly in broke obscurity for the majority of his career. Still, the man’s a motherfucker. A punk/antipunk genius content to sit back and play when he should be rolling in millions for his influence on the Pacific Northwest alone.

CSS – La Liberacion from La Liberacion…Brazilian revolutionary dance rock outwits. I never thought I’d enjoy any sort of booty shaking dye-job beats but I do. Perhaps old age will finally find me on the dance floor. Probably not but I sure do like pretending I know Portuguese when I’m blasting this track twenty minutes into my cardio stint at the gym. Life is funny like that.

The Low Frequency in Stereo – Starstruck from Futuro…I think this band is from Norway. I’m certain that they do the Stereolab college wine party rock better than that band’s done in years and with far more apparent sonic shifts. Not raging dynamics by any means but the girl sings sweet and the boys play seamlessly enough to leave you breathing easy any time of day.

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