Tin Ear Tuesday – Sans SOPA Tin Ear Tuesday – Sans SOPA

Tin Ear Tuesday – Sans SOPA from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

I am not a politician. A diplomat maybe but that’s a far cry slighter than wrapping ideologues up and out for the bull neck frenzy and rarely ever pays. Anyway. Life in the great wild of pixels and wires and user generated content is about to get either a) a great, validating upheaval or b) fucked cross out the ass. SOPA, man. SOPA. It’s a problem for everybody reading this, everyone who writes with us and every last lite brite internet genius. And though this mix may have nothing to do, contentually, with the impending legislation it does come the day before the internet goes black and our abilities/capabilities get a vote from the disconnected minority who shape the American world. So, who knows? This might be the last line for Tin Ear. Here’s to hoping some fat cats are just a few inches better than that. Rock it.

Bad Brains w/ Henry Rollins – “Kick Out the Jams” from Pump Up the Volume OST…Oh fuck and fuck and FUCK YEAH! The best cover of the best fucking song on the planet. Hands down. And though it doesn’t quite capture the pill-popped panther madness that Fred Sonic and ’ems pumped the fuck out way back in the sixsixsixties it does get nice and pissed which is a good, good thing. Too bad the movie sucked. Well, maybe it didn’t. Thanks to Christian Slater’s Nicholsonian smugs I learned what a cock ring was well before I ever had a decent use for one.

Van Halen – “Runnin’ with the Devil” from The Warner Brothers Demos…This is what a Van Halen demo sounds like. I want you to think about that the next time you close yourself in your bedroom under the cracked acting delusion that the combination of Garage Band and sadness somehow equate to sonic success. Seriously. The world is enough of a dick without your fuzzbox whispers clouding up my audio field. While I have your attention, though, do you happen to have any idea what in the fuck happened to my copy of Van Halen I? Looks like my computer ate it and the vinyl’s MIA. Comments are open. Thanks.

Milk Music – “Beyond Living” from Beyond Living…Fuzz love from Portland, OR (The gentlemen of Milk Music would like everyone to know “We are not from fucking portland. We are from Olympia, Washington. Fuck you”) . Good times reminiscent of the stomp box, tube amp worshipping 90s. Everything old is new again…again. Might as well just suck it up and get into it before the cynicism of thirty something really chokes the shit out of my rock and roll rhetoric. I still feel bad for all the kids who have to endure the new cultural reunion season. It’s nice to see so many bands I loved come to life again for a nice fat fucking profit but it would be soooo much better for the world if someone could just up and start anew.

Treepeople – “Web in Front” from Treepeople/Archers of Loaf Split 2×7″…I actually like this version a whole load more than the original and anyone who might have ever taken the time to hear my rant and drunk about how much Archers mean/meant/means to me should know that’s saying something. This band is the first epic foray of Doug Martsch only considerably less Allman Brothers Band than Built to Spill would invariable become. I really love the crackle of a vinyl rip. Mmmmmmmmm.

1994! – “Acknowledge the Rage” from FCKYRHED…Bring me that fat and skramz and beards. I want to freak the fuck out tonight. I’m actually hella (you like that? I don’t. No idea how to drop that word from my passing vernacular though) surprised that I haven’t included more of this band’s shit on Tin Ear prior. Maybe I did and just lost track of living. Let’s hope not. You should seriously give this swift behemoth a chance. It means well but it needs more screaming fists.

Wheatus – “Teenage Dirtbag” from Wheatus…You’re going to have this song in your head for the next week. I’m not the least bit sorry about that.

Cloud Nothings – “Stay Useless” from Attack on Memory…You should probably just go ahead and start telling people you love this band now. Sure, their first record was a little forgettably low rent (and I’m calling “Nothings” as the new Wolf/Crystal/Bear indie enhancer) but, on further listens, it actually wasn’t half bad. This new jam is fucking epic and guided by the hand of Mr. Steve Albini. Young, scratching pop angst fueled by too much Thin Lizzy and Bitch Magnet. Everyone’s already drooling. Get hip, kids.

Shooting at Unarmed Men – “Boredom Is the Feeling that Everything Is a Waste of Time” from Triptych…Again, I have no idea as to how these bitter Southern Hemisphere (by way of Mclusky) cats have not shown up all over the Tin Ear rant and raving until today. Looks like I’m living the best/last ethic, eh? Huh. Never figgered me for the type. This is thin and furious. Skinny men mad at fucking everything without falling into the trap of metal or, worse yet, hardcore. They sing just about every song at the top of their lungs. Great to echo when walking through the city drunk at night. Not so cool on the subway.

Wild Moth – “(How) Nothing Moves” from Demo 2012…Postantipopgloom with, at least, a few feet tied into the early releases of Gold Standard Labs/Three One G (remember when they were kindasortaalmost the same thing?) only seemingly less psychically damaged. No secret cutting for this band. Just some dark strum-a-chug and obscure melodies cum feedback. I know fuck all about them, really but thank the internet for the introduction. Thank you, internet. You’re awesome.

Tin Ear Tuesday – Sans SOPA from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

3 Responses about “Tin Ear Tuesday – Sans SOPA”

  • charles waring says:

    I play guitar in milk music. We are not from fucking portland. We are from Olympia, Washington. Fuck you.

  • Ben says:

    Dear Milk Music… duly noted

  • Charles says:

    Oh, SNAP! Sorry about that, Mr. Waring. I’d be pissed if I was confused with the originators of the bone luge too.