Tin Ear Tuesday – Sans Sharif Tin Ear Tuesday – Sans Sharif

Tin Ear Tuesday – Sans Sharif from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

Holy shit if the holidays aren’t fast as fuck approaching and with them those murmurs of end times which I’m fairly confident the Mayans didn’t mean for us to interpret as some kind of great heralding hell but all the dipshits on the internets and fat pols skulking the streets sure aren’t making it any easier to think that we’ll all live to see Two Thousand motherfucking Thirteen. I, however, am dead set on making a break for it. Come join me. There’ll be whiskey punch and hair pie. Rockit.

The Replacements – “Anywhere’s Better than Here” from Don’t Tell a Soul…Danny used to have this big old poster hanging over his bed in the Red Room at Ditmars. I’m not really sure what happened to it. I think it might have died and moved to Philly like so many rock and roll ghosts. Oh well. I’ve had The ‘Mats on the mind recently on account of this Southern fried collection of ukelele covers that recently found their way into my mailbox (oddly decent, actually) and that new goddamn Titus Andronicus album…what is it? Local Business? That record is so fucking bad it makes me want to shit my pants.

Filth – “The List” from Shit Split…I have the funny feeling I might have used this song before but that’s okay because you can never have enough crust in your day. Actually, you can. Crust is kinda the worst but I once found this band’s shirt lying on the beer-soaked floor of a friend’s attic gig and have been wearing it ever since so I have to, at least, pretend that I enjoy the screeching trash punk political hijinks. That’s not fair. This song rules.

Rik L. Rik – “Meat House (Acoustic)” from Los Angeles Post Punk Vol. 5…Rik L. Rik was born Richard Brian Elerick and died a funeral director which is a pretty fucking punk rock circle of life. This is an acoustic version of his (only?) single, “Meat House” performed, most likely, for Rodney on the Roq who (if you’re unaware) is and was a lot like John Peel if John Peel sounded like a new wave dweeb living in the Valley. I guess that’s about it. Did you know there was a website with a running catalog of dead punk rock kids? Because there totally fucking is.

Bearfoot Beware – “Gerard Depardieu” from No Face’s Gold…My mother contends that Gerard Depardieu was once quoted as saying that he had raped many women and that they had all “liked it.” I contend that my mother has spent a lot more time high than she’ll ever let on. Anyway, Bearfoot Beware are a scrappy poppish math rocky power trio from Leeds that does the soft/loud thing a good deal better than a lot of bands that would pat themselves as “experimental” these days so I suggest you hop the next ferry across this fetid old pond of ours and go throw some money in their sweet young faces because no one makes it rain quite like the USA! USA! USA!

Aerosols – “Culture Warrior” from 3rd 7″…Dude. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE! There’s been a lot of really decent arty hardcore the last few years but none of it has been as potent or consistently fierce as the work of New England’s grand dames of crazy man rage, Aerosols. The broke up, of course but left a brief legacy of eponymous loathing that makes the perfect soundtrack for shattering bricks with your new Christmas teeth.

White Murder – “Harold’s Place” from Harold’s Place 7″…Was it McHank who had something good to say about this band? I think it was. McHank has classy-assed taste and knows full well how empty my life’s been for girly twist thump rock since You Say Party! We Say Die! lost that one girl, then changed their name. This is the bad time, good look dance dance, underpants BABY! Do it to it. UHN!

Teen Suicide – “The Same Thing’s Happening to Me All the Time, Even in My Dreams” from I Will Be My Own Hell Because There Is a Devil Inside My Body…It strikes me as both odd and inappropriate to say that Teen Suicide’s been my jam recently but they have been. Like, kind of all the time. Something about their jangle rank fuzz and low slung, emotive moans just really hits me where I need it now that the weather’s gotten grim and it’s fucking dark by 4:30 and I still don’t have a full time job and I haven’t exercised in three weeks and all the other bands that sing like they have some sort of feelings all sound so crisp and pretty. Nuts to that. I want a band that makes me feel good about feeling ugly especially when I know I shouldn’t.

Locktender – “Visions of the Daughters of Albion” from Collected…Locktender play a brand of big brash balls on your heartsleeve post rock cum literary hardcore that just gets in your craw and won’t leave until you’ve screamed through a cheap bottle of whiskey and your past life of broken dreams and I love it with all the slack-jawed frenzy of an unrequited grade school crush. The band is loud, often long (as in this 10 plus minute track, based on an “illuminated” poem by William Blake) and relentless in their attempts to translate the hybrid violence of hardcore into a trascendental ether of high art and philosophical abstrusions without ever letting pretension get in the way of rocking your face off.

Tin Ear Tuesday – Sans Sharif from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

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