Tin Ear Tuesday – Run with the Bears Tin Ear Tuesday – Run with the Bears

Tin Ear Tuesday – Run with the Bears from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

The good Kap’n reminded me the other night (over goat’s blood shots on the BJ highway) that it’s been a little over a year since Tin Ear Tuesday first took shape in a dilapidated (albeit much beloved and sorely missed) mold factory in Astoria. Damn. A Lot’s happened since I opened this infrequent little melee with The Men’s “Shittin’ with the Shah” (which I still think is or goddamn well ought to be a Butthole Surfers song) but the facts and fictions of all the is that is just really isn’t worth a dutiful mentioning so let’s suffice to say that in the coming year I will be more diligent about the frequency with which this lofty fucker appears and I am genuinely grateful for those of you who give a shit. Seriously. Rockit.

How’s Your News? – “California” from How’s Your News?…How’s Your News? is pretty much the best thing to happen to anything ever. A team of reporters from a summer camp for adults with developmental disabilities who once traveled the country to get to LA in a beat up Winnebago, making friends and friends and friends along the way and then a DVD (WATCH IT!) and then they got picked up by MTV but that didn’t really work out and they recorded a bunch of songs like this that just fill my heart with hope and general unfuckwithability. Some friends of mine hate this track. Fuck them. Go ask YouTube to show you what it was like when Ronnie Simonsen met Chad Everett (both, sadly, passed now) and understand that the world is still a place rich with love and possibility.

Screaming Females – “Rotten Apple” from Ugly…I’m not exactly sure why everyone and their left nut isn’t (aren’t?) busting out of their skin for this band and Wild Flag is the hottest shit since Poughkeepsie. Maybe I just don’t understand the world. Maybe the world just doesn’t get me, MAN! Whatever the case, Marissa Paternoster (singer, mistress shredder) recently rocked so fucking hard she got mono. MONO! The only other adult I know who ever had mono has a fucking black belt so…you know…awesome, right?

Bonaparte – “Too Much” from Too Much…Bonaparte has new a record coming out. BONAPARTE HAS A NEW RECORD COMING OUT! This song isn’t off it. This is the title cut off the madman’s debut and it’s full of all the quirk we’ve come to expect with the black-eyed man in the wolf mask. I think it’s about being dumb and in love. Mostly dumb.

Ladder Devils – “Divorce Drugs” from Nowhere Plans…You know your shit’s correct when your record’s reached me and the Kap’n both in wholly unique fashions and all we have to say to each other about it is “fuck.” This shit is heavy in the Minneapolis school of bass-heavy, guitar strangling meat love but is neck deep in enough rock power to avoid a turn to the piggish bludgeoning that makes glass eddies so appealing. So yeah. Not a good time, really. More like a Madison knife fight. The dance, not the town. Have I even been to Wisconsin?

Nailbomb – “Wasting Away” from Point Blank…There was a brief glimmer of time in the shadowy eons of Western musical history when the dude from Sepultura and the dude from Fudge Tunnel decided that life on earth would only ever reach it’s full potential if the two of them shared a drum machine. And it did. I was in high school, however so I missed it. I did masturbate and cry a lot. So, you know, there’s something.

The Locust – “Moth-Eaten Deer Head” from Molecular Genetics from the Gold Standard Labs…WWWAAAAAAAAAUAUAGAGAGAAHAHAAASASAAHHAHAAHA!!! bzzzztbzzzzztbzzzt!!! WWEHWWHWHWWHHHAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAUUUGGGGHHH!!! bzzztbzztDING!!!!!!!!! Only, really complex and hyperpolitical and steeped in neo futuristic punk rock absurdity. I love this fucking band and if you’ve ever loved anything then you’d goddamn well love them too or science will kill you.

Sister Irene O’Conner – “Messe du Saint Esprit” from Fire of God’s Love…It’s an Australian nun singing about the holy spirit in French circa 1976. That’s about it.

Dads – “Bubular Tubes” from Bubular Tubes 7″…This record came out on my birthday and it’s fucking awesome. Some weirdo free kraut spaced out jibber jabber punk rock that sounds best half day drunk and riding the N train to Coney Island for some stupid obligation you picked up in a fit of self doubt. All accounts of the ethos and existence of Dads vacillates between uncomfortably humble and downright insulting which makes me think I might be a dick (or, worse yet, an idiot) for liking whatever it is they do but you’re not, dude. You fucking rule.

Japandroids – “The House that Heaven Built” from Celebration Rock…Japandroids really need to stop it with the “we write records so earnest and catchy they’ll reaffirm your faith in the kind of music you loved as a kid…you know the kind we mean…summer jams that didn’t get you punched in the face by a skinhead or a trustafarian bung rat” shit because after listening to Celebration Rock for the umpteenth time I’m pretty sure that I’ve wasted the last eight years of my life sitting in front of a computer getting scolded by jerkoffs who earn their living behind wolverine smiles and some costly notion of art and, besides, once you’ve heard your summer anthem every other track is anticlimax.

Tin Ear Tuesday – Run with the Bears from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

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