Tin Ear Tuesday – Roped the Annals Tin Ear Tuesday – Roped the Annals

Tin Ear Tuesday – Roped the Annals from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

This is from the archives. How shmuckish is that to say? It’s true though. Usually when I’m corralling these loving expressions of other people’s art and ideas for you to soak up, trudge through only to emerge the cultural victor I am doing so with the aid of the new (known or otherwise heretofore mostly unmentioned). Not this time though. Fuck it, right? Been building back my library and, in so doing, have come across a whole bunch of shit I forgot I had or couldn’t tolerate at the time of acquisition (don’t tell me art ain’t commerce…the music bidness is a bizness for better or for worse [mostly worst]). Now, though I’m feeling pretty badass for having sense enough to grab these records (CDs, technically) when I had the chance so that I could piece together what may prove to be my favorite friggin’ Tin Ear TO DATE! Rock it.

Divine – “Native Love (Step by Step) (Remix)” from Greatest Hits…Divine is Divine is Divine and her fat majesty still transcends everything from the shit-eating streets of John Waters’ Baltimore to the New York 80s disco dash. I guess this track definitely capitalizes on the latter and though I am, more often than not, of the steadfast opinion that all disco dancing must ending in breaking something while offering a dramatic recitation of “Angel of Death” I’ve got a real soft spot for an inspired/inspiring drag queen. LIBERATE LEE BOWERY!!!

Prong – “Steady Decline” from Beg to Differ…And we counteract act the disco dance with some New York once-waved transgressive thrash. Prong. The band that always should’ve been but never quite did except for that time they decided they were nouveau industrialists with the addition of Raven and the snapping of necks (every one white and angry loved that fucking track). Well, I guess they had some moderate success starting with this record but never the kind that other thrash luminaries incurred and that’s too bad because the last time I saw Tommy Victor (playing for Danzig) my man looked like he could really use some health insurance or a sammich.

The Powder Monkeys – “The Supernova that Never Quits” from Succour: The Terrascope Benefit Album…I don’t know fuck all about this band so I’m not going to make any Milk Music misquotes or mistakes. Let’s just say that I don’t think they’re from around here and I’m pretty sure they’re not around to rock our socks off anymore. I only know they exist from this four-dollar, double disc comp I dug out of a used bin many, many moons ago. I will go so far as to presume this band likes themselves a Fosters or seven and was never too good to smash a flaming guitar over some sod’s head.

Tongue Man – “Your Majesty, Your Grace” from Cop This…It would appear I know even less about the next man than the last. Well, perhaps not less but my ignorance and their obscurity certainly abounds. British? English? Queer? Bait? Erotic violence shout/sung over drum machines and stuttered broken riffage. Dance music for the juiced up marginally insane. Think Wax Trax/TVT only decidedly unclean or a new decade fuck beat for Al Pacino in Cruising. I think the singer’s name is Spud.

The Nation of Ulysses – “Spectra Sonic Sound” from The 13 Point Program to Destroy America…I am wicked late to this rightly infamous DC politipunk destruction party. I heard they were the absolute shit live. Kwame once saw them light their shoes on fire. They blew up and blew out like white teeth on lightning and when I first heard them I winced and shrugged. Now I’m thinking it’s a sin I never made it to The Black Cat to see them ruin the raggeds of punk rock as I know it.

Abrasive Wheels – “Just Another Punk Band” from When the Punks Go Marching In…Brendan assures me with a “Yeaaaaaaaaah!” that we saw this band in Blackpool shortly after his band played the less riotously acoustic stage at Rebellion Fest and I can’t much say that I had a strong opinion of them at the time. I think I might have thought they were Citizen Fish or Discharge or…well, I know they weren’t Cock Sparrer but that’s only because everyone and their mother (really, mothers) only headed out to the Coney Island of the British Isle to see that fucking band do whatever the fuck it is they do (evidently) better than anyone else. Still and all this is good street punks and skins together fists and piss. Oi? No? I don’t know. I just wanted to show you a time.

The Honeymoon Killers – “Motor City” from The End of Music as We Know It…A pretty righteous ROIR comp that has just about every 80s antistar band sopping up the junk, drunks and noise of Reagan’s shame and choice fucking danger. Bought it at HMV for two bucks. This is one of Jerry Teel’s first bands, I think. He went on to front the Chrome Cranks. I’ve heard he’s kind of a dick and Jon Spencer also played in this band at one point in their lifespan. Steve Albini (in his suitably caustic liner notes) describes them thusly: “At their least, these young ladies provide an adequate heavy metal update on Ersel Hickey. At their best, they unload a loopy, glue-addled, whacked-out stomp that truly has no equal. Neither does the hindquarters of their rhythm guitarist.” Yeah, buddy.

Current 93 – “The Blue Gates of Death (Before and Beyond Them)” from The Portable Altamont…That’s right, kids. We’re playing some fucking David Tibet shit. I’m not going to go too deeply into who this man is or what a long and ravingly eclectic bunch of art/music/poetry he’s produced over the last thirty years so let us just say it is strange, tenderly abrasive, often death-obsessed and indebted to incredibly arcane knowledge and the kind of spirituality one only ever discovers when introduced to the OTO at a very tender age. I don’t know if it’s good stuff but it sure means a lot to smart oddballs in the dark.

Riff Random – “Danger Dance” from Random Love…When I received this EP in the mail something close to ten years ago, I was certain that the Sonic Youth inspired surf/sun/sand/rage polemics would rewrite the NO! alternative for an end world party of epic fucking proportions. It didn’t. Now everybody’s got some bullshit to say and we just have to ride the wave. I guess those facts are not related.

Tin Ear Tuesday – Roped the Annals from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

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