Tin Ear Tuesday – PIAS UK Edition Tin Ear Tuesday – PIAS UK Edition

All right, this mix is a little different. This one has a theme. PIAS! It’s still chock full of love and j’adore but it’s meaning is much more. It’s about knowing just some of the people and places the London fires impacted both on foreign shores and right here at home and hoping that this time, when you hear something you like, you do yourself (and independent music) a favor and buy it from one of the labels detailed below. Rock it!

Archie Bronson Outfit – “Run Gospel Singer” from Coconut (Domino)…Domino is kind of an indie monster, releasing records by Arctic Monkeys, Twin Sister and Steve Malkmus and the Jicks. All right. Maybe monster isn’t fair so let’s just say they put out a lot of fucking bands you love and a whole lot more you don’t even know. Like Archie Bronson Outfit. They’re all spaced out fuzz lump fi-ing in the face of bland takes on hippie dippie death rock. This album shifts like crazy and ends with this romp. It works though, in a fuck it way.

Hot Snakes – “Hi Lites” from Audit in Progress (One Little Indian)…I know. I know. Hot Snakes are Swami and Swami’s California to the bone but most Americans don’t give a damn about the bands tastemakers don’t spit in their face so they have to depend on European audiences to make their ends meet (if they ever can). One Little Indian also put out EVERYTHING by Bjork. Hot Snakes, you should know, is amazing.

Past Lives – “Paralyzer” from Tapestry of Webs (Suicide Squeeze Records)…Wildly relevant and constantly evolving sometimes heavy, otherwise pensive always awesome label out of Seattle. Yeah. Americans, again. We have a lot of them on this mix. This particular American band is the better half of the once titanic Blood Brothers who ended too soon on account of that screeching brat. You wouldn’t know it from this song though. Smooth moves with a little scratch. Yeah.

Blood on the Wall – “Get the Fuck Off My Cloud” from Awesomer (FatCat Records)…Another everything and more label. I mean, seriously. It’s amazing how much astounding music got destroyed by that fucking fire. Fucking anarchists. Seriously. Take that black and red and shove it up your ass and listen to this Brooklyn band while doing so. It’s not that appropriate, I suppose. There are angrier songs on this mix. This is just kind of a screechy dismissal with the beer jangle the kids just love in their thrift stores.

Trost – “Sans Ta Cie” from Trust Me (Bronze Rat)…Feel like an insouciant adult jacked opiate dance party? Of course, you do. So go see Bronze Rat and tell me that Trost isn’t some pan-European Reverend Jen elfin sex addict vampire. Or listen to Solex play with Jon Spencer. No. Fall in weird love with Trost.

Bare Wires – “Cheap Perfume” from Cheap Perfume (Southpaw Records)…Damn, I think this might be a fucking mustache label. Oh well. Some mustaches are nice. Some are even sexxxy. Hell, the mustaches on Bare Wires are man enough for me to ride so there’s not a damn reason you shouldn’t be throwing a dime at these Oakland tie-dyes or the label that’s decided to give them a fighting chance.

The Jim Jones Revue – “High Horse” from Burning Your House Down (PIAS Recordings)…So I think this is a hot shit band now and that’s no wonder what with the greasy howl and all and they’re trying to break on American shores but PIAS got them going across the pond. Yeah, they put out their own records as well as getting everyone and their mother out there. Kind of like Touch and Go only less desperately shy or Steve Albini.

The Jesus Lizard – “Glamorous” from Inch (Touch and Go)…SPEAKING OF TOUCH AND GO! Actually, I didn’t really plan that segue at all but here we are. Touch and Go is probably one of the most important record labels of the last thirty years. They have an incredible ethic and aesthetic and produced some of THE most influential bands ever including Big Black, The Didjits, Slint and this one. If you don’t know who the Jesus Lizard are, what the fuck have you been doing with your life? Really. Get a job. Get smashed. Let some sweaty drunk dry hump your face.

Gogol Bordello – “Never Young” from Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike (Side One Dummy)…PUNK ROCK MUSIC! Yeah. That’s what Side One Dummy do. And they do it so damn well. Though I don’t always care for the major/strum/shout song it definitely has a place in every good young boy’s upbringing. It sure melded mine at times. Gogol Bordello are a little departure from the strict pop avenues they sometimes pursue but man, do they make me want to Roma Dance Fight!

The King Blues – “Shooting Fascists” from Punk & Poetry (Transmission)…I’ll be honest. I don’t know a damn thing about this label. I don’t really know all that much about The King Blues but I do know that, in many ways, they’re a big deal over in England. Gay for Johnny Depp name checked them the other day. When I toured the country with some friends, they loaned us their kit. They’re the shit even if their record’s name is fucking simpy and their songs are a little soft and formulaic. They’re inclusion’s a little dubious because I think they like the Black Mask shit but I’m going to err on the side of believing they believe those looters are stunning idiots.

Sigur Rós – “Hafsól” from Hvarf/Heim (Smekkleysa)…I’m not going to type any of that again so let’s just go with the English translation of the label: Bad Taste. Evidently this is a very important Icelandic record label. I’d never heard of it before the fire which is kind of absurd because they’ve been around since 1986! Oh yeah…they discovered The Sugarcubes. They also still stand behind Sigur Rós (in Iceland, at least) who continue to make the most devastating music in the world. I know I’ve said this before about bands (and I’m sure I’ll say it again) but you really should see Sigur Rós before you die. You’ll cry every time.

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