Tin Ear Tuesday – Misses Howl Tin Ear Tuesday – Misses Howl

Tin Ear Tuesday – Misses Howl from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

Is it the end of the world yet? Guess not, huh? Oh, wait. Is that this year? Do we all go to some Mesoamerican hell in a few short and otherwise drunken ribald months or is that just some surfer talk for the year of getting guiltlessly laid? Whatever the case, we’re here today and we survived the rough impasses of the holiday season so let’s suck it up and celebrate another year undead with some tracks that go all fuzzy and noisy and yelling couched in between some somberer lo-fi bedroom experiments. Huh. I don’t think I’ve ever bookended before but going back to sullen is definitely better than what I initially had planned. Trust me. Can, man. Fucking CAN! Anyway…I hope this ushers you into this new 350something well enough. I’d say it does so let’s raise up to the future. Rock it.

D. Vassalotti – “One Day Death Will Rob Us All” from Book of Ghosts…I’m not going to purport that D.’s a manic genius but he does have his nuts deep into the curiously flourishing South Florida scene. He was a member of Cult Ritual (pictured…I have no idea which bald and shirtless one), plays in Merchandies, Neon Blud, Dads and does this whole weirdo bedroom solo thing. It’s good gloom. Noisy and literate and strummed with articulation. If he lived up in the Northeast, he’d be a real prize for Enemies List but some men just need to live nearby the swamp, I guess.

The Men – “Lotus” from Leave Home…The audacity of naming your latest release after a seminal Ramones record is pretty fucking shocking but The Men manage to pull it off as the play tortured hardcore psychedelic homage to the city that’s crushed a thousand and one souls. I think this one’s an instrumental. Hidden hooks. Had I had my shit together at the end of last year, I would have fought for this album to make it into Pinpoint’s Top 25 but I had too much to do and felt bad for not ever giving it a proper review because I like to cry at insurance commercials. Those facts were not related. SHUT UP, YOU!

Void – “Go South” from Sessions 1981-83…Passing authority has it that Void is pretty much the only reason we have all these noise crazed hardcore bands that go around touting the kvlt (ugh and/or AWESOME! depending on when you ask me) scorn aesthetic. Sure black metal’s critical too but you wouldn’t have any of those Youth Attack/Clean Plate bands had Void not splattered onto the scene thirty years ago all inchoate and violent and DC. Dischord just threw out a huge compilation of what they recorded that didn’t appear on Flex Your Head (holyfuckingshitballsseminal) and this track is taken form that. Archival.

Total Control – “Carpet Rash” form Henge Beat…I like these guys all right. Saw them live in the daylight which was a mistake (though not as bad as seeing Stereolab open for John Cage at Summer Stage) or maybe it wasn’t. They have a grump that’s pretty distinctive to the Southern Hemisphere and that sneer was just emboldened by not shouting post-punk drunk in some basement shadows. Members of Eddy Current. Clearly loves Joy Division. Needs to punch more strangers in the face.

Heavy Medical – “No Brainer” from Threats EP…Are we still calling it pig fucker or have we passed over that nom de merde ever since the Village Voice had to go ahead and throw it around like it was Dave’s uncooked Superbowl chicken wing splattering salmonella all over the good men of (mostly) Sacred Bones? Yes? No? ANSWER ME!!!! Fine. Forget it. This is totally AmRep worship played by a duo who looks happiest covered in (what I really, really, really, really, really hope is) pig’s blood.

Death of Samantha – “Werewolves of London” from Laughing in the Face of a Dead Man…Kwame fucking hates this song. Bad. Like, so bad, when you bring it up he’ll start doing that Zevon howl until his eyes bulge red and you remember he has years of martial arts training and can totally kill you in a hundred ways you can’t even conceive so you were kind of a dick for bringing it up in the first place. This cover takes the piss. Actually, I think Kwame might like this. I’ll ask him, one day, when we’re in a safe place.

Henry’s Dress – “All this Time for Nothing” from Bust ‘Em Green…Dear fuck, do I hate the name of this band. I mean, seriously. Is it literary? Is it an inside thing? Will one of my friends one day start a band called “That Ill-Fitted Vinyl Nurses Outfit Charly’s Friends Bought Him on Their Honeymoon”? Actually, that would be kind of awesome. TIFVNOCFBHOTH! I’ve been reading too much David Foster Wallace lately. This is kinda shoegaze.

Crisis – “Alienation” from We Are All Jews and Germans…So I just learned (an hour ago) that Douglas Pearce, the neo-folk gay nazi masked weirdo freak at the helm of Death in June was, in fact, the singer for Crisis. I guess that means that all my fascistic assumptions about that band (Death in June) were false since Crisis was all about equality and labor and justice (kinda like OWS without being a bunch of maudlin pussies). Either that or he took an unprecedented turn in self-loathing performance art. So, perhaps the nazi label is unfair…or it’s extraordinarily apt. Didn’t someone make a movie about this that didn’t star Eddie Furlong?

Giles Corey – “The Icon and the Axe” from Santa Is Real: The Enemies List Christmas Album…Dan Barrett covering Dan Barrett. John Fogerty pulled the same shit years ago and he got sued. Guess it’s a good thing the music industry is slowly hanging itself with Michael Hutchence’s sex belt (too soon?) or we wouldn’t have the chance to ring in the Yule with a cleaner, bluesier rendition of a bombastic Have a Nice Life classic. Man, I love this fucking guy. Love this label. Dark corner dreams come true with the strange affection that only comes right from New England. Don’t buy that LA shit. Gloom welcomes in snow-covered trees.

Tin Ear Tuesday – Misses Howl from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

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