Tin Ear Tuesday – Leather Rent Boys Tin Ear Tuesday – Leather Rent Boys

Tin Ear Tuesday – Leather Rent Boys from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

Well, hasn’t it just been a minute since we last skipped the white fantastic and hopped back in to the low down, dirty? Apologies, friends. Life hides the yen some days, obscures sweaty excess behind purpose and profit and people who don’t really give a damn how good you look nude in boots and it’s just as well because we wouldn’t want to grow bored with our collective sex appeal, now would we? Tsk. Tsk. Without the sexy, we ain’t shit. With that in mind, we’ve brought you a TET that works great in any state of (un)dress, whose heaving bosom holds all the grooves, ghouls and grates from lo fi scams to manic psychedelia with just enough punk in between to keep the intellect from outbidding the senses. Ya dig? Rockit.

Lydia+Lunch++Rowland+S+HowardRowland S. Howard & Lydia Lunch – “Some Velvet Morning” from Some Velvet Morning…The only way this stone cold CLASSIC could ever be better than the sultry madness first offered by Lee Hazelwood (the COOLEST!) and Nancy Sinatra (rrrroowwwrr!) would be if it were delivered by two snarling sex pots at the apex of their druggy post-everything weirdness. I think this cover might be something of a joke but I don’t care. I want to lay it down by the trash fire and kiss the cool scars of its long, pale throat.

the-damnedThe Damned – “New Rose” from Damned Damned Damned…One night at the infamous big cock queer tank known as The Boiler Room (who didn’t take kindly to women), I was approached by a terrifying skinhead who was convinced he had made out with me at a Captain Sensible gig. He hadn’t but I let him buy me a whiskey, regardless. I related this anecdote to Melissa when we saw The Damned play better and harder and faster and with so much more genuine glee than any of their thirty years of sonic offspring and we fucking made out like crazy. The Damned always rules.

sickroseThe Sick Rose – “I Don’t Care (She Doesn’t Care)” from Faces…RAAAAAWWWWWWKKKKK ALA ITALIA! I think. Not sure where this record came from nor why I feel like I’ve had this scratchy retro fitted retaliatory scree embedded in my brain since the preteen years of wonder and shame. This is what I like to think I’d sound like if I looked good in black sunglasses. Gnarly and bitter and noisy with a leather shindig always ready to bust the fuck out all around me. Yeah, baby. I love it when you call me Il Duce.

220px-Lucifer_symbolLucifer – “Fuck You” from Fuck You…HA! Yeah. I’m just gonna go ahead and call this plodding hate fuck, post psych, drug punk dirge as the dark fortress that forged the good Kap’n’s DNA. It’s endless and awful and filthy and fun and shrouded in so much mystery that it earned the mad hatter mindings of Julian Cope (who offers his dissertation on the artist that brung it here) though even his findings have proven contentious. I found this song buried in a lunatic comp dedicated to 60s musicians who took their intellectual clues from Thelema and tossed their efforts into the cultural abyss. I’d say it’s good shit, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t.

syd_barrettPink Floyd – “Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk” from Piper at the Gates of Dawn…The nice thing about deciding to listen to a band like Pink Floyd in your thirties is that no one will ever dare suggest you enjoy them in concert with The Wizard of Oz like a certain ex-girlfriend’s pill-popping parents did one summer so long ago. That night was fucking retarded and ended up in a haze of white wine and Benadryl and another failed attempt at oral success. I think there was a hot tub. Syd Barrett was a genius.

new bomb turksThe New Bomb Turks – “We Give a Rat’s Ass” from Destroy-Oh-Boy!…Oh man. FUCK YES! Somehow, I’d missed the whole time The New Bomb Turks lit balls on fire with their Ohio punk RAWK riot. Hadn’t even really heard them until one drunk barbecue a couple years ago when Aron played me this record and I almost punched a rumbler in the face. I didn’t though and so I can live to tell the tale of the band that should’ve (and might’ve) robbed your grandma’s house for prescription suppositories and sherry because fuck you, man…that’s why.

st. dadSt. Dad – “Kill Me – Kill You – Love You” from Keep It in Your Pants (Demo)…There are three current bands that go by the name of Dads and somehow St. Dad has little to nothing to do with a single one of them even though one of those Dads is from the same gator dick state as this pack of sainted miscreants. For some reason, I thought they were Canadian. I think, deep down, I like to think everyone’s a Canuck. Anyway, St. Dad is (was?) a dingy punk racket for the bedroom skater boyfriend of your dreams. This is ripped from their demo. Gawd bless it.

parquetParquet Courts – “College Chess Circuit” from American Specialties…People love the fuck out of this band and seem to have been for a good long minute now. Frankly, I’m not the biggest fan. There’s something about their lazy faire aesthetic (junk talent idling along in the wake of Pavement’s scrum) that strikes me as being rather unnecessary but Melissa tells me if I listen to the right songs I’ll hear the spirit of Jim Carroll and that’s a fine fucking recommend so I keep on trying. Maybe I should just read The Basketball Diaries and listen to Fall bootlegs.

nahNAH – “Mostly Hate” from END…NAH is the man who makes the skin racket for 1994! (who all good punks should fear and adore). As NAH, he plays the break beat maker with a wry noise fetish and hips that kill, I think. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen the man from the tits down. Anyway, it’s all good weird grooves and loops and hypnotic post sentience recorded cheaply, released freely and about as good a metaphor for fucking it as sweat pants if sweat pants could get you laid. They don’t, do they?

Tin Ear Tuesday – Leather Rent Boys from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

Ed. Note: It’s recently come to our attention that some folks don’t dig on embeds. You can find this TET living over at 8tracks here. And, if you’re interested, you can dig the rest of our long-running mix and mash initiatives here. ENJOY!

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