Tin Ear Tuesday – Late Nude Menace Tin Ear Tuesday – Late Nude Menace

My back hurts and both my hands are bleeding. The dogs are getting their wet all over my boxes and I forgot to grab a sixer before I started in with this evening’s manual labor so it looks like I’ll be laying down with the last of my good goddamn Scotch this evening. But fuck it, man. I’m almost home free. No more mold. No more asbestos. No more leaking lights, crooked doors or collapsing ceilings. I’m going where the good times are. Where there are leases and supers and shit and so I’m giving you some good, rough rocking that goes from garage to the Kraut down the metal hole and comes out all Kill Rock Stars brood. You’ll love it if you love yourself a little better every day you hate some motherfucker so bad you can taste their greasy shame on the back of your teeth. Sunmabitches. All of em. Rock it.

The Nervous Jerks – “Engagement” from You Can Talk Yourself Into Anything…I think we’ve been over these incredible disappearing Midwestern bedroom rockers (and not in that bullshit, sissy BK way) before and how I hear in them all the hope My Dad Is Dead never felt so very compelled to share with the world. I like them a lot. I think this record may be in the running for the best album I kept remembering and then promptly forgetting this year which is a shame as it varies nicely between straight stompers and epic tonal introspection. Go find it. IT’S FREE!

The Sonics – “Skinny Minnie” from Boom…I just got Boom yesterday. YESTERDAY! How the fuck did that happen? How the fuck have I been all rock and roll all over these last thirty something years and never ONCE possessed this garage rock perennial fucking classic? Seriously. My parents let me down. Or maybe I failed them. I probably did but not because I took this long to jam The Sonics down my throat but we’ll get a little deeper into my been-a-son lamentations when the temperature drops and my unemployment runs out and there isn’t so much 60s swagger to give a shit about.

Fear – “Beef Baloney” from The Record…Did you know Lee Ving played Mr. Body in the movie adaptation of Clue? Because he totally did. His acting was so awful that they had to overdub his voice (or so Greg, who knows the movie by heart [seriously, he can recite the entire 90 minutes verbatim], once informed me). That hardly matters, though, if you saw the clip of the band performing this song on Saturday Night Live way the fuck back in the cocaine days of NYC. They brought their own skinheads. It was amazing.

Cat Party – “Jigsaw Thoughts” from Cat Party…You might think that a band making an ironic passing reference to an insufferable fucking ringtone (or, perhaps, a totally righteous reference to Killface’s frustration) would be, you know, fun. But you’d be wrong. Or…who knows? Cat Party could be awesome keg-standing people but, as a band, Cat Party are more inclined to ride the slogging arc between goth, post-punk and ho-hum than make any furry animals dance. Still, every mix can use a little hair-in-the-face determination so here it is. Shuffle, sway.

Faust – “Tell the Bitch to Go Home” from Something Dirty…Faust are one of the most epically curious and thoroughly misunderstood acts to ever gain veneration in the 70s Krautrock scene and though they didn’t bear the distinction of having one of their originators go mad on vinyl (Hi, Can!) they did manage to confound the fuck out of everyone by never relying too heavily on any sound or lineup. Well, they did for a while but then they broke up and then they reformed and then someone died and at some point two different Faust’s formed and performed for years in pretty much the same garage/psych/drone/tone/noise/rock vein until one of the versions decided to call it quits with a double disc last year. I guess this version is forever? Instrumental.

Brain F≠ – “V-2” from Rough Sleep…From this point on, I’m just going to assume that all post-post-post (yeah, it’s come to that. Botch was a long fucking time ago) hardcore songs are somehow indebted to Gravity’s Rainbow because, if they were, this world would be a much richer fucking place for rock and roll. Actually, I don’t know if this band warrants a hardcore affiliation any more than the passing gigs with screaming contemporaries. They’re loud, though, and noisy and I think you should just bank on the fact that the frontwoman is the girl of your dreams (because you can’t HANDLE Tinsel Teeth).

Anal Cunt – “Fuck Yeah” from Fuckin’ A…If you have just one friend who would get totally shitfaced with you to this song you should consider yourself one lucky motherfucker, indeed. I think I have three. Anal Cunt, it should be noted, were an awful grind/slop band fronted by a legitimately hateful prick (pictured with cat) who is now dead. No one really feels bad about that. Before he finally kicked it, however, he did manage to turn the worthlessness of his oeuvre into a thrash rock blast. Sure, it’s still got all the shrieks and bigotry and sexism as the other Anal Cunt records but, at least, this time out you can yell “FUCK YEAH!” I wanted to make Lemon review this record. Ben said no.

Rational Animals – “Someone Like You” from Bock Rock Parade…Holy shit, this band kicks ass. Just kinda straight ahead speedy, chugging, yelling thrash metal Black Flag throwback rock with a bit of Poison Idea’s light (GET IT?!?) belligerence to top it off. A Solo too. Fuck yeah, guitar solo. We need more of you, not more of this well-practiced lonely boy dynamic fuckery. Man. Might I suggest that when you get your hands on this (again, FREE! thanks to the good folks at Katorga Works) you should probably have plenty of glass on hand to smash over your head. You’ve earned it.

Mule – “Mississippi Breaks” from Mule…You can’t fuck with Mule, man. You CAN NOT FUCK WITH THIS BAND! Straight out of Touch and Go with the Southern hell fried tongue, bash and clang that no one’s been bold enough to imagine since. You know all those fucker’s who come up when you consider Americana? Yeah? Well, fuck them. PW Long and his flawless trio were playing the industrial revolution in the sad rivers of America’s dustbowl with tales of incestuous whiskey and death fucking well before any of those pussy-whips knew that black country murder ballads were cool. And that voice, man. Jesus. This song is perfect.

Unwound – Swan Song from The Future of What…There will come a time, in the not too distant future, when everyone who gives a fuck about what music is, was and can be will agree that Unwound was the BEST thing to happen to music since Repeater. Fuck Nirvana. Fuck Bon Iver. Fuck Animal Collective. Unwound is, was and will always be the shit. Damaged and uncompromising, innovative beyond almost all compare. They picked up the mantel of art rock fury right where Sonic Youth left it at Daydream Nation and just grew and grew and grew (in the right way) from there until they imploded with the advent of the new century. This is the last track off of their 1995 release, The Future of What. I love it. I love you. I love everything when Unwound is playing even though they explore some darkness that never warrants repeating. Totally fucking essential listening.

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