Tin Ear Tuesday – I Gotta Lotta Things Tin Ear Tuesday – I Gotta Lotta Things

So it looks like we’re keeping the scatterbrained theme over and above all other objects. That’s cool, I think. What mix needs to stick to a genre or feeling unless you’re mind-boggling blissed, furious or lost in the dregs of young puppy loving? This one has some yelling, some shredding, some post-ops and good old Stevie Malkmus for to take up the mantle of rocking, rolling and whatever the fuck it is American Addio’s about. Cows? Sometimes I don’t understand this world anymore. Rock it.

America Addio – “Astray in Hawkeyeland” from Cotton Kingdom…Despite the name being borrowed and/or bastardized from a series of mondo exploitation flicks (SAVAGES!), America Addio holds the dubious distinction of being the only consistently “poppy” artist to reside on the gloriously gloomy/doomy roster of Enemies List. It’s taken me a while to decide whether or not I enjoy his (it’s another solo bedroom thing) synthbeatishness and, to be honest, I still don’t hold a steadfast opinion but like this oddball juuuust fine.

Crooked Fingers – “Went to the City” from Breaks in the Armor…Goddamn, if Eric Bachmann can’t write a fucking song. Sure it’s been a long time since Archers of Loaf has produced a new blister to change all young men’s lives but with his much more melodramatic work as Crooked Fingers, Mr. Bachmann’s still doing all right. Yes, a lot of the songs are sad. Painfully achy, actually. But on every record there are a few smiling thumpers to sober you up and sew your wrists. This is a new one.

Dramarama – “Anything, Anything (I’ll Give You)” from Cinema Verite…It’s been a long ass time since Rodney on the Roq first brought the world the young tastes of desperation that formed the basis for our once alternative nation (it wasn’t ALL John Peel, you know) but some of those late night transistor dreams still ring as raw and revelatory as anything laying claim to potent these days. What I’m saying is this song is 26 years old and it’s still fucking amazing.

Gaunt – “Jim Motherfucker” from Jim Motherfucker 7″…Rumor has it the venerable folks over at the Rough Trade Shop heralded this track as one of the greatest rock songs of all time. I might be recounting that a touch hyperbolic but if this profane Ohio ode to the leader of the New Bomb Turks doesn’t make you want to smash a bottle on your mom’s old basement television than you haven’t learned how to live yet.

Controlled Bleeding – “Trawler’s Song” from Ode to Bubbler…Paul Lemos, the mastershredder behind 30 years of Controlled Bleeding, is the most badass elementary school teacher you’ll ever meet. Fuck GBV. This dude used to make music that actually made me think that I was going insane (go ahead…listen to all of Knees and Bones and see what the fuck happens to your psyche) then got all into dub and soundscapes and SWANS and now just plays the fuck out of his guitars like he’s on a Japanese death kick. They just put out a new album. It’s not all that good but the simple fact that it exists fills my heart with an uncertain gladness unlike anything yet to surface this year.

The Spits – “Tonight” from Vol. IV…Goofball garage trash in cloaks and daggers. I’m hard pressed to say there’s anything really ragingly special about this band beyond their costumes but they’re totally lo-fi boombox radness who might actually be insane so that’s something worth celebrating.

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks – “Stick Figures in Love” from Mirror Traffic…I was really happy that Pavement got back together for a minute and then they overdid it with all the gigs and rereleases and then I couldn’t really give a shit (by the end of the reunion, it would appear, neither could they) and I never paid all that much attention to the Jicks but after enough glowing recommendations from my ever-sound friend Eric I decide to give Mirror Traffic a chance and, you know, it’s actually decent.

Sweep the Leg Johnny – “Rest Stop” from Going Down Swingin’…Don’t think for a second I don’t understand that I’m a total dick for ending a dick with a fifteen minute post-hardcore, sax led, members of, long slow LOUD track but I’ve been trying to get folks to listen to Sweep the Leg Johnny for a long time because there’s just really not anything that sounds quite like them. They are every inch an everything band. Punk as fuck, jazz infused, tender loving freakouts. I urge you to let this whole track happen and then scurry out and snatch their whole catalog to make, then break your next martini swing.

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