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Tin Ear Tuesday – Home Lambs from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

Right, kids. Let’s rock the sad end to the three day weekend we honor dead presidents over so many…oh, who gives a shit about politics when your ass is back to the grind and you have no one to blame but your own dumb luck and, some might argue, capabilities? So here it is. A handful of niceties. A little bit of grumbling but mostly sweet and occasionally gothy and some metal in the form of epic fist shaking and…um…a Swiss band, I think. Rock it.

Say Hi – “All the Pretty Ones” from Um, Uh Oh…I never, on my life, imagined I would enjoy a band that once went by the dreadfully sophomoric moniker Say Hi to Your Mom (and yes, I do enjoy Anal Cunt) but they trimmed the frat and found their way into my girlfriend’s life and so it should only stand to reason that in some way or other they’d find their way into mine and I don’t mind. No, not at all. Because for all the ugly screed I’m usually imbibing it’s a fine fucking thing to be able to sit back and breathe in some lilting sentimentality without feeling like my lungs are full of saccharine.

Museum Mouth – “Hell Hawk” from Sexy but Not Happy…Half the time I can’t fucking stand this band. They’ve got the lo-fi cutesy poopy crusty southern fixed gear love shit just dripping off their unlabored alabaster skin but I don’t know. Recently, they’ve been growing on me. I can’t say I enjoy one tired ounce of their record’s aesthetics but I’m beginning to realize that under all that fuzz are some decent fucking songs lurking. This here’s one of them.

Xray Eyeballs – “X” from Splendor Squalor…I’m sad to see my favorite Pee Chee/Brooklyn Animal Advocate, Rop Vasquez is no longer noodling the keys for this outfit but I can’t say that the addition of two lovely, gloomy ladies and way more synthesizer hasn’t made their sound that much more definitive if infinitely more derivative. Fuck it, Carly’s singing this one. She’s pretty. They’re sexy and weird and dreamy as a privileged runaway doing speed under the bleachers in a willfully tattered Bauhaus t-shirt.

Pretenders – “Precious” from Pretenders…It took me almost thirty years before I bought this record for a buck from some weird drunk selling vinyl out the back of his Ford pick up on the corner of 12th and 4th one afternoon when I was fucking off from work. Man. This is some seminal shit right here. Everyone should be Chrissie Hynde at least once in their life.

Liam Finn – “Cold Feet” from Fomo…This song is so fucking easy going I tend to forget it’s even happening. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. Honestly, I’m torn as to whether Liam Finn is some kind of reclusive pop wunderkind or some kind of pappish dipshit torn from the nightmares of a jukebox troll. I’m a sucker for that 50s chorus though and hear he kinda kills the fucking drum kit.

The Men – “Nick Youth” from Live at WFMU…I am telling you right fucking now. This band is gonna be huge. Not, like, HUGE huge but it’s not going to be too damn long until their psychpunkthrashrockpop becomes the stuff that makes everyone’s best of and you can’t get the kids to stop giving all their fucks about it. Seriously. They are the best band happening in New York right now and they keep getting better with every record.

Pelican – “Lathe Biosas” from Ataraxia/Taraxis…I will always have a soft spot for Pelican. Maybe I just like a band that has the confidence to refer to themselves as being “fucking triumphant.” Maybe sometimes I just need my metal up and not always so goddamn noodling through the infuriating technicalities of actually knowing how to play or piss poverty poorly riddled in black hate. I just need the rock, man. Pelican elates me.

Die Aeronauten – “Too Big to Fail” from Too Big to Fail…So I have this record for some reason. I think I must have thought they were punks and I was drunk and the internet has a strange way of leading idle hands away from porn from time to time and into Swiss rock bands that have been around for twenty years. I thought they were Czech. Huh. Guess I have a lot to learn about the world yet.

Tin Ear Tuesday – Home Lambs from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

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