Tin Ear Tuesday – Holler Sessions Tin Ear Tuesday – Holler Sessions

Tin Ear Tuesday – Holler Sessions from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

I know I keep telling you people it’s getting weird around here but that’s because it is or has been or will be…I don’t really know, man. Time’s elasticity has turned into a crackling molasses and I tend to forget who and where I am now and then but mercifully there are the dogs to keep me walking and the lady who has some seriously zen grasp on the caterwauling of my brain to keep me, me. Anyway. To kick against the pricks of shivering confidence and the pitfalls of life without end I’ve gone ahead and made a TET that I think you might find enjoyable. Like, really. Rock and roll that ebbs and flows from paisley to punk to rock to woe to hope and around the world we go. Rockit.

softboysThe Soft Boys – “I Wanna Destroy You” from Underwater Moonlight…This is one of my favorite fucking songs. Robyn Hitchcock back in the days that punk was waning and the kids were upping the ire with swell pop and saccharine cynicism. The paisley underground, the called it. Or, rather, they would in the wake of this record when LA went batshit for the 60s as played by the proto 70s wunderkids and I kinda feel like I don’t really know what the fuck I’m talking about so let me just assure you that this song is good enough to have been covered by both Uncle Tupelo and The Circle Jerks and it WILL inspire you to raze someone passed the subatomic level.

lovelyThe Lovely Bad Things – “Fried Eyes” from The Late Great Whatever…If SXSW taught me anything this year, it’s that somewhere in the muck and mire of contemporary popular culture there are kids out there who are willing, red-faced and able as any of your death set revolutionaries to play rock and roll like it’s the last testament to the raw goodness in men despite their mountains of misgivings. Like everything’s gonna be all right if all the amps are cranking loud and the hooks are tight and the melody’s memorable enough to resound in the shower as well as at some bygone midnight surf fry circa Southern California where Frank Black buried his sonic aspirations to better assimilate with the Reptilians.

humanflyThe Human Fly – “ADHD” from Everything II: Variations on a Theme…The Human Fly’s first record, Everything Feels Bad All at Once was a painstakingly crafted effort of lo-fi lonesomeness and singular confusion. It was wonderful and moving and I highly recommend it for anybody looking to smoke long cigarettes in the dark but when the band took to the studio to rerecord ten of that record’s sixteen tracks in the blown out rock tradition of lost, drunk Cincinnati sin, they put a big part of their somber charm out to pasture (if for a moment). And thank fuck because as much as I enjoyed the band’s debut the big ass reinterpretations found on Everything II make me want to grow my hair long and get a job writing poems for construction drunks.

the hold steadyThe Hold Steady – “First Night” from Boys and Girls in America…The other day I was doing demo on this bathroom. It was awesome and shitty and I think there’s still a piece of tile wedged in the side of my left (good) eye but while I was hacking away at some nice lady’s walls, I rekindled my love of The Hold Steady and remembered that for all the easy A’s contained on their opus, Boys and Girls in America there were so many subtle, devastating tracks like the one we’ve got contained herein. It starts slow and AM radio ballad with Craig Finn’s standard tropes of lost youth in love but when it picks up for the last minute and a half of the track it reaches rock and roll perfection.

the-jealous-sound-456The Jealous Sound – “Naive” from Kill Them with Kindness…I used to love Knapsack. I still do. Not too many other people did though which was a shame because they made some perfect bleeding heart 1990s crunch rock but twenty years after that band’s inception (I forget when they called it quits), people are loving the fuck out of some Jealous Sound and that fills me with tremendous joy because Blair Shehan is fucking awesome and the music his band makes is meaty and inspiring to anyone who has ever known the light of love or the crushing black horror of losing the only human being to ever complete you. Mostly the latter. Fuck your self-pity. Let’s go rocking.

muddle-1The Muddle – “English Cow” from The Muddle…I don’t know anything about this band and when I asked the internet, they provided me with that sepia portrait you see to the right so, yeah. I think I bought this record for a dollar at HMV on the strength of it being on SST and me having a dollar and tax to spare. It’s total 90s fuzz bass rock. Proto grunge? It’s pretty fun and the “WHY-Y-Y! WHO-O-O!” (I think that’s what he’s saying) chorus occupies a significant place in the back of my brain. Ciao, Pre-Calc!

silkwormSilkworm – “Into the Woods” from Into the West…Kwame introduced me to this band one afternoon when he was explaining just how awful a band Pavement was, is, whatever. Kwame fucking hates Pavement. He loves Silkworm, however and thanks to his emphatic Bud urging, now I do too. I love them so much in fact that when I was working on that SXSW epic there were hours where all I could or would listen to was the double A punch of perfection contained in “Dust My Broom” and “Into the Woods” after which all other music seemed kinda limp and fruitless. Steve Albini would agree, I think, though I fear the repercussions of speaking for him.

Double-DaggerDouble Dagger – “Foreign Bodies” from 333…I’d say it’s a shame that Double Dagger is done and done (and it is) but it seems silly to fall into lamentations over a band that SO totally had their shit together in the few years that they made a taut whirlwind out of existing. Their last record came out on RSD 2013. It’s awesome. Bass, drum, shouts just like the others and I think there’s even a DVD documenting their last go round melee. Seriously, though, if you never saw this band perform (I only saw them once) you fucked up. They were a wrecking ball of Wham City! glory.

rlkellyR.L. Kelly – “Life’s a Bummer” from Life’s a Bummer…What? I like sad songs too. Simple, pretty sad songs played by a girl with a wink and a cherry bomb wholly bereft of bullshit. Life is a bummer, sometimes. A real fucking bummer and if you don’t sit back and acknowledge that on occasion, you’re gonna miss out on how good you have it otherwise. Feel bad now. It/ll be better tomorrow.

wussyWussy – “Asteroid” from Strawberry…The Kap’n’s right, you know. I have gotten soft. At least, I’m really soft right now. I have my GG nights now and again (and again and again) but when I do I always stumble away wondering if maybe my life might be better if I had just acted sensibly but then my lady gives me a good shake and hard kiss and I understand that it’s all right to live fast and stupid so long as my intentions are right and I make it home alive. I’ve done pretty well so far, for the most part. A few close calls with cops and an ER hiccup once but fuck it. Tomorrow came and went and then the next and the next and the longer we repeat the passage the better I understand that it’s fucking gorgeous.

Tin Ear Tuesday – Holler Sessions from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

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