Tin Ear Tuesday – Hold Crash Collection Tin Ear Tuesday – Hold Crash Collection

Tin Ear Tuesday – Hold Crash Collection from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

So I was hoping to spend the salad days that follow turkey stuffing reveling in the sexual ambiguity I learned as a young man listening to Suede but something happened between now and then involving (in no particular order and with little, if any, connectivity) Matt Ryan, Mary Bell and the seasonal beverages of Sierra Nevada that led me to not give a shit about how good I look in women’s underwear (currently) so now I’m getting all good on some other bad self that can be introduced at parties without a myriad of worrisome caveats. Yeah, buddy. Rockit.

Wall of Voodoo – “This Way Out” from Dark Continent…It was ten years after I first heard RFTC do their thoroughly bitchin’ red horn maximus rendition of this track for some stupid (or maybe not) punk rock 80s comp that I picked up a battered copy of Wall of Voodoo’s debut on the street for fifty cents and pretty much forgot all about it. That was foolish. The band behind the irrational megasmash “Mexican Radio” were actually some pretty brilliant musicians who played cynical paranoia like few of their contemporaries with strange arcs of discordance and synthetic primitivism. Like a wiry cross between DEVO and Big Black scoring a Spaghetti Western dramatization of the (once) inevitable Cold War apocalypse.

White Lung – “Wild Failure” from It’s the Evil…White Lung crushed the sad soils of the US this year with Sorry, the best goddamn punk rock record I’ve heard in forever. I’m pretty sure I’ve reference that hooking crook before so this week we’re going back to their debut which set the template for their approachable brand of relentless Great White fire because how can you not love a song called “Wild Failure” for fuck’s sake? That shit’s an epitaph.

Dads – “Bakefast at Piffany’s” from American Radass (This Is Important)…I can’t possibly express how much I fucking HATE the bullshit name of this song but goddamnit if the track doesn’t hit me right where and when I need it with the loose jangle kid heart dramatics and the beard howl cum lonely guy wail and the power of the guitar/drum duo over the distraction of a bass face. I’m actually totally in love with this record in a shameless way I haven’t been since I used to sing Weakerthans’ karaoke to a room full of ex Sigma (something) Ohians and would’ve readily extolled its virtues more publicly were it not for all the stupid fucking track names. Jesus Christ, New Jersey…you’re killing me.

The Raw Nerves – “All Fucked Up” from The Raw Nerves…Not to be confused with Youth Attack’s midwestern hate fuck noise core…ers Raw Nerve (as the above Dads has nothing to do with D. Vassalotti’s murky wonder), The Raw Nerves play the raucous ghetto blast party like Bo Diddley sniffing glue with The Briefs. No bullshit. No pretense. No nothing but rock and roll born with the old soul that spurred the garage revival, stripped of all its pretense in favor of the best times ever.

Spook Houses – “July ’09” from The Trying…I know I have the tendency to lay it on hyperbolic right around the holiday season (or often…mostly always) but The Trying is, without question, one of the best goddamn rock records of the year. A little raw, a little sloppy, a whole lot reminiscent of why you can only explain how desperately you love The Replacements by drinking too much and shouting their songs at the top of your lungs, arm around the neck of your best friend stumbling down the streets of Philly one wondrous New Year’s Eve.

Handsome Furs – “No Feelings” from Sound Kapital…First of all, no one with a synthesizer’s had any feelings since Howard Jones and he fell in love with a mummy as a I dimly recall from when I was a child and MTV still played music videos but rather than dwelling in the unfashionable wreck of a man too ready to date himself as a curmudgeon, let’s just say that your argument is invalid. Catchy fucking song, though and the band is angry sexxxy as all hell without falling into the model trap or whatever the fuck with the xx or Crystal Castles or…zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Olin and the Moon – “Wasted” from Destroyer…Rare is the song that can start a woe low country stomp and turn tail into a drunk tank without ever once trying to fuck with you. Yeah, it’s a sad track (for the most part) but it turns a goddamn uproarious moment like the sixth shot on the first night of a brand new broken heart when suddenly wherever you happen is the best fucking place to be and the whole world’s a possibility.

The Shrine – “Deep River (Livin’ to Die)” from Primitive Blast…Our friend Ray is an old school skate rat. Barb lost half her tooth at an ST gig somewhere in the early 80s. My baby, Kwame, Danny, Megan and the Kap’n all love them some legitimate shredding. Might this be the song of my people? I’m sure I’ll feel different when it isn’t 1:00AM and I trade in beer for eating but, right now, the mountain’s crumbled for Muhammad and in its stead, a Flying V.

Tin Ear Tuesday – Hold Crash Collection from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

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