Tin Ear Tuesday – Hell Yes, It Is! Tin Ear Tuesday – Hell Yes, It Is!

My girlfriend tells me Tuesday is the best day to get surgery and I guess I believe it. Everyone’s over their case of the…gulp…”Mondays” and they’re not yet on the downward spiral of weekend thinking. Still and all, I think it sucks. Worse than Monday. Worse than Sunday. Worse than – dear, GAWD! – Hump Day. And I know I’m not alone in this opinion so, grasping desperately for a sense of kinship I’ve decided to wage war against this historically uninspired day the only way I know how. With a mix.


I hope you enjoy it. Mix is above, track descriptions below.

Rock it.
The Men – “Shittin’ with the Shah” from Leave Home…The longer I live, the more I love psych. Not the hippie kind – all free love and blue blood and incessantly long winded. Fuck that shit. I like the scorched-earth blasts. The post-industrial expanse revolutionized by artful maniacs like the Butthole Surfers and Sonic Youth who nodded as readily to hardcore as they did to Hawkwind. The Men keep in their spirit and take it the next merciful step by trading druggy confrontation for something not entirely unlike melody. They also yell a lot.

By Surprise – “$600 Exorcism” from Mountain Smashers…Knapsack nerd rock. Good times all over. Not the best song on the record (that distinction still lives with “Mostly Harmless”) but a nice beat more than midtempo nodder all about getting screwed over by a shifty shaman which I think makes this the first known pop retelling of the 80s classic, Poltergeist.

Dananananaykroyd – “Muscle Memory” from There Is a Way…Dananananaykroyd’s back! We can all be happy again! Hip! Hip! Hip! Hip! Hip! Hip! Hooray! And this is their newest single. No, it’s not as frantically sugar high as the lion’s share of Hey Everyone but it’s still a good fist pump better than what the kids are calling hope these days.

Lifter Puller – “The Bears” from Soft Rock…Before The Hold Steady, there was Lifter Puller and most people didn’t give a shit about the Midwesternly verbose take on Bruce Springsteen. I didn’t until Boys and Girls in America blew my face open and I had no choice but to let all of Craig Finn’s rambling talent in. Evidently, all their work’s been reissued but this is from a near exhaustive compilation put out nine years ago by the Self Starter Foundation.

Davila 666 – “Patitas” from Tan Bajo…If SXSW was good for anything other than chub rub, beer guts and heel spurs, it was learning about Davila 666. A Puerto Rican sextet (one dude plays the tambourine) that cranks out sped-up, lo-fi, garage rock like it’s a fight for the last brew at a nude oil razzlin party. Fuzzy and fun as fuck.

Slumber Party – “Behave” from 3…I used to have the most desperate crush on this band because they played a sinister sweetness somewhere between Stereolab and the Vaselines but they were from Detroit so I firmly believed they were all packing heat. You tell me there’s anything sexier than a chick with a Strat and a .45. Can’t, can you?

XBXRX – “Cat.Garbage.Love” from Troubleman Mix-Tape…When this song was released, I believe the members of XBXRX were 18 and already banned from Canada for being totally batshit crazy. I’m pretty sure there aren’t any words to this song other than the shrill shriek “THERE’S A CAT IN THE GARBAGE!” which, you know, doesn’t mean a damn thing.

Cosmo Jarvis – “She’s Got You” from Hum as You Hitch/Son of a Bitch…Okay this is embarrassingly close to being a pan flute/uke simpfest but the man behind this totally infectious ditty looks like a fucking punter so…yeah. You should probably just shut up and love it before you feel the rise of his Union Jack.

Alice Cooper – “Raped and Freezin’” from Billion Dollar Babies…Shock has come a long way since Alice Cooper routinely beheaded himself on stage which is good, I guess, because now we can get past all the goofballery and focus in on the fact that the man wrote some pretty effin’ amazing songs that sound just as brusque and delightful today as they did when your momma used to get high in a younger man’s Chevy.

Locksley – “The Way that We Go” from Locksley…I love these dudes. Sure, some of their music may be a little jingle jangle hoppy for me to listen to every day but there’s just something about this band that screams delight. Maybe it’s the snappy outfits. Maybe it’s the Wisconsin politik. Or maybe it’s just the Kinks worship. I don’t know, but they’ve already played with Big Boi so you know these kids are the shit.

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