Tin Ear Tuesday – Gimme that RAT! Tin Ear Tuesday – Gimme that RAT!

Tin Ear Tuesday – Gimme that RAT! from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

Hoy shit, a double dipper! Sorry kids. Not sure what I was thinking but after five days of keeping tabs on dog shit and not making the efforts to engage in any sort of face to face interaction (eye contact, at least) my head went into expansive places before withdrawing – abruptly – into a considerably less charming agoraphobic maelstrom than I might have previously kept in store for myself. And now, my knee is bleeding. What did I expect? It just feels good to be here today. A lot of this TET is kind of offensive. Rockit.

Minutemen – “Political Nightmare” from Live at WREK…Never much a fan of Minutemen in practice. Love the principal. Dust coast bass funk punk in the van just jamming the fuck out with the econo racket. Letting the kids call it hardcore. Getting high on the cultural landscape without ever succumbing to the traps. But their “bonk” just didn’t appeal to me because I am a talentless white kid with a hundred first world problems who once flipped off Henry Rollins form a drunken cab ride with my rich bitch cocaine girlfriend. Or I was. The hell am I now, then? A man? Damnit. A live rendition from a comp curated by a radio station that I’ve never heard of. Hella righteous.

Sad Boys – “Eat Shit” from Demo…If pedigree is to be believe Sad Boys are party to the…ugh…”bung” scene. Bung kids, for the generally disinterested, look and smell a lot like Crusties but lead an infinitely more sedentary lifestyle. Their clothes are brown, their skin looks like glue. They’d roll you if they could get a clue. Sad Boys, though, step away from the scum and go the pogo broke noise route. Good lord, I need a good time.

Useless Eaters – “Rich Boys and Rich Girls” from C’est Bon!…Whoa, shit. This Wabi-sabi lo-fi country (solo) trash rock party/blow dart dancer actually derive(s) (I think, but may be stumbling down a conspiratorial K-hole) their (his?) name either from a genocidal demarcation for the infirm as suggested by the Nazis or a Kissinger slip eluding to his involvement in the Illuminati or maybe not but definitely, definitely probably. So, like Joy Division, I guess if Warsaw were a beach for slugging brews and scoping chicks along the Gulf of Mexico.

Nuclear Assault – “Hang the Pope” from Game Over…Upon seeing Nuclear Assault play this song live at CBGB’s, Chopper opined “See, that’s just rude, you know? All the pope wants to do is sleep and they have to go and break in to the Vatican, wake him up, drag him outside, tie a noose around his neck and THEN hang him…UNTIL HE’S DEAD! It’s rude, I tell ya. Just rude.” Also, John Connelly is, like, four feet tall.

Christeene – “Fix My Dick” from Waste Up, Kneez Down…Fuck you, I love this song. When I saw Christeene play it live at SXSW, she spat in my face and then furiously shook her dick at me. Shortly thereafter I got some fantastic shots of her asshole. I shared them with the boys of Pinpoint the next morning. I think Rowe threw up in his mouth. To my knowledge, those were the only photos Pinpoint ever declined to print though they weren’t so keen on some of the shots of Bonaparte’s sex art either. Oh well. The drag terror continues.

GG Allin and the Holy Men – “Teenage Twats” from You Give Love a Bad Name…Filth, fury and a plea for jailbait. It’s GG time, all right. I discovered, recently, that my trope for this year has been/is/will be “I’ll show you fucking hardcore.” Stole that line from GG live. It ends with “I DON’T CARE IF YOU GOT A FUCKING MACHINE GUN, MAN!” I do, though. If you’re Cripping like that, I’m sooooo not fucking with you.

Alan Hawkshaw – “Hawkwind and Fire” from Getting Off! The Seductive Sounds of 70s Adult Cinema…Has TET really never featured songs from pornography before? That’s a sin. I (heart) porno. This (totally awesomely titled) track is the theme from a retro flick called Never So Deep which features two classic studs that I know by name (Paul Thomas, Mike Horner). Not sure who all these ladies are. I should probably watch it soup to nuts (huh huh huh) to see if it will break me away from Kay Parker. Or not. Both? Porn.

The Wildhearts – “I Wanna Go Where the People Go” from P.H.U.Q.…I bought this cassette (the track contained herein actually comes form a “Best Of” since the tape has long since been destroyed) in Ireland when I was sixteen based on an article I read in Kerrang or some such rag about the endlessly intoxicated depravity of the band’s lead singer Ginger. Drugs. Fucking. Mayhem. In retrospect, I probably should have spend my pounds on the battered 7″ of Pussy Gold 5000 instead but…yeah, I really should have.

Titus Andronicus – “Four Score and Seven” from The Monitor…I was, initially, going to end this week’s edition of TET with this track but that lingering Civil War referentialism left me feeling kind of pretentious. I really, really fucking love this band on record and lord knows I enjoy any “US AGAINST THEM!” refrain. This song definitely takes it’s time but gets it’s apex so fucking right it KILLS me that the band always seems to slop it up live.

Can – “Yoo Doo Right” from Monster Movie…And yet, somehow, throwing in a twenty minute Can jam off their first proper record (remastered, it appears) featuring Malcolm Mooney before he lost his goddamn mind and had to quit German prog for interpretive dance or some shit for good, culled from a six hour take on a deconstructed wicked love mantra is NOT pretentious. Oh, me. This might be one of my favorite songs for a lost weekend freakout or, you know, everyday.

White Lung – “Bag” from Sorry…White Lung is my new no-bullshit jam. Punk as fuck. A little like the Soviettes only way less party and way more darkness dwindling ala Small Brown Bike. Does that make it emo? No. But it certainly makes it emotive in a way that we’ve been sorely missing with all the bullshit screes and fashion candles. This is the only band, in the last week, that’s been able to distract me from the new Future of the Left record. Buy it. Love it. Catch them when they’re in the states.

Flat Duo Jets – “Frog Went a Courtin'” from Go Go Harlem Baby…For all of Jack White’s nonsensical eccentricities, at least the man had the decent sense to work on reissue this sorely out-of-print dirt blues classic. It, admittedly, took me a few minutes to really love on them and I don’t know if I’m just gonzo yet but I’m digging the fuck out of this shut up and twister.

Tin Ear Tuesday – Gimme that RAT! from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

3 Responses about “Tin Ear Tuesday – Gimme that RAT!”

  • You know what, Ive never gotten into GG Allin but I’m scared to death to try. When I was at MDF buying cassette tapes the guy next to me was melting at all of the Allin bootlegs which looked to be copies of copies.


    ohh god…the name of the band is “GG and the murder Junkies”
    Ha, I wish I could get that guy to read me a list of 20 band names i have in my head right now

  • Charles says:

    Other GG Allin bands include:
    The Jabbers
    The AIDS Brigade
    The Southern Baptists
    The Bulge
    The Holy Men (with Mike Kirkland/Prong)
    The Carolina Shitkickers
    The Cedar Street Sluts
    The Scumfucs
    MC2 or Motor City Bady Boys(with Wayne Kramer and another dude from the MC5)
    The Criminal Quartet
    The New York Superscum (with Thurston Moore, J. Mascis and Don Fleming)
    The Fucking Shit Biscuits
    The Texas Nazis
    He played with Antiseen too. Or, rather, Antiseen played with him.

  • Al_ataque says:

    Sad boys sick!