Tin Ear Tuesday – Deck of Sand Tin Ear Tuesday – Deck of Sand

Tin Ear Tuesday – Deck of Sand from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

This is a good one, I’m telling you. Yes, it’s dark and loud and even a little bit ugly as shit but it’s got a logical lurch from garage to punk to whatever the kids are doing these days to the dulcet rumblings of Gaspar Noé and even includes two dashes of hip hop which is a nervous first (mas o menos) in this canny valley but the lady and the dogs think it works and if the dogs assent (or, at least, don’t flee) then I feel good about the happenings. Jesus, I’m sleepy. Rockit.

uglymotorsUgly Motors – “Fart Party” from Ugly Motors…A stupid name from a grumpy band of trash talking (if you can discern the lyrics from the string can brambling) garage rawkin’ bastids straight out of the Twin City ash can. A little on the gloomy end, perhaps, for the morning bourbon binge but the primal thump and big sister lick make this woeful dawn worth knowing if only until the shakes abate and you finally punch that miserable bastard in his smug, little pince-nezed face.

observersThe Observers – “Down on Today” from So What’s Left Now?…I’ve been sitting on this band a while now. Don’t know where I found them or why. I think it was a cross-pollination attempt by the internet to offer me the unwashed and furrowed son of Hot Snakes. Obits? Yes and No. There’s a dark angular clang at work here but none of the J. Reis craze or Froberg hysterics. More like a throwback to the desperation punk that never populated the airwaves but changed all the right lives through well worn, high school mix tapes.

bbngBADBADNOTGOOD – “You Made Me Realise (feat. Luan Phung)” from BBNG2…BADBADNOTGOOD (BBNG for short) only came to my attention through the taxing cast of 3,000 (plus) bands that are playing SXSW and the cochlear nightmare of trying to understand and appropriately estimate most if not all of them. Much of what BBNG does is underaged (they boast) jazz electronic (at times, I guess) middle-fingered instrumental experimentation but this track has some pretty sweet-ass fuzz box thrash which you know damn well makes everything shimmer.

bhbreatherholes – “dig a little light” from come home…A strange and (let’s say) lovely man named Lew holes himself up in a trailer somewhere in En Ningua Parte, Tejas to live and write and record these achingly beautiful in the red acoustic records about love and hope and loss and moms and makes the wise decision to never say much of a damn thing about it. No interviews. No appearances. No promotions. No photos but for the cryptic yellow frames of the singular place from which it all came.

dannybrownDanny Brown – “Bruiser Brigade (feat. Dopehead)” from XXX…Danny Brown is kind of a fuck up, huh? I fucking love it. Gap-tooth, buck-haired, high as fuck and drunk enough to suck Ms. Griffin’s left tit on basic cable (not that I wouldn’t). This song is slow, loud and pissed, seemingly dedicated to drinking shitty beer and getting into fights with lines about various approaches to sucking dick and, of course, The Undertaker. I know I still don’t know how to write about hip hop but, at least, I’m finally listening.

neonbludNeon Blud – “Untitled/Untitled” from B Girls…Another prolific (if temporal) act from the great Floridian fecundity. Who knew, right? Who still does? Two tracks that ought to be one on account of the clashing overlap. A real groovy (loosely, if not inaccurately stated) little death trip of a ride through the pretentious, vainglorious mess that is/was Confusion Is Sex and out the ass of a three piece featuring members of blank, blah and blitzkrieg. This is the belt noise shit on the Benway exit on the expressway to end times.

gasparX-TG – “Le Petit Chevalier (feat. Gaspar Noé)” from Desertshore…Tee hee hee. 3/4s of Throbbing Gristle (without aid of Genesis who insisted the band use a different moniker for this release) create Sleazy’s dream of doing a track by track re-envisioning of Nico’s dour cult masterpiece Desertshore. Each song has a different vocalist. This one features Gaspar Noé. You might know Msr. Noé (that’s him in the photo) as the man who made you watch Monica Belluci get raped for nine minutes by her real world husband in a film about how everything always starts pretty and then ends completely and totally fucking awful…only backwards.

killKill the Vultures – “Lovin’ You Dangerous” from Kill the Vultures…I have great respect for B L A C K I E (no shit), so when he suggests a piece of music I am generally shamelessly eager to hear it. Kill the Vultures is an excellent case for his tastes. Spoken word jazz madness which, in and of itself, is not all that unique (I kind of hate the bebop hiss clique) but whereas many artists would take acoustic instrumentation and use it to accentuate a woozy flow, Kill the Vultures could give two fucks. Easily ten years ahead of its time and not likely to see too many like minds anytime soon, their music is caustic, dark and assaultive but cool as the hand of a dead man locked tight on the throat of his enemy beckoning freedom from the man.

Tin Ear Tuesday – Deck of Sand from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

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