Tin Ear Tuesday – Cull Spatter Tin Ear Tuesday – Cull Spatter

Tin Ear Tuesday – Cull Spatter from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

Well, shit. It looks like we’re back, aren’t we? To the strange grind of whatever we called the real world of work, death and sleep. Oh well. Suppose it’s only so long a man can push himself back up through the gift horse’s ass before he loses his shit for good. And what better way to herald the new golden age of mental reparations than with a mix populated by a slew of dubious nogoodnicks? Some still living. Some sadly past. Each one more questionable than the last…mostly. Rock it.

Today Is the Day – “Pinnacle” from Temple of the Morning Star…Steve Austin (the only continuous member in the notoriously mutinous metal outfit Today Is the Day) is, perhaps, one of the most genuinely terrifying men in all of rock and roll. I’ve seen him/them twice. Once his beard swallowed a microphone whole and drove a small legion of Anal Cunt fans to shit-panting madness. The other time he smeared his face with blood while screaming “OLLIE OLLIE OX AND FREE!” to some pretty girls in fresh pashminas. Yeah. Get good with the feel bad and your id will set you free.

Ceremony – “Hysteria” from Zoo…I know. I know. Fucked Up is the next new punk rock forever but in lieu of their twenty minute Zodiac expanses there’s Ceremony. I fucking love this band. They started swift and furious and have evolved into a true American “fuck it” dirge that touches on everything from street anthems to 50s slow dance suicides. They’ll also play pretty much anywhere, anytime for fucking no one if that’s what it takes. Good to know their hearts are in the right place even when that lunatic’s teeth are sweating in your face.

Pitchblende – “Wet Twizzler” from Kill Atom Smasher…My favorite album title next to Frozen Corpse Stuffed with Dope. I feel like Pitchblende is one of those bands that DC nerds just up and forgot about. They weren’t pioneers and they weren’t Fugazi. They were taut math rockers who played perilously close to prog at times while still trying to retain some pop cum punk aesthetic. They eventually became Panthers and Turing Machine. I think one of them owns a winery.

Freshkills – “Asleep Means No” from Freshkills…It’s hard to be a New York band nowadays. The market’s saturated with bored fashion and laptops. There’s fucking nowhere in the city worth playing. Day jobs take twelve hours and suck the love right out of your heart. Thank fuck, then for Freshkills and their nervous brand of timelessly literate punk. All right, maybe it’s not SO literate but one look at that man’s Potter specs and you’re going to wish you had a library to reference. I’m pretty sure this song’s about how much being in a band sucks vis a vis date-raping racists.

DUSTdevlis – “The Revenge of Cruiser Gurner” from Struggling Electric & Chemical…Had I been born ten years earlier, I’m willing to bet I’d have a prison record and at least two strains of Hepatitis. I most certainly would have actually been in a band. Were I lucky (which, I suppose, too often I am) we would’ve sounded a lot like the DUSTdevils. This is some of my favorite kind of music. Drunk and caterwauling to the point of cruelty. Devoid of the experimental education that couched the careers of Sonic Youth and Pussy Galore and committed to setting mindless fire to fucking everything. Goddamn, do I miss this city.

Cows – “Mother (I Love that Bitch)” from Taint Pluribus Taint Unum…I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You just can’t fuck with the Cows. You couldn’t then and you shouldn’t now because Shannon Selberg will always be alive and manic somewhere waiting for the opportunity to crack your skull open with his busted bugle and then forcing you to slow dance with him in a dress because unwilling queening is funniest when it’s draped in fear and bloodshed. Next to the Jesus Lizard, the Cows were the best live band on the planet. They were from Minneapolis. They will never play together again.

Titan Blood – “I’m a Goon” from Too Much Talk…I don’t know much about this band but I’m glad I found a rip of their 7″ recently. It’s got the real trash racket made best by bands like the Pagans or the Electric Eels. Mean fun played at maximum volume. DC Snipers made a similar noise but they were just too damn good to get it right like when NoMeansNo decides to ape Ramones. Not slighting the Snipers at all. They’re fucking awesome. Titan Blood, however, may well be the shit.

Brutal Truth – “I Killed My Family” from Spectrum Fest…Don’t lie. You and I both know your day’s made better with a little bit of grindcore in it. So this isn’t the fastest number and it isn’t all first wave Peel Session shit but Brutal Truth are widely recognized as one of the most furious and innovative (they’ve been known to cover the Boredoms live) bands in any arm of the genre so just fucking get with it, already. Also, kill.

Zeni Geva – “Let There Be Rock” from Sides 5-6…KK Null started his artistic career studying fucking Butoh. Then he played for a few years with Merzbow. Then he thought, “fuck that” and started making a truly daunting noise with Zeni Geva which I can’t really describe as anything other than psychedelic samurai hardcore. He’s one of the more respected madmen of Japan and offers nothing for the weak of will and heart. Not even this cover of AC/DC. You’re welcome.

Tin Ear Tuesday – Cull Spatter from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

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