Tin Ear Tuesday – Crack Collosus Tin Ear Tuesday – Crack Collosus

Tin Ear Tuesday – Crack Collosus from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

I’ll be honest. I have no idea if this mix works at all. It’s a bit of an experiment due in no small part to me having nothing new and/or unusual to share with you sonically (seemingly) that doesn’t mire itself in self-pity or pain or rage or general disinterest in listenability which (surprisingly) isn’t really the sort of cultural dissemination I feel like engaging in at the present time. So what you have hear today is a mix of pop (loosely stated as there’s also black metal) music worth digging on coupled with a mess of classical that’s been idling in the back of my library for far too long. Rockit.

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat – “Cars” from Jazz Mind…I did my first review in forever on Mr. Schrader and his “Beat” last week and continue to enjoy the fuck out of his tom, scream and bass company. It’s refreshing in an industrial art as bebop primitive sort of way and provides an excellent (albeit brief) introduction to any day in which not one true fuck could be given.

Dimitri Shostakovich – “String Quartet No. 9 in E Flat Major, Op. 117: III. Allegretto” from String Quartets 1-13 (as performed by Borodin Quartet)…Much to the chagrin of my friend Olivier, I knew close to fuck all about classical music and so most of my assertions, critiques and collection are loosely based around the ideas he’s bandied between brandies by the fire after a rousing game of Chickenfoot. Not so much Shostakovich, though. My interest in the Russian came after William T. Vollmann employed him as a pinnacle of artistic resistance against the horrors of the Second World War in his book Europe Central. Actually, I feel like Shostakovich was less a character than his Opus 110 but I never finished the book for reasons too banal to mention. Deep, dark strings on this one. Emphatically Russian.

Cape of Bats – “Castle after Dark” from Transylvania…I used to think all Black Metal sounded like this. Thin and silly and half pissed vampiric satanists doing their best to sound accomplished while still consciously sounding like shit and with the fucking piano part at the end. Like Bathory in reverse. I would be lying if I called this the good shit but I like it because I’m an American and we know nothing of the world. That was stupid. I should shower.

Frederic Chopin – “Lento Sostenuto in E Flat, Op. 55, No. 2” from Nocturnes: Rubinstein Collection Vol. 49 (as performed by Arthur Rubenstein)…Aaaaaaaaah, the romantics. I hardly knew ye. If I had, perhaps this library of antiquated medical texts and agitprop zines would do something to make me a prodigy or, at the very least, fostered a deep appreciation for wine and the forgotten poetics of lace. Perhaps not, though. I never did learn to play piano. Never really had any interest. I did used to play violin, though. Gave that up in the sixth grade right around the time my teacher smacked me and it was back to the Catholics to learn masturbation and shame.

Sonny & the Sunsets – “Year of the Cock” from Longtime Companion…I should be chuckling at this one, right? I mean, RIGHT? “Year of the Cock”? Sperm Whale metaphors. Lovesick goof play in a Bloom County setting where country is the only method left for broken hearts to get out alive and humor only masks so much pain. I like this record more than I thought I should. Good times for long teeth sharpened on the life lessons of men suffering in the ways we do when we push it away.

Have a Nice Life – “The Big Gloom” from Deathconsciousness…This is one of my favorite songs not least of all because it introduced me to the weird and weirder world of Enemies List and their destroy all music “No Fun. Not Ever.” philosophy that what happens in the bedroom could be the light of the world. As the titles suggests, this track can be a bit of a downer if enjoyed in appropriate mindsets but it’s slow gaze pleas work just as beautiful on a crisp fall day when you can see colors forever. Seriously, though…it’s beautiful.

Anton Webern – “Variations for Piano, Op. 27: 1 Sehr mäßig” from Schonberg: Piano Concerto & Piano Pieces, Webern: Variations, Berg: Piano Sonata (as performed by Mitsuko Uchida/Pierre Boulez/Cleveland Orchestra)…Well, shit. I was prepared to follow up the “No Fun. Not Ever.” right into a little thing about how much of a grumpy, deconstructive prick Arnold Schonberg was but it turns out this piece belongs to Anton Webern about which I know nothing except he apparently enjoyed lying in the grass like a myopic German schoolgirl and was a follower of Schonberg so…that. Also, Wikipedia tells me he was formative in developing a technique known as “total serialism” which sounds total serious and thereby profound. Being a dilettante sucks.

Philip Glass – “Movement III” from Concerto for Cello and Orchestra No. 1 (performed by Wendy Sutter/Dante Anzolini/Orchestra of the Americas)…Apparently everything Philip Glass does not sound like the atonal wonders of autism. As a matter of fact, this particular piece is decidedly bombastic and thereby fun in it’s own right. Heavy – sure, but that’s the way the cello goes. The orchestra makes it big and easy. A little Latin, even. Could it be a good time? It could. It should. Let’s play air conductor.

Tin Ear Tuesday – Crack Collosus from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

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