Tin Ear Tuesday – Bubble Lambast Tin Ear Tuesday – Bubble Lambast

Say what? Yeah, I did think that last mix was a little sensitive sombrero so I decided to up the ante for dynamics and throw you all some goddamn fun and rock and pop and odd. Hope you dig this as much as we dig you. Rock it.

Wild Man Fischer – “The Mope” from An Evening with Wild Man Fischer…I don’t know. I really just don’t know. I started to listen to this record as a balls-deep challenge from a cultural guru friend down in New Orleans. No music performed. Just excitement intoned.

XTC – “Generals and Majors” from Black Sea…It was hard for me to reconcile the gap between “Making Plans for Nigel” and “Dear God” but here’s a good goddamn glaring example. XTC were a pop band of the most caustic regard. Often more fun than sinister, they’re a band I’m glad I accidentally discovered to prove (to myself) that I could listen to adult music.

The Soviettes – “Come on Bokkie!” from LP II…What the WHAT?!?! How did I miss this band? How did the riotous girly glory of The Soviettes pass me by? Was it because I was stuck on some grim countenance? Was I just hating on life? Whatever the case, I hear this album’s being reissued and you should buy the fuck out of it!

The Muffs – “Rock and Roll Girl” from The Freedom of Choice Compilation…If you don’t fucking love Kim Shattuck then you just don’t love yourself. She has (still, after motherhood) one of the best howls in rock and roll and though this may be a cover it bears all the wry Brill hallmarks that make the Muffs an amazing, albeit somehow unmemorable, band.

The Immortal Lee County Killers – “Shitcanned Again” from Love Is a Charm of Powerful Trouble…Way back when my words were stumbling on someone else’s dime I got invited to see the Drive By Truckers. This band opened. This band killed it. KILLED IT! Twisted blues through homemade guitars and more amps than you can shake a dick at. We drank whiskey in excelsis and loved on our mistakes.

The Joy Formidable – “Cradle” from The Big Roar…Are The Joy Formidable your favorite fucking band yet? Because they should be. Seriously. The songs on their debut are so fucking good every day I need to force myself to listen to something else just to remember that Wales doesn’t have a monopoly on awesome.

Mariachi el Bronx – “Great Provider” from Mariachi el Bronx II…Huh. Another sequel record. Just as well. Titles are overrated. Mariachi, however, is not. And you can argue all you want about how these L.A. boys aren’t full blood vatos and all but I won’t listen because Abuela Ortega would have loved having them this with her tequila.

Pele – “Total Hut” from The Nudes…Aaaaaahhh, yeah. Who knows how these cats fell into my lap but PolyVinyl is treating them right. It’s the Peter Criss Jazz light. Less drugs. Less weird. More fun. Just three talented fuckers loving the hell out of their instruments not because they’re better, but because they can.

Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers – “I Wanna Be Loved” from L.A.M.F.…I don’t know where to begin with this. You should know Johnny Thunders. You should know L.A.M.F. They’re both New York to the bone. Only one is tattooed on my right arm.

Thee Speaking Canaries – “Last Side of Town pt. 2” from Get Out Alive: The Last Type Story…Little in this world makes me as happy as this song. That includes beer, blowjobs and free cocaine from a unicorn’s rainbow boob rode by a midget to a big bed of money hidden in the Pinball Museum of Old Vegas. This may be ultimate rock.

2 Responses about “Tin Ear Tuesday – Bubble Lambast”

  • ali says:


    Under the Muffs’ review, you wrote “The Muffs – “Rock and Roll Girl” from The Freedom of Choice Compilation…If you don’t fucking love Kim Shattuck then you just don’t love yourself. She has (still, after motherhood) one of the best howls in rock and roll “… Is Kim Shattuck a mom now? I don;t see that written anywhere on the internet. Do you know something about that?

  • Charles says:

    Huh. I was pretty sure she was. Honestly, I don’t remember where I got that information from. I think, at one point, I was either FB or Myspace friends with her and I thought there were photos of her pregnant. Truth be told, though, it could all have been a dream.