Tin Ear Tuesday – Bled Belated Tin Ear Tuesday – Bled Belated

Tin Ear Tuesday – Bled Belated from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

Yeah. Yeah. I know it’s Thursday thereby making the name of this occurrence just the slightest bit apocryphal but, you know what? Fuck it. You want to rock or not? Actually, this TET doesn’t really have all that much rocking. It’s got some serious instrumental doom, noisy hardcore and dirge like fucking WHOA! so, just be awares. I like it something fierce but I have two heavy as hell funerary weekends coming up so Papa needs a dose of the good stuff and I will only ever assume that, by extension, you do too. Rockit.

Zestorte Zelle – “Pre Vitaphone” (unreleased)…ZZ (I’m only typing that name once) is one man of innumerable bands exorcising his demons in the dark (and relative) safety of anonymity. The name translates, from the German, to “Destroyed Cell” and, if I’m not mistaken is the title of an Einsturzende Neubaten track. Choice reference. This is a previously unreleased, original seven-minute composition pitched for the short film Initium. Unfortunately, it didn’t take. The tones were too damaged, the solo too bloody, the wall of noise just overpowering. Good shit.

Blacklisters – “Hero of China” from BLKLSTRS…Down-spazzed shrill screaming end rock from West Yorkshire. Opened for Scratch Acid, Unsane and Future of the Left. Named a song “Trickfuck.” It’s the mean stuff come back to rip your fucking face off. The fact that a band like this exists and doesn’t wear the weathered face of Midwestern pig fuck nostalgia either excites the ever-living shit out of you or sends you hiding behind Polica.

Buildings – “Wrong Cock” from Melt Cry Sleep…Another new thud noise outfit. Different than those Blacklisters kids in that they’re American and prefer the drunk little league dad with bloody baseball bat growl pitch. Heavy as shit. The new pride of Minneapolis. They’re record cover features a pretty naked girl holding a sack of oranges which she is, clearly, intend to beat your sex to death with. No bruises, no crime.

Flipper – “Shed No Tears” from Generic Flipper…Flipper do not like you. They don’t like your stupid hair or your stupid face or your stupid scene or your pathetic need for speed or hope or joy or melody. That’s why they make the music they do. Because punk is fucking boring and thin and hardcore is for pussies, kids and halfwits. Nah, man. Flipper are men. Real men. Mean men whose molasses bass and knee-crawling aesthetic influenced a generation of bitter drunks and addicts and everyone in the Pacific Northwest who wasn’t cuddling with Calvin Johnson. God bless ’em.

Shoppers – “VIII” from Silver Year…Shit. Of course, this band broke up. That’s what good bands do these days. Rise up. Fade out. Leave a beautiful slab of wax history. Really too bad. There are a lot of dudes out there playing up the noise cum noise, mystery hardcore angle. Not so much with the ladies which is unfortunate because I’ve always found the scorn in women infinitely more intimidating than anything out the mouths of boys. And though they may have had more in common with a gazing band like Henry’s Dress than, I don’t know, Dry Rot on Silver Year, they fucking killed it.

Harvey Milk – “Merlin is Magic” from My Love Is Higher than Your Assessment of What My Love Could Be…Harvey Milk, like SWANS before them (with them, now, I reckon) can seemingly do no wrong. Each of their records is a step of triumph towards accomplishing the perfect tones for a transcendental death march. Slow, plodding, roars interspersed with moments of great melody and tenderness and even, the occasional Leonard Coen cover. It’s confusing stuff written for and by the patient brave. This track is one of their easier ones.

Nervous Sex – “Trenchmouth” from Creep Sea…I don’t know why I have this or, really, why I am still compelled to listen to it. It’s some frantic drum and wires shit. Not XTC. I mean, literally. They have a drummer and a bunch of pedals, oscillators, what have you many of which appear to be broken and sending electric hatred through the nuts of whoever the fuck happens to be unfortunate enough to be screaming at the time. Perhaps, that’s how they determine vocal duties. I think my favorite song is “Wasp Meat” but this track will do you nicely.

Dropdead – “You Have a Voice” from Dropdead…At this point in their careers, after twenty years, one actual record and a handful of splits Dropdead’s particular brand of hyper-political, noisy hardcore is really close to being the stuff of self parody. I mean, they’ve been doing this a looooong time without any hint at interest in musical development. People still dig the shit out of them, though and their aesthetic is pretty classic so let’s just call them next run legend.

Cavity – “Boxing the Hog” from On the Lam…This band. THIS FUCKING BAND! CAVITY! YOU CAN NOT FUCK WITH THEM! YOU CAN NOT FUCK WITH CAVITY! Feedback played as a weapon. Balls fuck tunes and mad Southern howling. Members went on to Floor and Torche, will remain heavy their whole lives and though those bands hit a certain easy soft spot for me (and stoned dirgers alike) nothing will replace my love of Cavity. Seriously, people. You need to have this album in your life every day, every time you don’t give two fucks. It’s harder than the burnt love of a Mac truck and twice as fucking deadly.

Tin Ear Tuesday – Bled Belated from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

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