Tin Ear Tuesday – Arc of Engadine Tin Ear Tuesday – Arc of Engadine

Tin Ear Tuesday – Arc of Engadine from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

Aaaaaaaaand, we’re back from our time in the haunted wilds of North Carolina. Fatter, weirder, scareder. Not plagued by Nicholsonian madness as we’d initially anticipated and no closer to finding the truth behind the teeth but that’s okay. We have time yet. We have hope. We have the waning comfort of temporary prosperity. We have each other, don’t we? Most of all we’ve got the rock and roll and today we’re gonna bring that bawdy bitch to you in spades that twitch and ebb from “huh” to “UGH!” to “AAAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMEEE!” and in between we’ll meet. “Sam hell?” you say. Indeed. Rockit.

urlThe Beatings – “Heavy Metal” from Italiano…The Beatings were (or are, on occasion) a band that should have been the shit but sadly aren’t (weren’t? goddamn space time continuum) on account of I don’t know what, exactly. Maybe it was the fact that they’re from Boston and Beantown boys don’t take as kindly to the indie rock via distort and Dischord and shouts about feeling good in the end. Maybe the kids just forgot to have fun. Whatever the root, the bloom is a sin and this song is probably an awful introduction to the band but I like the sound of people yelling over a broken, half-assed ballad just for the fuck of it. The name is a pissant.

afghanwhigsThe Afghan Whigs – “Greek Is Extra” from Big Top Halloween…Not to be this dick, but the more I listen to the evolution of The Afghan Whigs (welcome back, boys) into a junkie soul machine enabling Greg Dulli’s murder booty fantasies, the more I enjoy the gleeful sloppiness of their early work. I spent YEARS looking for this record (their first) and it wasn’t until recently that I found a vinyl rip floating around the internet and was thankful because though a few of the songs on Big Top Halloween reappear on Up In It hearing the whole shambolic thing from start to “Greek Is Extra” is a treat I usually reserve for long naked wet games of Red Rover.

blackflagBlack Flag – “Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie” from Damaged…I am sick and fucking tired of hearing people talk about My War. That record sucks. It’s long and slow and self-indulgent and sure it seems to have influenced a fuckload of bands I like to listen to when my balls are chafed and there’s nothing in the house but Mezcal but…no…fuck you. Damaged is the best Black Flag album. It’s young and weird and pure and pissed and should be owned and operated by everybody all the time until the end of music as we know it.

rabbitsRabbits – “What’s Going On?” from Bites Rites…Oh, shit. Okay. Leading up to this post, I thought there might actually be two scathing hardcore post hardcore noise mongering metal monsters from Portland going around calling themselves Rabbits (CRSTL WLF STLT CSTLES being taken) but no. The band behind this ridiculously catchy mash of brutality is the same Rabbits that features dudes from The VSS, Angel Hair and Pleasure Forever (uno dudo? dos? tres? fuck you.) who go by the names Booze, KG and Sethro (because, again, fuck you) and actually make their moniker with an upside down “R” to piss off music writers. This is a Husker Du song. Did you know that? I bet Megan did. Megan rules.

draculaLake of Dracula – “Piss II” from Lake of Dracula…Neu Gnaw No Wave multi-instrumental jazz destructo death metal noise lunatic Weasel Walter has been in so many bands at this point that it’s hard to discuss any single one of his endeavors without launching into a dissertation on the deconstruction of Antikytherian mechanics in relation to the soul’s ascension vis a vis confrontational hair and football liner which we won’t because we’re not that kind of internet. We will, however, tell you that Lake of Dracula was/is one of Mr. Walter’s most decidedly listenable endeavors playing up the screeching Chi Town no fun nonsense like nobody’s fucking business.

LampsLamps – “20” of Monkey” from Lamps…Oh, hey! You’re band’s called Lamps. That’s cool. You’re on In the Red Records. That’s even cooler. You must be some sort of psychedelic trash rock blooze band with…AUGH! WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME?!?! WHAT DID I DO?! I JUST WANTED TO LIKE YOU! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MONKEYS?!? STOP SCREAMING! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! YOU’RE MONSTERS! ALL OF YOU! HATEFUL CAVEMEN FEAR FUCKING MY EARS WITH INDECIPHERABLE TALES OF PARANOIA! SWEET JESUS, I LOVE YOU! TAKE ME HOME! Stupid monkeys.

piss-01Pissed Jeans – “Bathroom Laughter” from Honeys…In a first for TET, we’re featuring (what the fuck with the “we” dude?) an artist that we are already in the process of working out a full on raging legit as shit review for which is kinda “eh” to mention, I guess but warrants attention because I can’t really think of any way to articulate just how furiously delicious this pig burning fuck fest of an opening track this is. I could probably bite your lips off, drop my pants and go play drunk cocaine snowman on the BQE but that’s, like, ten blocks away and I’m saving myself for marriage.

actionbeatAction Beat – “15” from The Condition…Okay, so you know how when you listen to Sonic Youth and there’s all this awesomely inventive noise shit that just totally destroys every notion you’ve ever had about what rock could be and it’s abrasive and propulsive yet oddly pretty and you’re super stoked because, in listening to their movement, you have full faith that there is possibility left in musc and then, suddenly – for no reason whatsoever – they decide to make a “song” of it and then you die a little inside? Yeah. Action Beat is having none of that. They are all (and only) the mean rad noise rock madness you crave in your post everything anyday and I’m pretty sure there are, like, twelve of them (including three drummers) so believe me when I say this is the shit that makes us sages. I remember thinking the same thing about Trumans Water in the yesterday. I was wrong. New York is dead.

californiaCalifornia X – “Lemmy’s World” from California X…I feel like I picked this album up because people were out and out loving the fuck out of these Amherst fuzz rock fun bums but the first couple times I hella cranked it my heart sunk on account of the storied and boring derivative jean jacket bullshit but the more time I gave it, the more I discovered that (if I wanted it) there was something good and raging and then I found myself lost in “Lemmy’s World” which is the great rock closer for the TDK dream of a girl I could have had if only I’d…

Tin Ear Tuesday – Arc of Engadine from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

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