Tin Ear Tuesday – And Sing the Sea Tin Ear Tuesday – And Sing the Sea

Tin Ear Tuesday – And Sing the Sea from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

Tags: metal, noise, jazz, rock, experimental
Length:   47min (8 tracks)
Published: November 06, 2012

Its been a strange sort of week for everyone. This post started out sort of strange. Our good friend Charles has been devoting his time to volunteering in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. He doesn’t like to talk about it so make sure you do not mention it. I texted Charles last night whether or not there was going to be an Election Day Tin Ear Tuesday. He sent me this – which isn’t really about politics whatsoever. There are sometimes when things just need to happen and reflection are made through a sobering playlist of noise, folk, lo-fi garage, and doom metal. There are sometimes when dates and timeframes and days make little sense.

To be honest, I never heard most of these bands so it was great experiencing them for the first time. I told Charles I would write about them all at once. This is me guesting for Tin Ear Tuesday hoping everyone out there participates in their civic and humanitarian duty. For now allow the descriptor data of this mix speak a thousand words to its character. Rockit.

John Fahey – “I Am the Resurrection” from The Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death

I knew I was going to be traveling far when a mix starts out with the atonal abstraction which is attached to an avant-garde folk movement of the 50’s. I feel American Primitivism is less infuriating than Art Brut as it boasts a collective of knowledgeable participants embracing pre-rock and roll Americana just in the weirdest sort of way. Sit on down their Sally and grab yourself an Ale 8 One its going to be a long night under the moon. Make sure your shotgun is kept close. The deer figure comes out just before dawn.

The Dead C – “Truth” from Vain, Erudite and Stupid

I keep forgetting how much of a fan Charles is of noise and how virile the style is despite me knowing only about 30% of what I should. The Dead C was a noise rock trio from New Zealand who made horrifying records before you could walk. Alright maybe not THAT long ago but still the early to mid 90’s seemed like a fertile place for amazingly angular and difficult music I had no idea was being made because I thought Nine Inch Nails was the ceiling for dark and heavy music. Jesus God. Regardless of how many alternate and layering tiers of extreme music I missed, it is refreshing to hear the things that were laughing at me while I dressed in dark trenchcoats and fingernail polish. Seriously, I had to take it off before I got home from school. I could have been doing so many more productive things.

Anhedonist – “Carne Liberatus” from Netherwards

Yes. Yes. Yes. I like to think of Charles appreciation for death/doom has come from me playing old school death metal records while he sleeps as I watch him from the window. Weird. Who said that? What is that noise? The Deer God? Anhedonist comes from Seattle Washington and Netherwards is their 2012 debut. This is straight death/doom that comes with no frills or posturing. It also comes from the very amazing label Dark Descent records which puts out no-bullshit type of records. Stop giving me bullshit other labels. You said you wanted to get into metal? Why not start near bottom and then work you way up? Come on give me 20 more listens to Timeghoul then you can listen to Dio.

Flying Luttenbachers – “Rise of the Iridescent Behemoth” from Systems Emerge from Complete Disorder

Nope sorry. While I appreciate Charles’ manic dive into the empty concrete pool of punk jazz and extreme dissonance there are sometimes where I have to stand up and walk away from the table with my hands raised like I just contaminated myself. Lead me to the eye wash station. Listen, it is not that I do not appreciate extremely technical and well crafted cacophony which rolls off the peak of strange, it is just that my eyes are burning and I am scared as fuck that I am going to go blind. Thank god this is only 20 minutes long. I cant press forward. Like a fool I ran out of skips a long time ago. Everything looks violet and horrible.

Caethua – “In the Long Afternoon” from The Long Afternoon of Earth

Yep, this is where things get interesting. Clare Adrienne Cameron Hubbard makes up the lo-fi Americana project Caethua. I am 75% sure it is one person and am wondering why there are four names attached. Regardless, haunting vocals which creep over top of whips of folk dreams. After the Flying Luttenchaers, this feel like codeine for the mind. If Charles is going down as anything in history it is for his appreciation for noise and ambient folk. Preferably together. Things have become sober and ghostly. It is a cool 60 degrees in an autumn grove. I have left my shoes at home. Who is this giant cloaked figure with the deer skull? Ohh, it’s him.

Teen Suicide – “Don’t Like Me” from DC Snuff Film

Trying to look for information on this band makes me depressed. Time to either get an easily traveled page or pick a name that rings a bit more positive emotion. I have never heard these guys until today. It is awesome not because I like searching for teen suicide on the interest, rather I fell hard for 2012 garage/lo-fi/psych/dream pop. There is something nostalgic about this but I cannot place it. It reminds me of my time spent in high school yet without all of the laughable emotions and Green Day anthems. Did I see the words sad and thrash used to describe this band? Can there please be a sad thrash genre that sounds like this? Please? Seriously so much time spent putting on the fingernail polish and then taking it off last period. What the fuck?

Fawn Spots – “Basin” from Mess

So much noise. Fawn Spots are a shoegazing/powerpunk duo from the UK. I imagine that whole island is just filled with moody musicians that like to play to the backing track of destruction. Listen to that chaos. Listen to those hooks. The good thing about Fawn Spots is the fact they probably sound a lot like this live just with the accompaniment of bleeding ears. Literally my ears are bleeding. Go get me some toilet paper. For the love of Christ. Their album is for free on their Bandcamp and there should be no reason why you are not getting it.

Trouble Books – “Posthumous Reflections on Lucky Shirt” from Concatenating Fields

I enjoy that the sweet acoustic sounds of Trouble Books are dovetailed with erratic electronic noise. Is this where we are ending. I wasn’t ready. I do not have my notes prepared. What a fitting yet melancholic ending for a mix that is full of fear, sadness, and hope. Concatenating Fields is from 2012 and Trouble Books is from Akron Ohio. If that give you any sense of the sort of subdued melancholic wonder which is being presented, it should. Beautiful, understated and soaked from the recent rainfall, out in this grove of woods … without my shoes, goddamn it — I am still with the Deer God aren’t I? Fucking hell, this is going to be the end of me.


We all wish Charles the most amount of rest the horrible god of the old wood will allow in the time of harvest. Tin Ear Tuesday, Tape Wyrm and the combo pack Tin Wyrm are preparing for their end of the year festivities along with the rest of Pinpoint. We thank you for your support, your time and your sacrifices to the almighty bringing of earthy morsels. Sha’may Hayn of the Tír na nÓg thanks you.

-From the desk of Kaptain Carbon

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