Tin Ear Tuesday – An Abbreviated Boy Tin Ear Tuesday – An Abbreviated Boy

Tin Ear Tuesday – An Abbreviated Boy from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

That isn’t me between the boobs just in case you’re wondering (which, I’m sure, you weren’t but a man’s gotta stand on something). No. I was a much less facile lad back in my flat top mopping days but now…NOW! Now, I’m up at 2am rat-a-tapping my lungs out to you because I just couldn’t sleep with all the whatever the fuck all is what is that I think makes a very fine beginning/middle/end of days (party. noise. heart. loud. huh? guitar.) so I don’t really know what that makes me. I just hope I can whip this in before dawn so I may better live like a human being. No chance? Rockit!

Mannschreck – “Es Ist Vorbei” from Ou-Wou-Wou…Believe it or not this was not the Mannschreck song that I wanted to change your life (which I’ll never remember the name because I don’t speak German and I was probably drunk and we’d all be better off if I spent that energy waxing Chi) but it is some fun Bloc new wave you can totally blast at your next existential coke dance party. Seriously, though, those dudes do look they’re having themselves a righteous motherfucking time. Anybody?

Bonaparte – “Fly a Plane Into Me” from My Horse Likes You…Okay, I lied. I didn’t think Mannschreck would ever change your life but Bonaparte better goddamn well might. What? Exactly. This is some new Plastic Bertrand performance art madness from a man in a wolf hat and a lady in a horse head and tape on the nipples and bloody hearts and babymen and this glitter cat and whatever the fuck the pincushion bass man is doing there but then there’s a gas mask and when I saw them (him?) at SXSW the couple in front of me at the gay bar were totally playing pocket pool and finger banging (respectively) like crazy. It was awesome. AWESOME!

Dads – “Invisible Blouse” from Invisible Blouse 7″…Clearly, at this point in my career as a music nerd, I think that Dave Vassalotti can pretty much do no wrong. His Book of Ghosts was mesmerizing, Cult Ritual was terrifying and I’m working down a long winding paean to Merchandise’s new wax tomorrow. There’s also Dads. This is Dads. I read it referred to somewhere as “retardo” rock but I think that might be a little off or maybe not. It’s certainly noisy as fuck.

Have a Nice Life – “I’m Doctor House” from Voids…I think this might be my favorite HANL song. It’s long. It’s pretty. It’s earnest. I saw them play this when they played the Stone and I spent the entire song punching myself in the heart. I’d never heard it before. It took me two years to find it and now that it’s in my life I feel a little less lost in the world.

Terrible Twos – “Negative Drip” from Shiftless Decay: New Sounds of Detroit…I have this dream that all the dirty living artists of the Motor City got together one night and collectively decided “Man, FUCK Jack White!” Seriously. How tired is that pasty shithead and his fucking plastic guitar virtuosity? Ugh. This band may or may not have an apostrophe somewhere in their name but they will totally glue sweat the fuck out of your mind with the rock and roll mania you’ve always deserved.

Natural Law – “Padded Cell” from Find the Flock…Aaaaaaaah, hardcore. You’ll always have a place in my heart. The younger and grimmer and more puerile the better. Actually, I don’t know how grim this is (but there is a TOOOOOOON of that shit happening thanks to Youth Attack and her kin) but it does end with the delicious coda “You’ve never been hit/But you’re about to be.” It’s important to note here that the only person you can hit in a padded cell is yourself. BOOSH!

Yussuf Jerusalem – “You Broke My Heart in Two” from Blast from the Past…Huh. So this band is French, I think and they like to make records that go from black metal organ shrieking to spaghetti balladeering and in some very curious and wonderful way they make total lo-fi sense either as the full artistic expressions of a young man with a tortured heart or as complete and utter fuck yous to folks (like me) who try and make meaning of music. I hope Paris remakes Patrick Swayze.

A Cricket in Times Square – “5 1/2 Minute Hallway” from A Cricket in Times Square…There’s precious little record of this band ever having happened save for a pretty fucking glowing review on goddamn Pitchfork and some nonsense DC Velvet Underground ramble from their former label High Two. Their music is strong, dissonant and hauntingly melodic as the more tuneful grandchildren of shoegaze tend to be. And though I have no idea what they look like, I’m pretty sure they’ve appeared in my dreams. Extra kudos go to the House of Leaves reference. Have you read that book yet? You should. It’ll melt your fucking mind.

Tin Ear Tuesday – An Abbreviated Boy from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

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