Tin Ear Tuesday – All Rolled Over Tin Ear Tuesday – All Rolled Over

Tin Ear Tuesday – All Rolled Over from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

So, here’s a curious little first in the rapidly elongating annals of TET…no screaming. Like, none. At all. Okay, Peace may have a little bit of Canuck howl thing going on towards the end of their ditty and The Coathangers definitely have a decided rasp and Lux Interior is a fucking maniac but, in comparison with the usual shred frenzy and maniacal hate fare that passes through these parts for mixes you need in your life, this motherfucker’s pretty placid. Fun and lovely, even. Or do I forget myself? Perhaps, but typically when I go the route of songs less shouting I am wondering whether or not another hour of sleep means that I have lapsed back towards the clinically depressed and today I feel just fine, all right? Shit. Rockit.

Billy Karloff Band – “Back Street Billy” from Punk Rock Rarities Vol. 1…I don’t know a single fucking thing about Billy Karloff or his band. I grabbed this straight 70s street(ish) punk track off a comp I bought at HMV for ninety-nine cents back when that mystery shit bin was a cheap ticket to a hundred and one (or, maybe, like twelve?) bands that I’d never heard of but goddamn well needed to listen to if only through long out of print potpourris no one gave a fuck about. I think this CD killed itself.

The Coathangers – “Chicken: 30” from Larceny & Old Lace…Do I even need to explain why I love this band so much? Tattooed rough cute party girls from Atlanta that jump between the jarring snarl and the cutesy cynical coo with a drunken slop that would make a lesser men cream his goddamn khakis right then and fucking there. I’d like to think this song is about a gal I knew who once ate a bucket of fried chicken with ranch dressing naked, in bed with her boyfriend at 4am watching Sex in the City. Large gal. Nice gal. Married now. Probably not, huh? I’ve dreamt worse.

The Cramps – “She Said” from File Under Sacred Music (Early Singles 1978-1981)…Poison Ivy met Lux Interior tripping balls, hitchhiking on a desert highway somewhere between hell and Vegas and as they say (or someone, I’m sure…there are billions of us) fried punk, cross dressed, hyper sexual B Movie surf rock destruction psychosomatic shimmy shake DTs a-billy was made. Saw them when I was sixteen. If you never did, your life will always be just a little bit empty. Lux Interior is THE electrified motherfucker. Poison Ivy is the man.

Hunx and His Punx – “Tonite Tonite” from Too Young to Fall in Love…Saturday nights, you can often find me in Red Wings and a pair of pink panties singing along to McLusky songs while shaking my inadequate and alarmingly pasty ass much to the chagrin of our dogs. Just felt like sharing that. Hunx writes great love songs in a defiantly queer and wickedly referential way. His Punx shore up the balls in a big, bad broad way rock and roll has been missing since motherfucking ESG.

The Barreracudas – “Don’t Roll Your Eyes at Me” from Nocturnal Missons – Pronounced: (Buh-rerr-uh-coo-duh-z). Yeah. Yeah. And the album title is a junior high school punny, punny funny time one might arrive at shortly after learning how to spell “c-u-m” and just before learning that Fat Wreck Chords is a venue for overweight simpletons who consider their dick jokes to be somehow insouciant…or is that later? My point is, just listen to this fucking song. It’s classic rock and fucking roll girl/boy fight/love/fight anthemic rejectionist party. Saw them at SXSW. Their Stratocaster was covered in blood.

Cheap Meats – “Vigilante” from Cheap Meats 7″…You may recall this band from my epic and confusedly stupored Pennsylvania adventure from a while back. No? Damn, man. ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-FOUR BEERS! WHO ARE YOU?!?!? Ahem. Anyway. This is good time and easy punk rock delight that errs more on the chorus than the perfectly glue-charged mohawk and really just wants to be your friend. Won’t you let them?

Nice Face – “Roll Over” from Horizon Fires…Of course they were on Sacred Bones and, of course, I wasn’t paying attention at the time because I was too wrapped up in Blank Dogs and Zola Jesus to have room in my life for any sort of bedroom synth punk fucks but now that I can’t stop listening to the Screamers, I’d kick myself in the dick if I could for not owning every slap of tape and wax this/these weirdos ever put out. They’re on hoZac now which is great for them. I just noticed this track actually doesn’t have any synth on it and sounds like some cracked up bastardization of one of the many (if not all) versions of “Road Runner” that will always be fucking awesome. Actually, there might be a smidge.

Peace – “The Uma Uma Truth List” from My Face…Canada. CANADA! One day I will rest my head on your shores. Speaking shitty French and eating poutine and chugging Labatt and just being awesome because that’s what Canadians do and I know that it’s a big country and these kids are from Vancouver and my girlfriend is sitting behind me listening to Anthrax cover Trust and ordering Mexican food because she doesn’t like his voice or the sound he gets from his guitar but I’m my own man, DAMNIT! and I say Peace kinda rules.

Mimas – “Relationships” from Lifejackets…This is a beautiful song from a beautiful band that I will, likely, never get the chance to see and that fills me with a very real sadness that I haven’t felt since I was young and had no choice (this isn’t, exactly, accurate) but to walk away from the girl screaming “I LOVE YOU!” through the crowds at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal because…well, to be honest, I don’t remember what happened after that. I tried love a few more times until I got it right. She had some kids. We talk every few years. No one minds. Life unfolded. Time wrote on.

Tin Ear Tuesday – All Rolled Over from pinpointmusic on 8tracks.

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  • BULLSHIT AND ARROGANCE… you’ve gone soft…what am I am suppose to do with all of these Hellbastard tapes?!?! We were suppose to hang out this weekend. McHank was going to bring some Four Loko. Gaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh. Alright fine you get off this time only becasue The Cramps are great and The Coathangers have such a snotty “fuck your cat I’ll let it out the fucking door” attitude. This is the worst party ever, Mr. Mittens is outside all alone.

  • Charles says:

    Mr. Mittens is a fucking B-2 now and you know it so can the pity plee. You also know damn well McHank’s got a pretty fucking serious restraining order so I think the reference to our loko corpse rolling is just a little gauche. Jeebus Crispies, meng. It’s like I don’t even know you anymore.