Tin Ear Tuesday – All Arms Alarm Tin Ear Tuesday – All Arms Alarm

Tin Ear Tuesday – All Arms Alarm from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

So I’d like to take the rare trend of presenting music that is all but wholly tolerable. That is, again, there isn’t really too much screaming on this here edition of Tin Ear. Yes, there is GG but he’s presented in a slightly more refined albeit still entirely inappropriate mode. Other than that, you know, I think we got a good thing going, don’t you? Some old, some new. All borrowed. No blue. High times, friends, with shredding to be had too. WHOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!! Rockit.

ggGG Allin and the Carolina Shitkickers – “Outlaw Scumfuc” from Layin’ Up with Linda…I’m pretty sure this is the song that really sold me on GG. It’s a blatant rip off of David Allan Coe with lyrics appropriately contorted to encapsulate the man of a thousand cuts, shits and straight fucking unlistenable releases. It’s acoustic which may seem strange to those who only know of Mr. Allin from his stage-raping antics and consequent rap sheet but is, in fact, far truer to the lunatic’s gun-slinging, whiskey-fueled dream of being a country balladeer as much as it is, I imagine, to the original though I’ll readily admit that I am woefully ignorant of Mr. Coe’s catalog except for that one, strange night in Ohio.

thefallThe Fall – “Oh! Brother” from The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall…Mark E. Smith is, arguably, one of England’s crankiest of motherfuckers and will be long after his last teeth fall out and his lungs collapse and ever last living member of any given iteration of his backing band (there have been far too many too mention including that one strange time in recorded history when Mr. Smith found himself with wife) has formally prescribed the bastard to the very pits of hell from which he came. That being said, he does have a curious gift for twisted hooks and melody in a way Stephin Merritt could only dream if he ever offered his voice up to sincerity.

tenementTenement – “Schadenfreude” from Napalm Dream…Punk. Hardcore. Post-Pop Battery. It’s rock and roll, baby. Plain as a three-chorded, broken window day licked strange and bloodless. I’m not sure why it took me over a year to give this record a chance and I probably wouldn’t have (despite rumbling accolades all over the patchwork denim enclaves of the internet) if I hadn’t had to rebuild my library from scratch. Maybe it was just too catchy at the onset and that set off my inchoate rage. Who cares? This shit’s worth celebrating.

devoDEVO – “Mongoloid” from Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are DEVO!…DEVO, man. DEVO! What didn’t this band fucking change? I almost wish I hadn’t grown such a childhood affinity for “Whip It” because I’m pretty sure that inclination kept me from basking in the wonders of de-evolution as prophecied by the (late?) Church of the Sub Genius for longer than was necessary and so I’ve had to spend the last few years playing catchup with one of the greatest bands to ever make a synthetic mess of these United States. Sepultura cover this song for some reason. I do not recommend it.

ecstaticEcstatic Sunshine – “Swinging Hearts” from Freckle Wars…Before there was skramz (ugh), there was Sunshine and in that band basked the gleeful noodling of epic guitar dudes being infinitely less dudish than their capacity for shredding would suggest. I may be a little off on that history. Whatever the case, Melissa shared this band with me way before we ever made out and so it has a very special place in my biggest, broadest of hearts and I share it here with you today because I just want you to be happy. You’ve earned it.

limbLIMB – “iSOPiN” from The Reconstructionist…I don’t know who are what this band is but I’m pretty sure that it’s from Houston. Something to do with B L A C K I E, I guess (I have no other context for that city) though search me exactly how or why because the loving electronic pulse and crash, scratch experimental glitching on this track are about as far from the wild out bombast of that man’s toothsome revolution as a Corgi puppy rolling on a sea of mewing kitties except, you know, free.

bteotBy the End of Tonight – “West Side Boring” from The Gunslinger EP…YES! SHRED! Whereas Ecstatic Sunshine offer their guitar playing in a thin, unaffected context, By the End of Tonight prefer to go balls fucking deep with distortion and drum machines and a whole lot of unfuckwithability. UHN! At least, they do on this release which is the first of four solo EPs (because KISS were right about everything) the band released in 2006 shortly before their brutally delightful split with Tera Melos and their invariable return to obscurity.

flaminglipsThe Flaming Lips – “Strychnine/Peace, Love and Understanding” from The Day They Shot a Hole in the Jesus Egg…Because, of course, that’s what you call a two disc remastered, reissue of The Flaming Lips’ breakthrough from the acid damage into the world of harmony rockets (care of Jonathan [What the fuck happened to Mercury Rev?] Donohue) LP In a Priest Driven Ambulance which is notable (the reissue, not the original) for having such bitchin’ friggin’ tidbits as this dual cover of The Sonics and Nick Lowe which Melissa suggests “really makes a lot of sense” so there you have it.

Tin Ear Tuesday – All Arms Alarm from pinpointmusic on 8tracks Radio.

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