Tin Ear Tuesday – 6 Days to Halloween (goofy, gothy, Gorgoroth) Tin Ear Tuesday – 6 Days to Halloween (goofy, gothy, Gorgoroth)

I’ll be the first to admit that last week’s mix was a little unnecessary for some of you. For others, I’d like to think it was just the sort of the thing that feeds your insomniac life of rat blood and teeth fishing. I loved it, but I’m glad I never actually have to listen to it again. This week’s a bit back to form. All bands. All songs. No dreamscapes or flailing voids. It’s still Halloweeny, of course (LESS THAN A WEEK, KIDS!) but closer to Candy Land played at the Pyramid circa 1996 with some black metal thrown in because SATAN! Rock it.

The Birthday Party – “Mutiny in Heaven” from Mutiny/The Bad Seed…Oh, Nick. Oh, Nick. Oh, Nick. The things I’ve done to your music. The things that have been done to me. It’s a wonder I’m not dead, really. It’s a shame that Rowland is. For those who don’t know The Birthday Party was Nick Cave’s infinitely more confrontational excursion into music (wedged right between the Boys Next Door and his recent stint at sleazy balladeering) where drugs and violence and fishnet shirts were the order of the anarchy. Swoooon.

Mudhoney – “Halloween” from Mudhoney/Sonic Youth Split 7″…Brandon Gentry got me thinking all about Bad Moon Rising again. Man, that record is terrifying. I hardly ever have the stomach to endure it. It’s so bleak. So NYC. So shotgun Kern junkie. This is not the best song off of that record but it is one of the more difficult as reimagined by Mudhoney with a little bit of a Stooges rip off.

Gorgoroth – “Possessed (by Satan)” from Antichrist…You know, black metal isn’t nearly as bad as you think it is. Well, it is. People totally get killed and tortured and churches are burned and shit but some of the bands that play it have much more of a debt to punk rock riffage than they do to Nordic soul (and/or very real) rape. So, it’s listenable. Hellspawn thrash from hell. HELL! Unfortunately, this isn’t one of the Gorgoroth incarnations that has the delicious like Vice-loved torture queen known as Gaahl.

Butthole Surfers – “Graveyard” from Locust Abortion Technician…I think the Butthole Surfers are absolutely terrifying. I have since I made the mistake of listening to this LP on headphones at a (defunct) record store in Brooklyn. I was 13. I was not ready for this acid-fueled magnum opus of fear and rage laid out in Texas for all the buzzards and skull-fucking. Man. Again, not the premier track but the one that still gives me the willies.

Siouxsie and the Banshees – “Halloween” from Juju…I was never a terribly good goth because I never got into Siouxsie Sioux. Dunno why. Just didn’t gel. Heard her Lord’s Prayer with Sid Vicious and the swastikas but all the wailing and despair just kinda felt a little too British for my eyeliner and gash. Yet, if ever there was a siren of the season it’s Siouxsie so here’s her ode to the ghouls.

Bauhaus – “Dark Entries” from In a Flat Field…I bet you thought I was going to go with “Bela Legosi’s Dead” huh? MANDESS! NONSENSE! Now that I don’t want to kill myself or smoke cloves or talk to people named Fang or Wolf or Spazz my life actually has a place for a band like Bauhaus. Somehow, I feel like I have the Jazz Butcher to thank.

Satyricon – “Prime Evil Resistance” from Rebel Extravaganza…More black metal. Infinitely less dangerous. Actually, Satyr kinda looks like a mantis and there’s also a dude named Frost so I’m not too worried about either one of them forcing me to drink my own blood (see, Gaahl). Phil Anselmo had a hard on for these guys and even took them on a European tour with Pantera. Maximum metal. I think they signed to EMI…maybe that’s why they look like The Sisters of Mercy now.

The Misfits – “Halloween II” and “Halloween” from Misfits Box Set…You know Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween without some Glen Danzig. We start off with his goofy-ass bastard Latin foray into darkness which would predicate a lot of his work as a balding fatty and then kick into the kick ass. It’s not my style to ever throw two tracks from one band on a mix but this just had to happen, dig? FIEND CLUB FOREVER!

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