Tin Ear Tuesday – 11! 9? 11! Tin Ear Tuesday – 11! 9? 11!

It just seems too damn quiet around here, lately. Too safe. Too sane. Too somber. It just keeps up with the old and in with the gray and I, for one, am sick and tired of it. So here we are. Tuesday’s come with time to ratchet up the anti with some loving feedback and porous yelps with a good goddamn dose of melody (this ain’t no metal rendition). As usual, we hope it suits your needs, ends and in betweens. Rock it.

roué – “Totally Fuckin’ Totally” from Totally Fuckin’ Totally…HELLO, CLEVELAND! Who knew you still wrote songs like this? Oh, damn. You probably don’t. Bands this triumphant don’t survive long in the heartland of America (or anywhere for that matter). Le sigh. Oh well. At least we’ve got this solid, uplifting ass-smasher to get us through the day.

Joan of Arc – “Night Life Style” from Life Like…I don’t know if I like this band or hate them or what the holy hell but there’s something undeniably attractive about talent which these boys (currently) have in spades of misdirection. I guess this is the mellow part of the mix. Whatever. It fits.

Die! Die! Die! – “Year Nine, Yeah!” from Die! Die! Die!…This song is all sorts of New Zealand Albini awesome with the young man yelling and the steel string skronk and the rhythm section that just kills it. KILLS IT! Not nearly as brash as you’d think a band with so many exclamatory deaths would be. In fact, it’s really damn fun, really.

Double Dagger – “Camouflage” from More…I caught this trio at the Baltimore Round Robin a couple of years ago and had my mind completely blown. I called it graphic design rock. Tight, angular, shouted. Drums, voice, bass. No bullshit. No menace. Just fun cracked into your face.

Lightning Bolt – “On Fire” from Wonderful Rainbow…Go see a Lightning Bolt show. GO! As soon as you can and however you have to. I know they’re playing on stages now, but so what. That relentless tribal mayhem will translate no matter where they set up the snares. For all the times I’ve lost my shirt to this band, I have never heard this song played. I guess that’s something of a disappointment as it’s the only song of theirs whose words are almost discernible.

Future of the Left – “Lapsed Catholics” from Travels with Myself and Another…I don’t know if I can honestly tell how much we, at Pinpoint LOVE this band. But, HOLY SHIT DO WE! Snark, thud and sucker punch. LOVE! Formed in the wake of the best band almost everybody missed with occasional keyboards and way more…singing? Perhaps. But it’s the belts that get ya.

Los Campesinos! – “We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed” from We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed…Aren’t we though? I’d like to think so. That every last one of us mad motherfuckers is as stunning and tragic as a teenage wet dream only able to keep down a drink.

The Mae Shi – “Run to Your Grave” from HillyH…Say what you want about the precious art of The Smell but they’ve put some pretty fantastic bands on display. I don’t know if the Mae Shi would appreciate the debt association but they’re probably too busy not playing together anymore to care. Regardless, this is what my brain sounded like every day on the way to work for a year until my eye exploded. Perhaps, I should’ve just lived the rage but I fear that I’m too old to go to prison.

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