Tim Kasher – The Game of Monogamy Tim Kasher – The Game of Monogamy

Tim Kasher - The Game of Monogamy

Tim Kasher’s latest is his first under his own name, and while it’s is strangely ambitious, don’t expect anything out of the ordinary from the Cursive front man. Musically, this is less downtrodden than perhaps any of Kasher’s catalog — that may not be saying much — but lyrically, The Game of Monogamy sometimes drips with the expected emotion. He doesn’t reveal too much new about his ongoing, unsteady relationship saga; likewise, there’s not too much that will turn new heads in rapt attention to the man.

It’s clear from the start that Tim Kasher doesn’t hit real meteoric highs, but it doesn’t much bottom out, either. That apparent balance is betrayed a bit during the course of a listen: Yeah, Kasher’s not out hitting the tops and bottoms of the curve, but the album is still as sinuous you’d expect. Maybe it signals a lack of genuine commitment from the man, but I don’t think so; perhaps it’s a glimpse of maturity floating to the top.

The Game of Monogamy is very much on course with Cursive’s Happy Hollow and Mama, I’m Swollen; sharply struck guitars are augmented with those horns and some cello when we get Kasher’s cluttered style, but it’s when he’s at his most unabashed that this album really shines. It’s obviously problematic when he jumps between the cluttered to the sparse: The album loses some continuity — Kasher seems too impassioned to worry about that — but that’s what defines this.

The Game of Monogamy showcases the swagger for which you probably know Tim Kasher, and it represents a slight shift in stylistic bent — there’s a bit more pop and fizzle here. But if you’re looking for something with a brave new style, you may want to fix your gaze elsewhere. This may hold something vaguely new for Kasher, but in the grand scheme, it’s just another in a line of his romantic expositions.

Tim Kasher - The Game of Monogamy, reviewed by Matthew Montgomery on 2011-01-17T13:18:02-08:00 rating 3.7 out of 5

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