Tijuana Panthers @ The Troubadour Tijuana Panthers @ The Troubadour


Creating music without pretension is certainly easier said than done. By its nature the crafting of songs provides a platform in which a band can put forth the image they choose. Humility is hip right now so there are gobs of groups preaching about the carefree nature of whatever trip they’re on. It’s a profound thing though that somehow disingenuous music will always have a, “you’re not fooling anybody” quality to it. Now a days it sometimes feels like looking for a group who are both willing to work for their opportunity, and not take themselves overly seriously is about as productive as chasing a ghost.

Each of the three members of the Tijuana Panthers are individually immensely talented musicians, but it’s the whole group which is really exciting. Chad, Phil, and Daniel collectively produce a sound that just rings true. There are warm notes of mid 60‘s Rock and Roll that make you want to spend a barefoot summer on the pavement of Venice. There’s homage to the fuzzy punk sounds that were born from the American surf rock recreation of the 80s. Somehow Tijuana Panthers have made consonant music sound punk.

Redheaded Girl

This night at the Troubadour, as the Panthers opened for The Like, they were playing to a crowd that was largely high school girls and their parents. Suffice to say not a ton of people at the show had heard them before. By the time the Panthers set was finished they had the entire crowd into it. The familiar doo wop’y sound may have actually hooked the parents quicker than the kids, which led to something I thought was impossible until that night, parents and their tweens discovering something they both enjoyed at the exact same time.

Tijuana Panthers are set to self release a 13 song full length album in July. It is one of my most anticipated albums due out this year. I can only hope that bands like the Tijuana Panthers are the ones that inherit the musical earth because they are as genuine an article as can be.

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  • Micah Miller says:

    No bad songs. Only one or two midtempo ones so we can catch our breath. TJP’s are one of the most fun live bands you will see in LA this year.