Tijuana Panthers @ The Roxy – 6.3.14 Tijuana Panthers @ The Roxy – 6.3.14

All photos by Ben Irwin.

Tijuana Panthers - Roxy Theatre_BI7267
Tijuana Panthers - Roxy Theatre_BI7087
Tijuana Panthers - Roxy Theatre_BI7121

Ed. Note: It’s been a good, looooong minute since we first met the Tijuana Panthers in the sunny succotash back alley of a ramrod-running nogoodnik juke joint swapping illicit wills for Jan and Dean virgin vinyl singles (LA is a weird place, man) and in that time we’ve seen them swell up from pretty damn great to FUCKIN’ A! pumping choice cuts out day after day and playing endlessly like they never knew the meaning of the word “wasted.” Most recently, El Jefe caught the band cranking it out at The Roxy. Life got real sweaty real quick and – BOY HOWDY! – did the man ever capture the evidence. The band has a new record out called Wayne Interest you should know about. But first dig, if you will, his pictures.

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