Tijuana Panthers – Record Release Show 5-31-13 Tijuana Panthers – Record Release Show 5-31-13

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My body temperature is still irregular because of this show. It was the single hottest and sweatiest show I’ve covered and that kind of heat seems totally apropo for a Tijuana Panthers’ record release party.

Semi Sweet might be the TJ Panthers 2nd full length but this trio has the presence of a group who has been doing this for a lot of years. The vibe for the show at Center for the Arts Eagle Rock was curated perfectly. Everything just made sense, from openers Dirt Dress and Wounded Lion, Keith Morris (Black Flag) spinning records in between sets, having FYF present, as well as a donation appreciated bar, made this feel more like the worlds tightest house party, than a venue show.

The crowd this night was insatiable: Young, good looking and there to have a wet weird party the all ages crowd was a sea of wet matted down hair, summer dresses, and rampant hormones. The girls in the crowd brought their best Beatles era impressions and repeatedly mobbed the guys on stage planting them with some squeezes and firm kisses. The boys (and even more girls) were in for a couple hours of nonstop stage diving, and the Panthers were fuel to the flame.


Tijuana Panthers Pictures by Ben Irwin

Wounded Lion Pictures by Ben Irwin

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