Tic Tic Boom @ The Satellite – 1.14.14 Tic Tic Boom @ The Satellite – 1.14.14

Photos by Madelynn Elyse

Tic Tic Boom
Tic Tic Boom

There were magnificent tits to either side of me. I glanced down at my PBR, wondering what flavor of hallucinogenic had been slipped into my drink. My eyes raised. Yep, the magnificent tits were still there. But who had beheaded these poor, plastic women? Furthermore, what was that poor child doing stationed in the center of the dance floor? And one final, penultimate question: who brought the fog machine?

Yes, just another average night at the Satellite in Silverlake. a venue known for bringing the best and most eccentric of talents.

I stepped into the Satellite to catch Tic Tic Boom, a band who have managed to get people to whisper their names and tell their friends. Camera bag strapped across my shoulder, I entered the foggy netherworld of the evening’s opening act. The opener – Pr0files – had strategically stationed headless mannequins around the dance floor (hence the magnificent tits), while filling the room with so much fog that – through the stage lights – the singer looked to be dancing about in some sort of blueberry soup. Pr0files sound was terrific, a mixture of indie electro-pop and enticing vocals that created an alluring experience. The crowd – dozens of Silverlake PBR shoe gazers – applauded with beer cans tucked in the crease of their elbows.

With the set over, I made haste to the bar. Jameson on the rocks. Pull out my camera and set to work.

The fog began to dissipate and the fans of Tic Tic Boom gathered on the floor. More than a few of us casually molested the mannequins. Why not? It’s not everyday that you get the chance to spank a plastic woman. I for one enjoyed the experience and would recommend it be added to your bucket list.

I watched the band setting up. Our singer for the evening was wearing a shirt covered in what appeared to be cats. As we all know, Cats = Rock, so I was ready for a very indie experience. Perhaps a sound more similar to locals Tijuana Tears. But no, this set was going to be something entirely different.

The band nonchalantly began their set. Immediately, I was surprised by an electronic sound that reminded me of the mid-career work of Stabbing Westward. Tic Tic Boom was a solid, powerhouse band with great songwriting and a real dark streak. This dark side of the band seemed to creep out in their songs as the music progressed. With their opening number, Tic Tic Boom shared themselves at, perhaps, their most carefree and happy. As the music marched on I began catching lyrics about blood and falling out of love…I realized quickly there was more to this music than I could fully comprehend on first listen.

Tic Tic Boom is populated by very good musicians. Their vocal harmonies are spot on, their drums are solid and funky, their bass work (be it on the electric bass or on a mini-keyboard) is fat and heart-thumping. They know how to be heavy, how to be funky, and how to project a lot of heart into their songs. This is a welcome refreshment from a musical scene saturated with strung-out kids who can barely play a guitar. It was quickly apparent why I had been hearing the name Tic Tic Boom around town. These guys are great and big things are going to be coming their way this year.

My only critique: the set ended too soon! Alas, I was left still wanting more. Oh well. Time to head home, turn on some tunes, and start writing this review. One last thing left to do, however: give that perfect mannequin tush a quick pat goodbye. We’ll meet again, my love. Perhaps in another life, when we’re both headless mannequins standing in the middle of a Silverlake dance floor on a Tuesday night.

Tic Tic Boom

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