Three Mile Pilot – The Inevitable Past is the Future Forgotten Three Mile Pilot – The Inevitable Past is the Future Forgotten

Three Mile Pilot - The Inevitable Past is the Future Forgotten


That’s all I’ve got.

I’ve been trying for days (if not weeks) to review the much-heralded reunion release of San Diego’s last great “I think I’ve heard of them” bands (who the fuck actually listens to No Knife?) and all I keep coming back to is that classic, albeit infantile, monosyllabism.


It’s a sentence, you know. A statement of purpose. A declaration of intent. And if you don’t buy that, you have to, at least, acknowledge that it is an informed conversational reaction spoken from the mouth of a man with hopes and dreams and tastes he plans on keeping safe no matter what the band that spawned Pinback and The Black Heart Procession furtively intends.

Examples Given:

“Charles, do you like the new Three Mile Pilot album with the title so pretentious and absurd you’d probably stab yourself in the dick if it wasn’t some inside joke of running Frenchmen?”


“Charles, do you enjoy Three Mile Pilot’s wan-wah keyboards, occasional eye-rolling harmonies and offensively deliberate lyrics?”


“Charles, do you appreciate the fact that (goddamn title deleted) keeps a steady pace that only ever seems to drive towards midtempo and spends the rest of it’s time lazily idling between narcotic dehydration and baffling insignificance?”


And now that we know just what it is that Charles rejects, why don’t we take a minute to stop and consider the word “Yes”?

“Yes” is another simple sentence. It bears all the delightful hallmarks of “No” but gets to live on the heels of positivity. You’ll often hear it shouted out by self-helpers when guiding a room of expanding middle-aged white folks yearning for Isis to suicide or some dreamy fiscal pyramid. However, you’re free to use it too. I certainly do.

Examples Given:

“Charles, at some point (if not several) when you listen to this record do you fool yourself into thinking you’re listening to something else? Perhaps the shitty song that transitions an otherwise great record from Side A to Side B?”


“Do you want to cry when you realize you’re wrong and that (goddamn title deleted)’s rock will never come?”


“Charles, is this record bad enough that you’d consider turning your back on Temporary Residence even though their roster contains Explosions in the Sky, Young Widows and The Books?”


Oh, shit. That’s different.

(but the sentiment remains)

1. Battle
2. Still Alive
3. Grey Clouds
4. Same Mistake
5. What I Lose
6. Left In Vain
7. The Threshold
8. One Falls Away
9. Days Of Wrath
10. Planets
11. What’s In The Air
12. The Premonition

Three Mile Pilot - The Inevitable Past is the Future Forgotten , reviewed by Charles on 2011-03-30T12:13:08-07:00 rating 1.4 out of 5

6 Responses about “Three Mile Pilot – The Inevitable Past is the Future Forgotten”

  • rowe says:

    Nominee for worst album name of the year, but do you think you might be punishing them too much for being just mediocre? rock definitely never comes.

  • Ben says:

    Favorite review of 2011

  • Skavinger says:

    That’s weird. I keep looking for a review of this album. But there is none to be found on this site. Thanks for the non-review (where you explore the linguistic intricacies of the words “no” and “yes”), and making me turn to Pitchfork ( because I’m too lazy to go to Paste’s website.

  • carolyn says:

    I listen to No Knife. Why the Fuck not? Chris Prescott is great. But more than that, Zach Smith is a genius. And his latest 3 Mile Pilot album is FANTASTIC! The track “What’s in the Air” is evolved and cutting edge. I have high hopes they’ll be picked up for Coachella 2012. I’ve been a devoted PINBACK since 2003 and love every independent album Rob and Zach have made. But this is Zach’s crowning achievement. Haunting and odd with its overlay chords of majors and minors. Thumbs UP!

  • carolyn says:

    So…. YES!!!!!!!!!