Things I Enjoyed on Record Store Day Things I Enjoyed on Record Store Day

130430-boards-vinyl-rsd_0Ohhh those alien days.

Record Store Day is no secret anymore. In fact every late April occasional mainstream bands will slum it with the rest of us and celebrate with the unwashed masses. Hahah, I’m just joking Mumford and Sons. Record Store Day does two important things. One it celebrates independent music by promoting the commerce in the age of piracy with a format that has been dead for so long. It also provides a safety net for bands to release castoffs and bullshit because they know people are going to be buying things anyway. Hahah I’m just joking Animal Collective and Phish.


It is near impossible to listen to everything that came out or report on it. Not only are there a lot of releases but there are also less important material and thing I do not want to listen to anyway. Haha, I’m sort of serious R.E.M. If you would like a full list of releases, reissues and special cryptic Davinci codes hidden under patterns on short wave radios, see this list. If not, these are the things I enjoyed this record store day.

MGMT – Alien Days

I have always enjoyed MGMT. 2007’s Oracular Spectacular was a fantastic space glam record which comes from the same universe as David Bowie, T. Rex and early Scissor scissors. 2010’s Congratulations was less of a success mainly because I do not really get it. Its alright. Alien Days is one of the confirmed tracks for 2013’s MGMT — the self titled record which, by the sound of it, is going to be fantastic. The b-side of this is just a guy talking and telling a story which is sort of lame. I do not really get it but it’s alright.

Frank Zappa – I Am The Slime

Whenever the subject of Frank Zappa comes up I usually slump down in my seat and avert my eyes. The reason I do this is because I feel I know nothing about this artist which feels strange because I Zappa’s off kilter funk and progressive comedy would be right up my fucking alley. I am not even going to tell you some of the embarrassing things that I never knew about Frank Zappa up until this point. Shameful ignorance aside and the fact I thought he was still alive, “I am the Slime” is a fantastic release off of the 1973 Mothers of Invention album Over-Nite Session. Shit. This is really good and funky. Now only 93 more albums to go. Baby steps.

Brian Eno / Grizzly Bear – Nicholas Jaar Remixes

Remember the thing about releasing bullshit? Well I am going to talk about that. I am also going to talk about releases which make flesh prickle in excitement. It’s strange that both of these come on the same release. Listen. I am not against ambient music. In fact I feel the medium is very powerful given the right circumstances. What I am opposed to or at least do not understand is remixed ambient tracks such as the Nicholas Jaar rendition of the 2012 Brian Eno track “Lux.” Yeah, I get that its different but really, come on, am I right? For the love of Christ, I was excited for this release because Jarr’s 2011 album Space is only Noise was as the kids say ‘ballin.’ I am glad that the Grizzly Bear track Sleeping Ute is ‘ballin’ because other wise I was going to throw a chair.

Ty Segall – Ty Rex 2

Here you go Kaptain Carbon, Here is something you are going to like without question. Thank you. No seriously, these two T. Rex covers are great especially “Motivator” which takes a smooth glam stomper and transforms it into a hard edge raw rock and roll track with bite.

Boards of Canada –
– – – – – – – / – – – – – – / – – – – – – / 9 3 6 5 5 7 / – – – – – – / – – – – – – /

This isn’t bullshit. This is something far more complicated. I messaged Charles about the Boards of Canada vinyl which is only 1 minute long and is just a series of number read in ghostly voices. He fucking sends me back this. I can handle this or the face that this release along with other calculated clues is unlocking some universal cipher which will either reveal a new boards of Canada release or the seventh seal. How could i know charles would have known about this becasue he stayed up late at night as a child listening to secret messages. Why am I surprised this happened? This seriously turned my whole day upside down.

Codeine – Live

People forget how much of a drag the early 90’s were. while Nirvana was supposedly giving a voice to a generation of distracted and fashionable teenagers, a smaller group of bands were crawling across the scene moaning. Slowcore is sort of related to sadcore in that it probably doesn’t describe any real movement rather a group of bands playing the same type of music. I use it to describe the music of Red House Painters, Arab Strap, and of course Codeine. Holy god. If you ever wanted to see a band with energy on stage come and here this live album from a band that literally sounds dead while playing. It’s awesome by the way just a real drag.

Thee Oh Seas – Moon Sick EP

Each time I hear Thee Oh Sees I keep forgetting how much the band loves to yip into a field of delay. San Francisco natives follow their prolific parade and a fantastic 2013 release Floating Coffin with a less essential yet still delightful EP Moon Sick. If you have never heard Thee Oh Sees, they are one of the most promienet new garage bands who love to yip into a field of delay while jaw clenching chaos is belted out in harsh shapes. That’s what I think.

Various Artists – Sacred Bones – Todo Muere Volume 3

Every Record Store Day, the venerable Sacred Bones label puts out a compilation of unreleased material. These compilations are always great because Sacred Bones does a tremendous job at keeping their roster interesting. Whether or not it is the victory lap with a bonus track from The Men or a couple of unreleased works from Wymond Miles and Case Studies preceding upcoming full lengths or even some whacked out Rhianna and Serge Gainsborg covers, Todo Muerue is a steady and consistent sampler for interesting and forward thinking music. They also have serialized artwork and it is always good.

Various Artists – Subpop 1000

I do not know what this is but I have it. It is here. This is being released at record store day but I do not think it is for record store day. SubPop 1000 is a compilation celebrating the 25th anniversary of the label’s founding. The name refers to a bunch of other compilations released over the years including Subpop 100 and Subpop 200. Basically all of this is unreleased material from new Subpop artists. While the label has been ingrained in our culture as the platform for 80’s and 90’s underground and alternative rock, the label seems to still have things locked down pretty solid.

Various Artists – Rough Guide to Psychedelic Brazil

Here you go Kaptain Carbon, Here is something you are going to like without questions. No seriously I am insane and love old world psych.

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