The World Is a Better Place Thanks to the Songs for Kids Foundation The World Is a Better Place Thanks to the Songs for Kids Foundation

sfk-logo-BLUE_PINK_YELLOW_WHITE1We all know that Charles likes to cry sometimes (though we still let him believe we only think he’s vomiting) but tonight our man’s a wreck. Just choking and shivering and refusing to speak lest he release one of those old man Intervention howls because he just learned the story of the Songs for Kids Foundation and their recent tour which saw founders, Josh Rifkind and Sanjay Kothari, play 350 shows in 180 cities in 240 days AT TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY CHILDREN’S HOSPITALS! Yeah. That’s what Songs for Kids does. They go to children’s hospitals and play shows with the kids. WITH THE KIDS! They bring friends along too, sometimes but whatever. These two dudes traversed the friggin’ country (at NO cost to the hospitals) just trying to bring joy and hope to (sometimes, very) sick kids because – goddamnit – that’s the right thing to do. They do more than that too, but you can click that there above link to learn more about the foundation and its mission to make the world a better place to be in. Before you do that, though, we highly recommend that you watch the video below which features images and audio of kids performing from all over the country “Don’t Stop Believin'” with Mr. Rifkind and Kothari because you could use a good man sob too.

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